Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paparazzi & Gossip Mags vs. Hollywood STARS - Why Does the LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS Part of the US Constitution NOT APPLY to Celebrities?!!

What is the Difference...
Between Actual Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault

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I've been a fan of Neil's since
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Neil Patrick Harris Interview Quote:

"I don't know where the line is," Harris said. "I mean if the paparazzi stopped at every red light, they'd lose the picture. But they're not the only people that run red lights. So you can't come down on them hard. But I do think it's trying for people who are trying to live their lives in an everyday way to be constantly accosted by not only people wanting their photo but being abrupt and derogatory in order to get a facial expression."

"That can't be fun," he added. "I'm thankfully not that exciting so I don't get a lot of that. But yeah, it sucks when people die."

This is definitely a HOT TOPIC of both last year and now THIS year because of the recent Paparazzi who died in the auto accident while trying to take photos of Justin Bieber's Ferrari (VROOM!)

While this situation is REALLY SAD - everyone can feel empathy and sympathy for this young man's family & friends and their loss. If the tabloids are telling the story right, he seems to have been someone who was full of life and having a very fun time that week following Justin around and snapping pics.

But I will come out and admit to something that I'm NOT very proud of... The first thought that popped into my head after I read about it was, "Well at least it was one of THEM this time instead of one of our beloved STARS".

No, not cool... When thoughts like that sporadically pop into your head, you DO NOT have to embrace them and "make them a part of you". They are NOT an indicator of "what kind of person you are" - the kind of person you are is HOW you RESPOND to that "normal, human thought" that just passed through your brain...

As a middle-aged misfit chick, I am admittedly not a fan of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry - or many of the other celebrities out there who are still WORSHIPED today like the STARS ABOVE by sometimes overly-adoring FANS of ALL ages...

I was more into Mylie's Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart! JEEZ, the radio stations ran that song into the GROUND when it was popular - for months, LoL! (But yeah, it IS one of those songs that you still LOVE to hear again, STILL! Thanks for such a "forever cool" song, Billy Ray!)

WOOT! Wonder where she gets her moves from, ha!!

Update 3/21/13
Mylie Cyrus TWERKING!!
Recorded & Posted by Miley, herself - HOW FUN for her FANS!!
One of the really cool things about Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
is that fans can hear DIRECTLY from Celebrities.
We older fans never had ANYTHING like this growing up, LoL!

(Ummm, this used to have music with it - not sure what happened.)

But BECAUSE I am familiar with Billy Ray AND these Hollywood Gossip Magazines have done their jobs very well - I AM semi-familiar with Miley ALSO because of all the News Headlines and Paparazzi photographs that I've come across during my own mindless Hollywood wanderings out in Internetland.

Btw, I didn't vote in any of the
polls, but I LOVE the new do!
While I really do not know much about Miley as a PERSON... What COMES ACROSS through just the HEADLINES and photos about her gives me an impression of her - accurate or not. (I'm pretty sure I have never read a whole article about either her OR Justin, ha! However, the recent attacks on her celebrity engagement have not gone unnoticed by me.)

But, as I've watched her grow up (through this Hollywood filter) from a child to a young girl into a BEAUTIFUL young woman - I've been nothing but impressed with her SMART, FEARLESS candor and honesty about alot of things - many of you probably know what those "things" are better than I do.

She seems like a young celebrity who is very comfortable with the influence she has, and she uses her powers for good as often as possible. ;)

Miley was one of the FIRST people to SAY SOMETHING about this Justin Bieber/Paparzzi incident - and NOT surprisingly, VERY shortly afterwards, SOME Gossip Magazines started publishing stuff like THIS in order to convince us all that CHANGES are NOT possible.

OH YES THEY ARE... This is the "Power to the People" Age, and IF WE WANT things to CHANGE we CAN and WILL INSIST that they CHANGE!!

It's kind of funny now that I'm thinking about it... I never knew so much about Billy Ray until his daughter became so huge in THIS "anything goes" information Internet age.

We know EVERYTHING about ALL of our favorite stars - or as much as we possibly can find out!! How COOL is that, ha?!

Well, if you're the actual Celebrity being so scrutinized - I doubt it's NEARLY as fun.

Fans can be like a "3rd" in SOME celebrity relationships - For instance, I can't imagine they have been very helpful with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' on again off again (supposedly) relationship (I don't read the articles, but the headlines say plenty - "Fans Upset by Selena Gomez' Appearance at Justin Bieber Concert" to name ONE that I've come across); and Fans have certainly NOT been helpful for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Hollywood romance and for MANY other Hollywood Star romances!


WE don't publish this trash about Celebrities - NOR do the MAJORITY of us WANT to HEAR about it! WHERE does it come from?

For the LIFE of me, I can't figure out HOW these Gossip Rags get away with publishing this made-up garbage that is specifically MEANT to TOY with the HEARTS of the FANS who LOVE them!!

HOW is this AT ALL helpful in our society?

When *I* was a kid, following Celebrity Scandals was MUCH different. We didn't have instant access to Internetland where these irresponsible, money-grubbing magazines have the FREEDOM to publish LIES AT WILL without having to VALIDATE or NAME their vague "sources" - and IF they can manage to capture an INVASION of Celebrity PRIVACY in a PHOTO to go along with those LIES - extra profit!

These days, taking up a CAREER as a "professional" Paparazzi OR a Hollywood Gossip Magazine writer/editor has NEVER been so PROFITABLE - online or otherwise - since the Internet has allowed them to take the freedoms they abuse so literally and WITHOUT integrity to create NOTHING but OFFENSIVE, OBSCENE, HARMFUL propaganda as GOOD at twisting the hearts of minds of their often YOUNG audience as ANY "war" propaganda campaign ever has!!

WHEN did Hollywood become a war zone?! It USED to be a mysterious place that pumped out movies out of thin air like MAGIC! Now it's about all the HYPE they can manage to stir up ANY WAY THEY CAN!

WHY are our favorite Actors, Actresses, Singers, Musicians, Songwriters, etc. whom we LOVE SO MUCH exploited, hunted and BAGGED like animals?

This is the Twenty-FIRST Century - we EITHER need 21st Century laws to accommodate our evolving techno-culture; OR Hollywood Gossip Magazines AND Paparazzi can TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES to UPGRADE the STANDARDS of their own professional ethics INCLUDING the integrity of their information and image gathering practices DESPITE the GENEROUS FREEDOMS they have to INFLICT such ASSAULT on our FAVORITE Celebrities and us FANS in the process!

For instance... We FANS (your audience) would really rather NOT like to see anymore OBVIOUSLY-underhanded-captured video OR photos of ANYONE running from you, being STALKED, hiding their kids faces OR seeing their kids CRYING, being harassed and yelled at as they're trying to walk peacefully through the airport, NUDE from DISTANCE in a PRIVATE-Holiday bungalow (like Princess Kate!!).

You get the idea... If we supposedly just CAN'T change things, SURELY you can figure out a way to insert more INTEGRITY into your own "storytelling" processes.


Between Actual Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault


  1. For the life of me, I don't know how anyone deals with being relentlessly hunted by people who only want pictures of them at their lowest moments – talk about kicking somebody when they’re down! Even worse would be having to endure the preposterous lies and "stretches of imagination" that can sink a career in a matter of days, and a heart in a matter of seconds. It’s true that some celebrities seem to build their careers around all sorts of strange behavior (sad but true) and for them it’s probably no skin off their nose, but what about those entertainers who are just doing their best to be a decent human being? If I had to walk in those shoes I’d end up in trouble for breaking a camera or two along the way!


  2. Well, not sure how much of the behavior of the paparazzi infringes on a celebrity's constitutional rights, but celebrities know what they're in for when they 'sign up' for the job. SOME celebrities temper the harassment by stopping for a few moments to allow the photographers some nice pics.

    1. I know who you're talking about but can't think of her name. I read an interview with her in which she said, "If you give them what they want, they'll actually respect you enough not to sneak onto your property and hide in your bushes.'

  3. I'm sure celebrities know they're signing up to be famous, but I doubt they are looking to completely sign over every aspect of their lives - there is a line that should be drawn, and there is no one better to assess and establish that line than paparazzi and gossip magazines, themselves. They ABUSE their freedoms and we all watch them do it. Does the video above of Kate Moss trying to get through the airport with her daughter not bother you at all?