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Why is Twilight So Addictive? HOW to get over a Twilight Obsession.

Update 8/21/15 - Oh yeah, many Twilight Fans are still struggling with their unusually-intense obsessions. The post below is good to read; but this is the most recent and condensed version of how to get over a Twilight addiction. It includes an email exchange from someone who is having issues just like you. I will also tell you how *I* got hung-up on Twilight and how I got past it. :)

Disturbing Keyword Search into Here

i love you i need help with my addiction to twilight

No, none of you are alone, Twilight Fangirls. This IS
the heaviest-hit post in here by far every day from
just about every country in the world.

You're going to be fine, just like Robert & Kristen will be.

I've also recently learned that the words obsessed/obsession have
been replaced with the words "ship/shipper/shipping"
Just catching us all up with the times.

Yes, this is a long read - save it and come back to it
later if you need to. A long, slow read is probably
better for your brains. Trust me on this. ;)

It is highly likely that no two Twilight or Anti-Twilight obsessions are the same. I'll tell you all about them, how they developed and why they are different for everyone in this post.

If it isn't clear to you, yet - THIS is why Hollywood's tabloids & paparazzi torture Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, because it is PROFITABLE for them when OUR emotions are spinning around about them.

OUR 'real' feelings are connected to THEIR real lives through OUR 'magical' Twilight obsessions. It is the REASON WHY we HURT inside - whether they are actually hurting in their lives or not - when these gossip rags tell their stories. Nothing AT ALL wrong with 'our obsessions' - UNLESS you're dealing with a bunch of painful, incessant internal static about 'Robsten' - THAT would be your obsession screaming in pain, just FYI.

Others of you are simply dealing with 'missing' more Twilight, especially since Bdp2 is over. For still others of you, your obsessions kind of crossover into a grey area in between. That's Okay, there's help for everyone in here. If one thing doesn't seem to apply to you, something else probably will. :)

Here's a few simple things to HELP you through your obsession if these gossip rags are still driving you crazy - and more if you need it. I won't add to all this painful bashing at your hearts, I promise. :)

And PLEASE... By all means, if you've got more helpful stuff to add into the comments, please do. I'm only one person from one perspective - some of you may have had successes with other things.

To start... not everything is about "our obsession" - MOST of your obsessions out there are FINE. It's the PAIN that comes from seeing your favorite fairytale and favorite actress and actor being so tormented by your OWN Twihard Sisters and the world that is HARSH.

Also, this is another kind of obsession-pain some Twilight Fans are beginning to experience - I'm just now starting to see keyword searches along these lines in June 2013: With no more Twilight in sight, many Twihards are REALLY beginning to miss Twilight and the characters.

I thought about this earlier, but I had forgotten about it... Twilight's characters are like big, cozy, Winnie-the-Poo type characters that make you feel warm and safe. But yeah, Breaking Dawn is such a final finale.

It would be so helpful if Summit could come up with a continuing series or something - if they could manage to 'do it right'. Twihard fans didn't deserve to have their favorite fairytale ruined by Hollywood's celebrity-lifebashing ways like this. It really was cruel of the paparazzi & gossip tabloids to do this.

I don't have hardly anything for you in here toward that yet, because you caught me off guard - I've been all worried about peeps wrapped up in 'robsten'. ;)

Update 6/3/13 - Okay, I've been thinking about it... This is one of the things that helped *me* as I was beginning to release my obsession with Twilight two Novembers ago, now...

My mind immediately started to create all kinds of different Twilight scenarios (see the alternative universes & endings along the side of this link). This is probably one of the reasons why there is so much Twilight fanfiction. Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Saga get TONS of kudos for inspiring so many people to create beyond her written words.

While so many people wrote Twilight fanfiction because they were truly fans... So many OTHER people wrote Twilight fanfiction to make corrections to the storyline - like me - and/or to tide themselves over until the next Twilight book came out because they just couldn't wait, ha!

Twihards have ALWAYS been hungry for more Twilight. ;)

So, honestly... If you're struggling with the end of The Twilight Saga, this is the BEST ADVICE I can think of...

Rewrite your own Twilight, now... Not necessarily in the literal kind of way like The Twilight Saga books are novels, but in your head. (But that's not a bad idea - see my idea about a Twilight Reality Show, LoL!)

One of the really nifty things about obsessions and fantasies is that they are very personal and organic things. They can be started, then stopped and recreated over and over again in our minds whenever we need them to change.

If you don't like how any one fantasy is going, rethink it... Do it over again... What would YOU do with these pretty Twilight characters if Stephenie Meyer's dream had been YOUR dream...

This is helpful fantasy play because now you are taking these characters where you want them to go - instead of Stephenie. YOU are Bella now... or Alice or Rosalie or Esme or one of their amazing Cullen husbands. ;)

And what about you team Jacob fans... Surely you could come up with a better love story for Jacob and Bella?

You can't just shut obsessions down like flipping off a light switch - they don't work that way. That's why these Hollywood PR Assaults have been so harmful - it seriously interrupted the intense obsessions of many many Twilight Fans no matter how old they were.

However, you can control them a bit by taking control of the Captain's Wheel of your heart.

INDULGE them when you have time... write, think, read, watch, create... check out Twilight Fans sites or YouTube and see what other Twilight Fans have created.

I know alot of you already do this - good, you're doing it right. Resisting the distracting pull of an obsession takes more energy than quitting cold turkey. We are not talking about addictions as dangerous as Meth or Heroin - so indulge. ;)

Do what you can to explore your obsession in ways that you haven't thought of, before. Since they are so deep in the mind for so many of you - you'll probably find that they EVENTUALLY lead you to your own REAL dreams along with some creative ideas on how to accomplish those dreams.

But, you kind of have to go through some muck first, especially if your obsession is less than three years old... You kind of have to let yourself sink into them for awhile before you get to the point where you WANT to come back up for air.

You will, eventually... Because when you don't have time to be off in your head 'obsessing' with the Cullens; you'll be You/Bella (or whomever) in your REAL everyday life until you can get back to working on your/her dreams.

Take your favorite Twilight characters with you in your mind everywhere you go in your REAL life and use them like you would imaginary friends - but try to find time 'just to obsess' also.

What would YOU/Bella do in any given moment of your real life, right now? What would you/Bella be talking to Edward about - or any of Twilight's pretty characters? 

Bella is like the boosters of a rocket for some of you for awhile if you use your fantasy of her in this way... Eventually, 'she' will just fall off the rocket when she isn't needed anymore, and away you go!

Eventually you'll become interested/distracted by other real-life things - TRY not to go directly into another obsession, yet - stick your head up out of the clouds for awhile. Maybe you're missing something. ;)

Also, TRY not to read the books or watch the movies anymore - at least for awhile. This will be easier for some of you than for others. Again, indulge if you need to, there's no hurry. Obsessions are supposed to wear away slowly. But TRY to make Twilight YOUR story, now. I hope that makes sense.

And before you know it... GONE, you'll hardly realize that you're flying on your own. And that moment when you do realize it will feel SO GOOD! ;)

If you still need more help because you're spinning about Kristen and/or Robert - keep reading. 

I'm trying to start this off slow so you only need to read as much as you need. However, if you're looking for the actual explanation as to WHY The Twilight Saga is so addictive to read OR to watch as a movie (especially for us girls of all ages, ha!) - click here.

Also, this is my latest post about why Twilight, itself (Chapter One: First Sight) - is such an addictive read - neither of these posts are mean, at all.

If these posts (above) do nothing else, they give us all a REASON to FORGIVE overly-obsessed Twihards out there who just can't get a grip on reality. This alone makes ALOT of Twilight Fans who have read these posts feel better. (You'll see these links again, later.)


This is probably what MOST Twihards need, so I'm sticking these first three "helps" up here at the top. You may need more than this, however. If you do, just keep reading... ;)

It does not matter whether or not Kristen and Robert are still together, what MATTERS is how you're dealing with what you're hearing - if you just can't stay away from this stuff. (I know some of you feel an intense need to do a search on them several times a day.)

MANY of you out there are having a HARD time grasping, "how/why" Kristen could DO something like this to Robert and it's STILL driving you CRAZY... Here's my response to a recent email earlier this month:

"...I can think of a few reasons, but the main one that comes to mind is just being young and scared. They were done with Twilight and both of their careers probably seemed to be a little up-in-the-air and uncertain. PLUS, what about the fear of being uncertain yourself about whether or not your relationship will last past Breaking Dawn? Not to mention all the PRESSURE...

It's not like Kristen is actually BELLA and already has a perfect happy ending already written out for her.

Rupert was "just an escape" for Kristen - much like Twilight is for US, except he was a real person she "escaped" to instead of inside a silly fairytale for awhile. SHE wasn't serious about HIM, nor was he with her!

I think if this situation did anything good, it helped Robert and Kristen re-evaluate and re-establish "what they mean" to each other. It looks to me like their bond has deepened.

Of course, I could be wrong - time will tell."

Update 5/21/13 - Seems like Robsten might be falling apart - apparently, Robert has now moved out. While this news is still not yet confirmed - it looks pretty real; and the lingering nature and dread of the possibility of it is harsh for many Twihards.

I know alot of you are sad now... I'm going to take you back to the very beginning of this cheating scandal mess. This was the very first post I did in here after I heard about it, and it still applies... Just take a healthy dose of Esme's advice: take a deep breath, let things work themselves out and let it go.

If things haven't worked out the way you wanted them to - that's life, and it goes on. Be nice to each other and support each other, Twihards - you NEED each other right now, as silly as that may seem to people.

Your FEELINGS ARE REAL even if your obsession is not - take care of them, or they'll turn into ugly things. Robert has more movies coming out soon, so you have that to look forward to - and I think Kristen has some coming out, too. This is NOT the end of their lives, they're still TODDLERS just like alot of you are.

Yes - you're all still welcome to send me a private email if you need someone to vent at/talk to - Catherine: auntmisfitchick@gmail.com
1) MOST over-obsessing Twihards are super-hung-up on ROBERT in particular - but, for a few others it is KRISTEN. And for whatever reason, since the cheating scandal AND before - it really BOTHERS some of you that they are together in real life. This is silly, but it is a NORMAL obsession thing - we LIKE the fantasy peeps we are obsessed with to "seem available", ha!

Many many MANY Twihards have serious hangups with Kristen Stewart "being in their fantasy space" in Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullens's life - even though SHE is the one who is REAL within it!!

You are truly over-obsessing about these two if it would make you feel BETTER if they EITHER finally and "officially" broke up OR if they were to "officially confirm" their relationship - BOTH ways are EQUALLY destructive over-addictions.

You need to restore a balance of them in your head, and there are probably a few ways to do that (another really good way is #5 on this list). But, #5 is a pretty complete unraveling/explanation of Twilight obsessions, and MANY of you out there ARE NOT READY for that and you may never be ready for it.

It's too SOON for you... Obsessions are SUPPOSED to unravel slowly and HARMLESSLY...

That's Okay, you don't have to EVER see Twilight any other way than the way you do now - unless you're really struggling in your everyday life, THEN you might need a little more medicine. ;)

This is what I told one TwiLady who was having issues with this, recently. You can also apply this to KRISTEN if she is the one you are hung up on.

"Do you have any other Robert Pattinson movies to watch other than Twilight? Try to forget about Kristen and what she did for awhile, that will be easier to do if you're watching Rob in something else. Then watch another movie of his and then another one - watch them over. Watch him until he isn't Edward Cullen and/or Kristen Stewart's victimized boyfriend to you anymore.

He's a very talented, beautiful guy who pours himself into every character he takes on - that takes internal STRENGTH and emotional fortitude, along with one hell of an imagination. He's DYNAMIC with REAL Human feelings, ideas and interests BEYOND even Kristen Stewart and certainly US, ha!

Don't wonder about "what he's like" as his Human self - wonder about things like, "what might he have been thinking as he was doing this scene" or "how would he prepare for something like that"?

I saw the movie Cosmopolis (this is my movie review - LOVED it!!), and I wondered that about the "strut" he did through the alley - he HAD to have practiced that, ha!

IF you can dislodge your CURRENT perspective about him into something more realistic - you SHOULD be able to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 alot sooner without all that extra static going on inside of you; PLUS, it will probably make all the other movies he does more enjoyable for you because you'll be seeing HIM 'as whomever' - not just as Edward Cullen. ;)

It's almost like both he and Kristen are "too real" to us because we know so much about their personal lives. Take him back into your obscure fantasy world and let him become the fantasy guy he was once again - WITHOUT "who he REALLY is" weighing in on things.

Because NONE of us will EVER get close enough to him to get to know the real Robert Pattinson - and frankly, we probably wouldn't want to get to know him like that. Because when people go from being a fantasy to 'real' Human to us - that's when we lose our magical fantasy ideals surrounding them and they become "just like us" - not NEARLY as interesting, ha!

And the MAGIC that comes from him is JUST as REAL as the facts. So many of us have LOST that magic through this PR assault. Some peeps need to find a way to let it go, and SOME (maybe you) need to find a way to reconfigure it cuz it isn't going to go ANYWHERE.

Perhaps you cherish it too much. Nothing AT ALL wrong with that. :)"

2) Some of you fangirls are hung up on "Robsten" as an unbreakable couple and you just need a little "PR Relief" - kind of like a steam vent.

Here's the reality of the previous 'Robsten' scandals if you still need them:

I know alot of you young Twihards out there are feeling kind of weird now about Kristen/Bella and Robert/Edward. I know you were still THRILLED when Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out, but there was a dampener on the whole thing OR you were EXTRA-thrilled while you were watching it because you knew that Robert and Kristen have reunited.

Some Twihards were so incensed because of this cheating publicity scandal that they couldn't go watch the movie - the entire story has been ruined for them now, for NO OTHER REASON than THEIR OWN irresponsibly-embedded, INTENSE Twilight obsessions.

No matter which way YOUR emotional pendulum is swinging, Hollywood's gossip rags are STILL jerking your Twilight hearts all over the place and they have been doing that since long BEFORE this cheating scandal happened - it's just been extra-painful this time around because they managed to bash Kristen and Robert good and HARD for us - their UNWILLING and emotionally-INVESTED audience - in this DUMB real-lifebashing MONEY-MAKING Hollywood GAME of theirs.

Kristen and Robert should be getting PAID like REALITY STARS (or at least getting paid for RIGHTS, ha!) by these tabloids with every sh*tty thing they come up with about them.

This post sort of validates what I told the young ladies (below) - it's a whittled-down timeline of the "Robsten" PR stunt from "the day after" through the Breaking Dawn premiere from the original long first-post on my other blog. It really walks us through our obsessions, at times. (I'm sorry, this post has been removed, but the content is within other links in this blog - which you will arrive at, eventually.

Here's a couple of slices from some emails I have received along with my (edited) response to them - but generally, this is what I've been telling people asking me about "Robsten":

Here's a portion of JUST ONE email I've received in November 2012: "...So it would mean a lot to me to know the truth, are they really together, or was this all made up for PR, did they really love each other? Was the cheating thing a PR stunt too, I really need to know the answers and if you think I'm nuts I'll understand. I have followed them, read the books, seen all the movies and then when the cheating thing came about It just flattened me..."


You're NOT NUTS... You're just wrapped up in an obsession that happens to be aching inside instead of being fun right now - it's not real, but it sure FEELS like it.

YES, they WERE in love before this scandal and YES, they ARE together and TRYING to work things out at the moment. Kristen DID get caught in those photos, but love is about SO MUCH MORE than just "not cheating" on someone. They LOVE each other, so they're trying. Whether they will STAY together or not after this is anybody's guess.

It would probably help ALOT if these damn paparazzi would leave them alone - that's PROBABLY what led to this mess in the first place. Can you IMAGINE having to live your life like they do? Kristen's reasons for cheating with Rupert had NOTHING to do with whether or not she loves Robert. And it's REALLY nice that Robert seems to be able to recognize that. Neither one seems to be willing to allow this mess to just end their relationship. Neither Robert NOR Kristen seem like the "type" of people who would put on a silly PR sideshow like this for their fans.

We all just need to hang in there until the gossip rags get tired of jerking us around with their stupid stories - don't read them! They're just meant to tug on your heartstrings, and they don't tell you what's actually going on - just what they WANT YOU TO THINK is going on.

Find a diversion or some way to express/vent your feelings and frustrations about this (that's how this blog got done, it was MY vent coming out of MY obsession)... Even write one or both of them a letter, if you think that will help - I have their addresses in this link along with a couple of helpful tricks to help with spinning emotions.

AND... you are WELCOME to write me as often as you like... Sometimes that's the kind of vent that is needed, just someone to listen to a bunch of stuff that sounds like nonsense. While your obsession may not be real, your feelings are - and STRONG feelings should always be given some TLC so they don't turn into ugly things. :)

You're going to be just FINE, girl... JUST like Robert & Kristen are, now. Breathe, relax... These strong feelings will fade before you realize it. Just keep taking care of you - your feelings ARE important whether they are real or not. :) (Yeah, this girl was a sweetheart and appreciated the as-accurate-as-any-of-us-can-get explanation - like I said, all some of us need is a PR vent/release so we can breathe again. ;)

YES, you fangirls ARE still welcome to send me an email in private if you like... I know not everyone wants to talk about their issues with the cold-hearted world right now. Catherine: auntmisfitchick@gmail.com ;)

Also, this is a link (below) to the much more recent timeline of the PR assault on Twilight Fans from 1/17/13-Present if you need more than this (it also includes alot of the old timeline). HOWEVER, this post became 'more than that' like this original last one did, and I haven't whittled it down for you. Keep in mind that it's going to be alot 'hotter'. You do not need to read it unless you need more convincing or like to argue ;)

1/17/13 w/ updates: Robsten Breakup Rumors
Includes PR Relief for Twilight Fans & Exposes
Hollywood's Longstanding & Misogynistic Smear
Campaign against Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
and their MILLIONS of Twilight Fans across the globe!

to set these two professional actors
and ALL Celebrities FREE
by INSISTING Hollywood
Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment

This post originally contains TIPS on upcoming events and personal fan encounters for Twihards who happen to be LUCKY enough to encounter ANY of our Favorite Character Actors & Actresses anytime SOON! Includes HELP TOOLS (at the bottom) for Fans with spinning emotions!!

This is the "original start" of this post..  Needed only if you feel like you need more meds. :)

Update 1/10/13 - This is my response to some heated feedback about this post: This is ONLY UP HERE for those of you Twilight Fans who are STILL struggling with an intense Twilight addiction and are looking for help easing your way out of it.

This is NOT about "who's right or who's wrong" about Twilight - that argument is long over. It's meant to HELP not hurt - and it has helped far MORE than hurt peeps who have been struggling with their intense Twilight obsessions to read through this.

That involves telling you the TRUTH about Twilight from a few different angles - how it was written, what they did wrong when they published the FIRST book, how we started to fall in love with it and WHY, etc.

I'm sorry, but there is only ONE semi-fast way through obsessions, and that is to LOOK them right in the eye and FACE them headon - aside from "waiting them out". But, many Twilight Fans are dealing with seriously STUBBORN over-obsessions and alot of time has already gone by for them (and Hollywood has not exactly been helping).

Some of these TwiFangirls (young and young-at-heart) are becoming FRUSTRATED to the point of feeling like they're falling into a depression (that is dangerous for MANY of us tenderhearted Twihards)... That's why this post is here.

If YOU are FINE with Twilight - if you aren't unusually-deeply sad that BDp2 is over now; if your heart doesn't ever "race" when you think about "Robsten" or Bella Swan/Edward Cullen; if you DON'T feel like you have a constant static storm going on inside of you; if your mind DOESN'T have a problem focusing on other things - then you don't need to be in here reading this.

This isn't a WARNING about The Twilight Saga - not every fan of Twilight is overly-obsessed with it, and it's not like we can do anything about any of this stuff, anymore. But for SOME Twihards, it's a quasi-LIFE-PRESERVER, ha!


You've always been told that your Twilight obsessions won't hurt you... But, they lied. They hurt like hell, don't they? Not everyone "gets" this because not everyone is "this" obsessed - BUT, if you are so obsessed with Twilight to have been in pain over it at ANY point in time, you're NOT alone and you're NOT crazy, TwiFangirls!!

I KNOW that so many of you out there are MORE obsessed with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson than is "the norm" for these kind of celebrity obsessions - this is 100% Stephenie Meyer's "professional" publisher's FAULT for IGNORING some of the most BASIC literary standards when they published these books - AND Summit Entertainment for willingly AND knowingly PERPETUATING these irresponsible Twilight OVER-obsessions all these YEARS.

YES, I can walk you through EXACTLY "what's wrong with Twilight", now.

While the obsession is not real, your FEELINGS ARE until the obsession in your mind wears off - which USUALLY happens slowly and harmlessly - unless you're being BASHED painfully in your OVER-obsession by Hollywood's gossip rags and papsmears again and again just because THEY CAN!

I've read your comments in Internetland about this "Robsten" cheating scandal and talked to some of you in email - but I already knew how some of you were feeling because of it, and so do all the other older girls out there who are playing dumb and acting like they don't know what we're talking about (see pic above) - they're all too enraged, embarrassed, frustrated, etc., to admit they did anything wrong.

NONE of us who have gone through the Twilight experience have gotten a ride NEARLY as COOL as Star Wars or Harry Potter. It's been NOTHING but an agonizing roller-coaster ride for many of us out there - WHY?!

Twilight is a very sore topic for many people, and everyone has an opinion about "what's wrong with it" - including diehard Twihards. You've heard so many of them say things like, "*I* was a FAN of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for YEARS and Twilight is JUST FINE the way it is!" and "I know there's something wrong with Twilight, but it's just a story".

But, it's so much more than "just a story" for many many people - younger, older, male, female, straight, bi, gay (thanks for turning me onto Twilight, Steve!) and every SHADE of GREY in between. (I've read "Men Addicted to Twilight" articles, ha!)

Most people can see that there is "something" wrong with Twilight, and many people have put in considerable amounts of time to prove how dysfunctional it has been written and published. But no one seems to want to get down to the heart of the matter - which is simple - Twilight's effects on BLOSSOMING HUMAN HEARTS like your's.

My problem isn't the silly, unbelievable, sexually-charged "story" in Twilight - it's the WAY it was "accidentally OVERLY-addictively" written; "professionally" published; then excused by grown, educated women (that would include the author of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, who supposedly GRADUATED with a literary degree).

Yeah, even when you're an adult (maybe especially if you are), it's HARD to take responsibility for mistakes when you need to - and in my opinion,The Twilight Saga is one mistake that needs some TLC.

If we older Twilight Fans can get THIS obsessed over Twilight, the obsessions of YOUNG Twihards should have been totally EXCUSED and handled with Kid Gloves ALL THIS TIME since they are so "accidentally" intense:

HELP - not TRAMPIRE should have been the WORLD's response to your OBVIOUS and senselessly-induced PAIN when those cheating pictures of Kristen were published!

But, no one seems to give a sh*t about your tender hearts, do they, Twihards? As long as no one can see any "real, messy blood" gushing from a "real" flesh wound, you're FINE.

Obsessions don't just fade away after you finish reading the book, watch the movie - OR when "professional" paparazzi and gossip magazines take it upon themselves to use their expertise to KNOCK you partially OUT of your INTENSE Twilight obsessions with such MEAN-SPIRITED GLEE!

I have a particularly SOFT SPOT for girls who have to live with these kind of TwiMoms - as well as for those of you out there who don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff. I have this soft spot because I strongly relate to you and I KNOW you're STILL out there feeling like sh*t about all this.

During all my research, not only have I come across all the excessive-bashing Hollywood has ALWAYS indulged in against Twilight Fans USING Kristen and/or Robert to make their pathetic pennies - but, I've SEEN all those HATEFUL comments that SOME (usually older, but not always) Twihards have JUDGED Kristen with - LONG BEFORE this silly scandal hit the fan; AND I've seen all those comments from TwiFangirls who obviously OVERLY-love her DEFENDING her (and Robert sometimes) over and over again out there.

I've actually been sticking up for Kristen Stewart for a LONG DAMN TIME - as seen in my "Nothing But LOVE for Our Beloved Twilight Character Actors" post, ha!

Most people think I'm pretty crazy for getting "this" worked up over Twilight. But TWO things happened to cause this:

1) After I realized there was something wrong with Twilight, I had to find out WHY it was like this - so I started doing research on it. (Yes, I TRIED to read it, ha!) I went to all kinds of different websites, watched dozens of YouTube video rants, and read blog post after article after interview after review on this subject (both good AND bad) for about a year - and LOTS of FanFiction, too!!

WHY for a YEAR, was I really THAT crazy over Twilight that I couldn't get over it in a YEAR?!

No... I just kept coming across all those young (and older!) Twilight Fans who were sad and heartbroken (like me!) about the unexpected and unbelievable "Vampire" ending of Breaking Dawn after it was first published in 2008.

Many fans (especially younger ones) were frustrated that NO ONE would LISTEN to their issues - and Twihards who did, MANY of them OLDER - told these YOUNG peeps that THEY were the ones who were overly-obsessed and wrong about all the dysfunction within Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

This in and of itself is F*CKED UP!! When GROWN-UPS are telling YOUNG KIDS they are WRONG about this story (that was SUPPOSEDLY written FOR THEM) - when they OBVIOUSLY were NOT wrong... Yeah, pretty discombobulated!

This is also WHY I know so much about what's going on with Kristen and Robert's various PR SPINS around the game of life wheel. I've been watching it for awhile now, from a COMPLETELY different perspective than most of you. And, without realizing it, I was learning ALOT about "what Hollywood was doing to them - AND us" without really meaning to pay attention to it. It has been sort of a side-effect of my doing research on The Twilight Saga (I'm one of those read-the-comments-at-the-end-of-article hounds, ha!)

2) I was DONE with the other blog when this whole "Robsten" publicity scandal came down...

Every single Twihard out there who went through this maddening PR assault in a PAINFUL, internal, static-infested way NOW KNOWS what it felt like to be DEBUNKED from Twilight: Breaking Dawn - because THAT is EXACTLY what it FELT LIKE for US FANS (to varying degrees) who ALSO LOVED this silly saga in 2008/2009 JUST like YOU when Twilight was just beginning to come out in movie form.

We were RUDELY dislodged from our seemingly HAPPY OBSESSIONS by the dysfunction embedded THROUGHOUT this saga - not just in Breaking Dawn. And THEN these frustrated Twilight Fans had to WATCH as the author of these books and her money-grubbing "professional" Twilight handlers continued to force this story on IT's OWN BROKEN FANBASE; for some reason, CATERING to "the ones" who supported Stephenie Meyer's silly sexual fantasy that she left GLARING throughout her "pretty fairytale".

They got away with DOING that BECAUSE many of you didn't know about it and couldn't SEE it like the rest of the world who were familiar with Vampires COULD - peeps NOT obsessed with Twilight's Vamps.

HOW MANY TIMES have YOU defended The Twilight Saga or ANY of your favorite character actors and actresses from some idiot who is making fun of it?

You have had to DO THAT because THEY SEE MORE in Twilight that the author NEVER MEANT to be in there (how do you think "50 Shades of Grey" was inspired by Twilight?!!) - because she was writing about Vampires AND the Quileute Tribe without utilizing one of the most BASIC forms of literary disciplines - RESEARCH!! (Yes, I can and will explain this as well as WHY Twilight is such an addictive READ to you in detail if you keep reading.)

The other entire blog was written for TWO MAIN REASONS - 1) it DEFINITELY concerned me that all these previous Twilight FAN'S VALID issues had been IGNORED by Stephenie Meyer and her "professional" Twilight handlers; and 2) there were ALSO obviously MANY of you "out here" - both young and older - who were OVERLY-obsessed with The Twilight Saga and NOBODY seemed to care at all...

While estranged Twilight Fans may have been in some emotional angst for awhile in 2008/2009 because of the way Twilight and Breaking Dawn was written - so many of you out there have LOVED this story for alot longer and are buried MUCH deeper in your not-so-harmless obsessions!

Yeah, *I* was concerned about all you YOUNG Twihards LONG BEFORE this SENSELESS PR stunt happened!! (In fact, I was utterly dumbstruck for awhile that these papsmears had done something so damn STUPID to your obviously OVER-obsessing HEARTS just before you were getting ready to watch the HAPPY ENDING in your favorite fairytale - MEAN, MUCH?!)

NO ONE could have EVER imagined that this PR cheating scandal would take place... In fact, it put a huge dampener on my other blog because frankly, I COULDN'T ENJOY IT.

Twilight over-addictions were PLAINLY VISIBLE and EXPOSED for absolutely everyone to see and MAKE FUN OF... I had practically been proven RIGHT on my blog and the thought actually crossed my mind, "Well JEEZ, I didn't mean to be THAT RIGHT about things."

But everybody was heartbroken and CRYING - it's a little hard to CELEBRATE that you're RIGHT about ANYTHING under those circumstances!!

BEFORE, I was worried about your over-obsessions with Twilight because so MANY of you seemed OVERLY-emotionally-invested and so preoccupied with it. Many of you were/are losing TOO MUCH valuable time from your REAL lives.

On TOP of that, allowing yourself to become so sucked into something like Twilight at your age (I'm not talking about "normal" teenage obsessions, here); is a kind of drug that is very difficult to "give up".

How HARD has this obsession been for you to get past? That will NEVER change... And if you become accustomed to feeling this way, you'll have a hard time "wanting to feel any other way". Living life through an obsession can become ONE BAD HABIT AFTER ANOTHER and before you know it...

A HUGE chunk of your life is GONE, just like DRUGS.

At first these Twilight addictions were FUN... But then Hollywood started dragging us all down into their dark dungeons, beating our hearts until they BLEED.

Sure, you will eventually move past it... But, what about your real lives until then? If you're a middle-aged misfit chick like me, this IS my life (for awhile) and WHO CARES, ha?!! But for a student trying to get through school or college or just doing things like making friends and hanging out - in my opinion, Twilight was "too much obsession" to be directed at ENDEARINGLY-impressionable young adults. (NONE of you should be insulted by that AT ALL - that's what you're supposed to be at this point in your blossoming lives!!)

I was also worried that you would have a hard time moving beyond your obsessions AFTER BDp2 came out. With no more Twilight in site - THAT in and of itself would probably have been causing you Twihards some pain by now, anyway. But theoretically, that's ALL you would have had to deal with.

Here's an excerpt from the link above that I wrote more than a YEAR AGO:

But, what about those girls out there who are still so stuck in this muck? I think it's one of the reasons why we older girls refuse to question the storyline of Twilight any further. We're almost afraid to look directly at it. We can "feel" that something isn't right about it; but what if we see something else other than the beautiful fairytale that we have built up inside our minds? Some of us might not be able to handle it - truly. (NONE of us could have EVER imagined this "Robsten" cheating scandal happening - and look what SOME Twilight Fans who "can't handle it" are saying!!)

And I know you know what I mean, even if you're "not in this place", now; you probably have been...

You don't quite feel right without at least one helping of Twilight every day in some form or another... It calls to you, you crave it. Edward Cullen is your own personal brand of Heroin in your head, eating through your life like meth.

You have a hard time thinking about anything else, sometimes. It is nearly impossible for you to hide your obsession from anyone; and you feel as intoxicated as Bella was with Edward in that one Twilight book scene, every time you watch Twilight - and you weren't even there.

In fact, she wasn't either - she's not real.

But you read this story and watch the movie, and this is how it makes you feel... stroking you inside like a warm, gentle breeze with Edward Cullen sparkling forever by your side in the sun, caressing you both inside and out...

Pay attention to it. It feels real, doesn't it?

Tell me again that it's an innocent little story that has no effect on our lives - WHY would you ever want to LEAVE it?!


THAT'S WHY I picked the old blog back up for awhile when Kristen's cheating photos were published. I had been reading AND writing about how OVERLY-obsessed so many people were with Twilight for almost a year when it happened; and I KNEW many of you out there were in some semi-serious internal pain and turmoil over it - you HAD to be (and we SAW it, didn't we?), and SOME of you STILL ARE.

Stephenie Meyer's accidentally-obsessive, amateur "writing style" AND unresearched, unbelievable storyline CAUSED many of her fans varying degrees of PAIN in 2008 when she published Breaking Dawn (not to mention a huge DIVISION in her fanbase and the WORLD!!); AND now in 2012 she can also take credit for CAUSING you Twihards EXTRA senseless, PREVENTABLE emotional pain because of this issue since she never took responsibility for all the obvious dysfunction in her books to begin with when she SHOULD have - like an ADULT.

And for some STRANGE reason... NO ONE held Stephenie Meyer OR her supposedly "professional" publishers accountable for ANY of it!!

WHY couldn't she just come out and admit to everything in 2008 when her fans called her out? I can think of a few reasons - pride, embarrassment, humiliation, etc. PLUS, since she had gotten so many people OVERLY-addicted to Twilight by THAT time, ANYWAY - it's not like ANY of them (probably some of you that I'm talking to, ha!) were in a frame of mind to "do the right thing" and push Twilight (or Edward Cullen) away at the time.

We can ALL SEE how badly Stephenie Meyer's books ARE written... and yet, she kept her head in the clouds believing that she had somehow thought up something UNIQUE and beautiful - as opposed to LAME and OFFENSIVE to her WORLD audience.

That's why people have always made fun of your pretty fairytale, girls!! It's ONLY a "pretty story" if you don't know much about Vampires (OR IF you are obsessed with Stephenie's irrelevant version of them) - or the REAL Quileute Tribe (with a beautiful, UNIQUE culture Stephenie managed to treat with such INCREDIBLE disrespect), for that matter.

And really... We shouldn't have to be thinking about this stuff. Books that are "professionally" published should be up to certain BASIC literary standards BEFORE they are published. There should have NEVER BEEN this kind of DEBATE over The Twilight Saga - and IF it had been published by RESPONSIBLE "professionals", there wouldn't be one!!

Can you imagine the ENTIRE WORLD loving Twilight like they do Star Wars and Harry Potter, LoL?!

Wanna hear something really funny? MANY people who agree with me on my issues with Twilight will NOT read all the way through my other blog, consider it or take it seriously BECAUSE it STICKS UP for KRISTEN, LoL! The day I realized that (via a couple email exchanges and then doing MORE research on "Anti-Twilight" websites) - I was flabbergasted!!

Kristen's naughty little rendevouz that just HAPPENED to be caught on camera UNDERHANDEDLY by "professional" Hollywood Paparazzi JUST so they could publish the pictures to MAKE MONEY off the TEARS of YOUNG GIRLS - has no-doubt been a FUN way for Twilight-Haters to BASH at Twilight, through Kristen!!

But for you... Those of you who went through this Robsten publicity stunt in a painful way, I KNOW there are more than a few of you still out there of ALL ages - both young and young-at-heart; who could really use a healthy dose of reason and logic for your irresponsibly "toyed with" brains.

Here are a few things that might help. Keep in mind that everyone is different - you have to pay attention to your own personal instincts and intuition to tell if something is helping you or not. That's why I'm giving you a few options, some of you need some things while others of you need something else, ha! (You saw the first three of these at the top.)

4) There is ALOT of Twilight FanFiction out there and SOME of it is really good! SOMETIMES reading Twilight FanFiction can help to gently slide you out of your obsession IF you haven't already been reading it all this time. If you've been reading it for awhile now, you're already used to people reshaping the characters and storylines.

But, if you don't usually read it... It's kind of like the advice they give to smokers who are trying to stop smoking - start smoking a different brand or a "lighter" cigarette. The change will make you want to quit easier because it won't be "what you're used to".

Additionally, IF you're someone who needs to see Twilight written/explained in a BELIEVABLE way - if maybe for no other reason than to prove to you that it could have been done - check out *my* FanFiction rewrite, "Twilight: ReVamped and ReWolfed".

I didn't write it "for me". I wrote it so that everyone could see how Twilight could have been WHILE also sticking as CLOSE to Stephenie's pretty fairytale that I could. It's actually only a SUMMARY of all four books (and it includes a critique/review as I'm writing so you can see why I made the changes I did) with just the first chapter written as complete to give you a "foundation" - takes a couple hours to read through it all.

I'm inserting part of a comment from a TwiMOM here so those of you who are clueless about this stuff can SEE that this rewrite of Twilight might be worth your time. ;)

I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life (gosh *warm fuzzies* thank you!!)... I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and I am more than sure (although I'm not there yet) in the reWolfed version you will be more respectful of the Quilette tribe. As a woman of Native American decent (Crow Indians) I was totally appalled by what SM did to their stories and history and her portrayal of them. SHAME ON YOU STEPHENIE MEYER! I hope she does see your blog and rewrite and is ashamed of herself and apologizes to us all and then does the right thing and gives the Quilette Tribe compensation for the movies success and additional compensation for defamation of character, because legally that's what she did she took a beautiful and rich history and culture and turned it into shirtless meathead living in shacks! Its deplorable!...).

...On an unrelated note your rewrite has inspired my own creativity and I am finally picking up on finishing an old story I had started (come to think of it I last wrote in 2009 which was around the time I started reading the Twilight saga..... wonder if that explains it. .... lol)

5) This article is my most recent and complete explanation regarding how Twilight's obsessions developed and progressedThis helps (some people) unravel their obsessions IF they aren't too mad with me to begin with. Once you realize that I'm NOT a MONSTER, all this stuff is easier to digest.

This article INCLUDES how so many people became extra-obsessed over our FAVORITE actress and actor as opposed to JUST the characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, as well as links to WHY Twilight is such an addictive READ.

If this post does nothing else, it gives us all a REASON to FORGIVE overly-obsessed Twihards out there who just CAN'T get a grip. This alone makes ALOT of Twilight Fans who have read this post feel better.

And this article goes into the details of these dumb 'robsten' PR Assaults.  ;)

Not everything is about "our obsession" - MOST of your obsessions out there are FINE. It's the PAIN that comes from seeing your favorite fairytale and favorite actress and actor being so tormented by your OWN Twihard Sisters and the world that is HARSH.

Yeah, being able to SEE WHY so many other girls are and have ALWAYS BEEN so nuts and downright ABUSIVE because of their Twilight over-obsession can help ALOT. ;)

BTW, if you're worried about this post "changing" the way you feel about Twilight - that's why alot of peeps don't read through this (I've been told by some who eventually did) - we LIKE the way we feel about this pretty fairytale and ALL this "Robsten" stuff is over now, why bother with it?

SOME Twilight Fans don't need to read through it...
But IF you are preoccupied about Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart to the point that it frustrates you STILL (no, that would NOT be unusual for obsessions this intense that are ALSO constantly being bashed at by Hollywood's gossip rags and papsmears); THAT's why you would read through this.

And, it's Okay... I'm speaking from personal experience here and I've been TOLD by peeps who have read through this before you... It kind of feels like "finally getting a joke" when you realize why Twilight is so seductive. It feels like a vent/release/relief are the most commonly-used words. ;)

You may feel "a little weird" about Twilight and/or Robsten for awhile afterwards - depending on what your personal obsessions were wrapped around. But it doesn't take long for those "adjustment" feelings to waft away (and for most Twihards they have NOT been painful - just a little uncomfortable).

...And all you're left with are the warm, sweet memories of "what Twilight is/was for you" WITHOUT all the internal static incessantly disrupting your heart and mind.

I KNOW this is true, because I could NEVER have rewritten The Twilight Saga the way I did AFTER I knew about everything that was wrong with it - without STILL LOVING IT!!

I still do and I'm sure a part of me always will... Like I still love "The Outsiders" and "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret", ha!

to set these two professional actors
and ALL Celebrities FREE
by INSISTING Hollywood
Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment
Please feel free to leave your own helpful comments below - especially if you have any other helpful advice on dealing with the incessant internal static some Twihards are still dealing with. If you have something MEAN or obnoxious to say - visit my other blog, for that. This place is for understanding and HELP.


  1. My quick thoughts: Twilight has contributed to the 'dumbing down' of vampires - from blood-thirty evil killers to hot sexy troubled men who only need the love of a good woman.

    As for Kristen Stewart, we're witnessing a period of time where women have achieved parity with men and with that, all the behaviors power and money can bring. ;)

  2. Wow, this was loooooong but what a punch-in-the-nose commentary. I don't think I've ever seen Twilight explained from this perspective before, and I've done alot of reading about this subject, too. It almost seems like you've made this an impossible subject to debate anymore. Where was stuff like this when we really needed it back in 2008? Kinda sad now, after the fact.

  3. Yeah, it really really is... Thanks, Dhannte.

  4. Well if you are this upset about Twilight what do you think about Vampire Diaries and True Blood?

    1. True Blood is really good - although I've only seen the first couple seasons of it before Twilight ruined Vamps for me for awhile, ha! I haven't seen much of Vampire Diaries, but from what I've seen and heard of it, it looks pretty good, too. But Buffy and Faith will always be my girls. :)

  5. Hey! Would guys help me? I'm super addicted to this movie now. (Specially Twilight 2008) since I watched it, like a few days ago. I cant even sleep </3

  6. Hey! Would guys help me? I'm super addicted to this movie now. (Specially Twilight 2008) since I watched it, like a few days ago. I cant even sleep </3

    1. If you recently watched it and are addicted - then I'd say you probably have a ways to go, LoL! If you can't 'just stop' watching it; just relax and take every life-diversion that you can until it begins to dislodge from your brain. Like I said, it may take a while. :)

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  8. i am really addicted to twilight and robsten which no longer exists. i google kristen everyday just to find a little hope of them reuniting in any way, just like the way she recently had a mini reunion with taylor lautner. help me.

    1. I completely know how you feel. Just the other day while at Wal-Mart, I saw the saga DVD set and bought it to add to my collection. Now I became super obsessed again. I try to copy bella's gorgeous wardrobe from Breaking Dawn P2. I go down to the local beach and wonder if it's similar to La push. I wonder what it's like to live forever and be eternally beautiful. Endless money... (sigh) you're so not alone.

  9. Has anyone else created their own Twilight world in Sims 4?