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Star Trek: Into the Darkness Movie Review by an ORIGINAL TOS Star Trek FAN

Actual Post Date: 5/21/13

A Pre-Movie Review Message:
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Btw, QUADRUPLE THUMBS UP for Michael Dorn's
(You don't know what kind of alien I am or
how many thumbs I have. Why do you
think I type so weird? ;)

I have always thought that would have been a great idea - that should have been the next Star Trek Series instead of Voyager. Voyager was Okay and I loved the ending along with many of the episodes and certainly all of the characters. (Loveable characters are a consistent Star Trek theme.)

But I would have chosen a Klingon Series over Voyager at that point in time, since Deep Space Nine was wrapping up. A Klingon series would have applied back then to the Star Trek Continuum.

Digging in deeper into one of Star Trek's most famous and beloved alien peoples and world; and watching how their alien society really works was/IS a delightfully mind-boggling thought!

- Especially with Worf/Michael Dorn

 *Warning, Spoilers*

An often refreshingly-nostalgic Trek well-worth the trip
to the theater for all TOS and newer Star Trek Fans!!

Total Star Rating: 8 out of 10

This movie review reads like a rollercoaster ride because, despite the problems I had with it - Star Trek: Into the Darkness was a delight to watch from beginning to end. It is a fun-in-the-moment wild ride that I have NOT regretted going on despite my issues with it. I think TOS fans will regret not going to see it on the big screen later just to experience the special effects - you may need them like I'm sure I did. They help alot. ;)

Also, my apologies... I actually did not finish this ranting review, because I realized about half way through it that I really didn't like it much at all 'as a TOS fan'. I liked the initial thrill of the movie. But writing the review brought things to the forefront that probably shouldn't have been brought up, ha! If anything, this turned out to be a good 'perspective' movie review.

Acting - 10 out of 10!!!!!!!

CG & Special Effects - 10 out of 10!

Writing - 4 out of 10 For getting the TOS character's camaraderie and repartee RIGHT, along with some semi-brilliant new twists on some iconic TOS moments - WELL DONE! I really wanted to give you all a 10 here too, but sorry...
  • One star was removed just for using the Klingons this early. I'll put it this way... I'm really glad I went out and watched the big show in the theater, and I highly recommend it. But, because of this reason, I do not feel inspired to ever watch it again, could care less if the DVD ever comes out, and I'm not even sort of anxious for the next movie - although I can see why newer fans would be. Your story is just 'good enough' from my TOS fan perspective for this reason. Not that I won't go see the next movie - the characters (done right) and the Enterprise herself will always bring me back. It's just that I can wait for it and I probably wouldn't notice if it never came out.
  • Another star was removed for using Klingons this early while supposedly being creative and knowledgeable TOS experts. (This star removal might be partially do to my irritation with Klingons being used this early in the "Enterprise" series too, so it might be a little unfair. ;)
  • TWO stars were removed just for the seriously unnecessary and misogynistic underwear shot. (Sorry, I've had it with Hollywood's BS on this subject, lately. Just glance at this blog - it has apparently become my raison d'etre, ha!)
  • Another two stars just because the plot was a little sub-standard in places. For Hollywood professionals, I was distracted by several smallish things that don't mesh and/or make sense - and it seemed to happen too often. I guess I was expecting the storyline to flow smoother - not sure how else to explain it. Some plot points seemed forced, at times. Also, more issues with the timeline - I explain more about that later, in here.

My very thoughtful baby brother - who is all of 30 years old, took me down to the BIG Imax theater at the Seattle Science Center to watch Star Trek: Into the Darkness in 3D for my birthday present!!

Captain Kirk, Spock and Enterprise, 1968

I took HIM there to watch the last one. There is no other perfect way to watch this movie if you live in the Seattle area, than THERE. ;)

My little brother wouldn't be a fan of Star Trek today if it weren't for me - I pretty much hounded my entire family with it since I was a kid and well-into adulthood (and still). And, he's obviously a very thoughtful boy who knows how to pick a good present (sorry, he just got married last year, girls)!

Can I just say, WOW?!!!!!

There is such a debate going on about these new Star Trek movies from the perspective of very proud original TOS fans; so I wanted to do a review for newer fans AND refute some of the hooplah.

Before I even get into the movie... Let's talk about that alternative timeline and how 'LAME' so many long-standing Trekkies proclaim it to be.

They're being hysterical, LoL!

Here's how hysterical they are if you haven't been reading their reactions to the Star Trek movie PREVIOUS to this one:

I have a friend, Dan... You've heard me talk about him here, in this article. He's 'The Seattle Santa" and he's been one of my BFF's for well over a decade.

We actually MET online by talking about STAR TREK, ha!

He's all up in a roar over this new Star Trek timeline thing.

"I mean, LOOK what they DID to SPOCK!" He's told me.

He exclaimed this statement with a completely straight face; and I tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggling fit, followed by my own exclamation:

"I LOVE the new SPOCK!"

And, no... Zachary Quinto being a BEAUTIFUL, dammit-why-are-all-the-really-handsome-men-who-turn-me-on-gay actor had nothing to do with Dan's opinion. He hates the more in-touch-with-his-Human-feelings (and romantic) bend in this Spock's personality.

But, that's ALL it is... A slight, delightful bend.

As a bow to original Star Trek fans, I DID have two major issues with this movie:
(You'll see the second reason later when I get to it.)

1) They've brought in the Klingons already AGAIN - when we ALL KNOW (and this IS one of the reasons WHY the series, "Enterprise" - the supposed Prequel to TOS - FAILED); the Klingons dont EXIST in the Star Trek Universe UNTIL AFTER the TOS CREW meets them.

And when they DO meet them, The Federation and our beloved Star Trek characters have supposedly NEVER HEARD of their race PRIOR to that.

There was a WHOLE FREAKIN' EPISODE about it! Yeah, it's MADDENING that any of you re-creators have done this - EVER! "Enterprise" didn't need the Klingons to be successful and NEITHER do these movies!! We would all have come to watch them JUST because of what they are.

The Enterprise's Crew could have met up with Klingons at the TIME they are SUPPOSED to in this alternative timeline. They COULD have been a force to reckon with that we had to LOOK FORWARD TO.

IF this had been the FIRST TIME you Star Trek creators had used that trick JUST for this alternative timeline somehow (but, you would have had to explain how Uhura knows how to SPEAK Klingon!); things would be different... But we KNOW you USE them 'early' like this, because fans love them. They are almost guaranteed MONEY in YOUR pockets when you use them!

"Enterprise" could have been one of the BEST Series of Star Trek. It was FUN for awhile watching how the Prime Directive developed and how some of the early Federation Rules & Regulations developed along with the NEW, shaky Vulcan alliance.

But every damn time the Klingons popped up - which was from the beginning of the VERY FIRST pilot episode; it was distracting like someone shining a blinding bright light into your eyes.

It got irritating enough eventually that I stopped watching it. I know alot of TOS fans did.

Of course it is possible to look past this plot error because 1) we TOS fans are used to seeing it by now; and 2) it's so far embedded into the storyline by now, it's not like you can FIX it. But I guess I just wanted to make that point clear to the young guns... The Klingons are NOT supposed to be in there, yet. KHAN would have been enough of a future threat for us to think about.

In fact, the Klingons are introduced shortly after Khan and his family in TOS. The Klingons could have entered into the story as yet another NEW rival in the NEXT movie.

Yeah, we original fans LOVE Star Trek, and we get UPSET when people even THINK about messing around with it.

And YET... The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise all had their successes.

I was one of those original Star Trek fans who was seriously OFFENDED when Hollywood started talking about dusting Star Trek off with The Next Generation. I couldn't BELIEVE they would do something so damn mean - brush off our beloved original characters like that; NOW thinking that "there might be something there".

Yeah, I was MAD... I didn't get into The Next Generation until it was almost over in Season Seven.

And I couldn't believe I hadn't discovered what a WONDERFUL show it was up until that point!!

Yeah, original fans could stand to have a little bit of an open mind...

Btw, technically, I'm not an original Star Trek Fan - in that I'm not really old enough. *I* came into Star Trek through the re-runs years AFTER it was cancelled - but, I was still into the original Star Trek BEFORE I became a fan of the rest of them.

Star Trek is probably THE ONLY series that could take on an alternative timeline like this and do it with a straight face, BEAUTIFULLY!!

Didn't Star Trek practically INVENT this concept in Science Fiction (on TV, anyway)?

Additionally, it is an AMAZING thing to be able to share our beloved TOS with peeps of THIS Generation; AND to watch the progression of these starships and computer graphics go from the original 'campy' style all the way into 3D through the years...

Alot of newer fans don't like the original campy Star Treks where these movies were born - because they are just SO HARD to watch when you're used to seeing everything so clear and 'real-looking' up on that big silver screen.

We used our imaginations alot more back then... The original Star Trek was a BRILLIANT show for the day, and they used as much 'high-tech' stuff that was available.

You have to remember... It's only RECENTLY - within the past couple of decades - that all this computer graphics stuff has really become a worthy tool for movie makers.

But, THIS is THE THING I LOVED about Star Trek: Into the Darkness - despite that our beloved characters are all in another timeline; the creators have managed to KEEP the original camaraderie and repartee of ALL the original TOS characters INTACT.

And THAT is the HEART of Star Trek, we didn't NEED all the CG back then. It doesn't MATTER how pretty those computer graphics are or how much they make your heart race - this movie could have been a complete BOMB from the perspective of original Star Trek Fans.

I'm HAPPY to say, that it's NOT!!

I SWEAR Zachary Quinto IS Leonard Nimoy, at times - and he's certainly the character of SPOCK!

And the romantic twist between Spock & Uhura WORKS. Many of us TOS fans saw that possibility the first time around, but it was something we WISHED for, ha!

Uhura was ALWAYS alone and/or the '3rd Wheel' on away teams. I don't remember her EVER ONCE saving the Enterprise in the TV series, but I may have forgotten about it if she did. Women - and especially Women of Color - didn't have much to do back then aside from look pretty.

But, JUST her presence on that show was an AMAZING thing for the day - even if it was long overdue! (Did anyone else want to look like Uhura in those boots? Even if I had a pair, that would never have happened. Nichelle Nichols was damn sexy with those boots and didn't she have a cool name both as this character and an Actress? Yeah, and I'm a straight white girl, LoL!)

And really... WHO ELSE could she possibly form a romantic connection with? Bones? SCOTTY?!! One of the two BOYS at the Helm, Chekov or Sulu? Captain Kirk?!!

NOT that she needed to be 'hooked up' - but the romantic twist between Spock and Uhura is a delightful new alternative timeline addition.

PLUS, it's SO FUN watching Spock struggle with these romantic Human emotions!

I've also heard some displeasure among TOS fans that the character of Khan is 'not ethnic enough'. While this is true, dang Mr. Cumberbatch has his attitude down pat and is CHILLING as Khan.

And what can I say about Christopher Pine's Captain Kirk other than he's PERFECT - and honestly, at times I think he's better. I know, SHAME on me!! I LIKE that he seems more relatable (not entirely, never entirely I'm sure, ha!).

While William Shatner's Captain Kirk will ALWAYS reign, just like Sean Connery's 007 - he always seemed a bit two-dimensional to me. But honestly, maybe that's because these movies seem to be more fleshed out into the character's relationships.

TOS was more about The Enterprise and it's crew saving her from certain DOOM week after week, with their relationships speckled in the mix. And since it was a series that developed over time - along with the characters, it makes sense that THIS Captain Kirk would seem more relatable. (And DAMN, they're BOTH lovable!!)

While Star Trek: Into the Darkness is NOT perfect (and honestly, some things were really wonky - but that's kind of normal for Star Trek, too) - it is well worth the watch for both TOS and newer fans.

Onto the Movie Review - Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Star Trek: Into the Darkness starts out with the crew of the Enterprise being in trouble, of course - similar to a Bond flick, ha! The opening scene is visually stunning!

The storyline of this movie is at times frustrating because some of it was obviously done to force the things they wanted to accomplish with Captain Kirk in this film - mainly, I guess he 'learns' the value of the Captain's Chair.

So, at the beginning, as Captain of the Enterprise - they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing: violating the Federation's Prime Directive by manipulating a planet's volatile volcano that is about to erupt and wipe out the primitive, indigenous, sentient humanoids on the planet.

Now, I GET that Captain Kirk is supposed to be a wild card and a rebel at heart - that is one of the things that makes him such a good Captain. HOWEVER... my suspension of belief has a hard time believing that Kirk would have been doing something THIS obviously underhanded while PRESSING his crew - especially Spock - to LIE about it as a coverup.

AND, wouldn't the Enterprise's sensors and computers be RECORDING everything - and someone from Star Fleet would eventually see those records someday? If they erased those records (you know in ST no records are ever completely gone); isn't that illegal - and grounds for a Court Marshal? At least for the Captain who led this deception?

Also, as Spock sets off an explosive device in the middle of this raging, fiery volcano (a terribly heart-racing scene); the fire and heat all FREEZES and basically shuts down the volcano.

Doesn't the planet sort of NEED that volcano? And what will be the ramifications LATER of doing this? Maybe these are questions they've already addressed that we're unaware of - but as exciting as this opening scene was, it was weird as far as being a part of this plotline goes.

Surely the writers could have come up with something more... Kirk-like for him to be so overly concerned about?

I mean, WHY would the Captain CARE about this indigenous species - SURE he's a guy who values life, and don't we all (I hope).

But, he has no reason to be invested in the subject to the point of going above & beyond Star Fleet protocols regarding it the way he does... The Federation has VERY GOOD REASONS for making this directive their PRIME one, and Captain Kirk should (generally-speaking) respect it even at this point in time.

He's a CAPTAIN, for cryin' out loud!

However, this scene DOES lay the foundation for the conflict with Admiral Pike AND situations coming up between Kirk and Spock, later.

The movie cuts to futuristic LONDON... Parents are distressed about a beloved daughter who is obviously dying - despite advanced future Medical progress.

The little girl's father is a Star Fleet officer in uniform. In his distress, he is approached by a stranger who tells him 'he can save her'.

The father asks, "Who are you?"...

Cut to:

Captain Kirk is obviously back on Earth being RUDELY interrupted from an interesting-looking fling with THREE beautiful alien girls with TAILS (yeah, you have to put that stuff about what a CAD Captain Kirk is in here, ha!); he is escorted into see Christopher Pike - another familiar character from TOS, and Captain Kirk's mentor.

Their discussion is about Kirk violating the Prime Directive. Kirk is mifted to hear that the Admiral learned about it from Spock's report - apparently, Spock wasn't supposed to be a tattletale.

Kirk's punishment is to LOSE his command of the Enterprise because "You don't respect the chair". It goes back to Admiral Pike - and for some strange reason, Spock is also re-assigned to another ship.

When Captain Kirk confronts Spock about why he exposed the details of their mission to Star Fleet, Spock is his usual, logical self in explaining his reasoning - frustrating the Captain.

The crew RISKED their lives to save Spock during the volcano eruption, and he asks Spock the question, "Do you even know why I saved your life?"

This is the beginning of the setup of semi-familiar things to come for TOS fans. Maybe some of you can even guess what they are just by that line. ;)

At this point, Captain Kirk goes into a rebellious depression (a pretty normal TOS thing for him to do every time he loses command of his ship); and we go back to the father of the little girl who is/was dying.

At some point, the stranger who claimed to be able to save the little girl's life did a blood transfusion on her, and now she is supposedly fine.

The father is obviously apprehensive about something and forcing himself to go through motions. He's got his Star Fleet uniform on, and he visits a Star Fleet archive/library in London.

He punches in a few commands into a computer to transmit something, then he blows the place up along with himself in it.

Admiral Pike seeks Kirk out to be his First Officer (replacing his original and MUCH appreciated & beloved First Officer, SPOCK - who had just told the truth of his actions while under the command of another Captain - the one he is NOW re-recruiting to take Spock's place?!) on board the Enterprise because 'he believes in HIM'?! (After not only violating the Prime Directive, but riling his entire crew up to be in on this deception - plus, they obviously had to erase/manipulate the Enterprise's data.)

That HAD to have disappointed Admiral Pike. That's at least THREE BIG NO-NO's - not only from Star Fleet's perspective, but Admiral Pike's personal perspective of Captain Kirk should have changed, as well. Yeah, wonky little wobble here, ST writers.

This IS one of the few times TOS characters are taken out of context (whether the plot makes sense or not in those places) - probably to force another plot point in this storyline. (Sorry, I'm not a fan of forced plots.)

Kirk accepts after this heart to heart conversation; and they both head to Star Fleet to participate in an emergency meeting that has been called to address this London-bombing issue.

At this meeting, we meet Admiral Marcus. He's an old-style Admiral apparently very proud and well-decorated - and someone who seems to like to fight first and ask questions later. (This is a typical flaw of early Federation Admirals in TOS - and sometimes other Star Trek's even, I think.)

They discuss the situation, but Kirk sees some flaws surrounding the information they have and 'what's really going on' (of course, he would!).

And just as his questions are starting to reveal obvious holes... There is a strange noise that lures Kirk over to the window, where all hell breaks loose - a hovercraft attacks the High-Ranking BRASS of Star Fleet.

This is 'the thing' Kirk was starting to figure out as the fireworks started - the ORIGINAL purpose of the bombing in London was to give the brass of Star Fleet a reason to convene so they could be taken out simultaneously. (I thought the 'shooting' from this hovercraft was a little silly. Wouldn't it have something on it like a laser/phaser beam that could obliterate the room and all of them at once by this point in time? Just a petty thing... How could the plot continue, otherwise? Also, did anyone else notice some futuristic-looking cars still driving with wheels?)

Kirk gets a good look at the perpetrator in the hovercraft, but he doesn't recognize him.

Admiral Pike DIES with Spock by his side. Spock mind melds with him as he's dying and mentions 'what it felt like' for the Admiral while he was dying, later. (This demonstrates how close these two characters WERE. Spock certainly didn't feel a pull to mind meld with any other of the top brass while they were dying.)

As a TOS fan, *I* thought that THIS would be the point when Admiral Pike becomes paralyzed - that's how he is in the original series. But he dies in this timeline, so it surprised me.

ALSO, as a TOS fan who is familiar with Vulcan mind-melds; I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we don't see Admiral Pike's presence and/or knowledge somehow 'filtered' through Spock in the next movies. It's an interesting setup, anyway - whether they take advantage of it or not is another thing - that's just for you newer fans who may be less familiar with them.

Kirk is given back command of the Enterprise by Admiral Marcus with an itinerary to follow this criminal, using 'information they have acquired' to an unpopulated planet in Klingon Territory - a territory they DARE not cross unless they want to start an all-out WAR.

He's sending Kirk and the Enterprise out with NEWLY-developed Photon Torpedoes that can be fired from a distance. His orders are simply to 'take this guy out' with these new-fangled torpedoes - a moral issue that later becomes a point of conversation and contention for the crew.

As the torpedoes are being loaded onto the Enterprise, SCOTTY - as Chief Engineer - REFUSES to approve them because Star Fleet hasn't given them any information about what is inside of them and they are shielded.

Kirk literally has to relieve Scotty of duty - he leaves the ship (along with his new, cute little alien sidekick!); and he makes CHEKOV the new Chief Engineer. He's a little more rusty at it, but he approves the Photon Torpedoes like he's supposed to.

Spock is also back on board as Science Officer - But he's hysterically insecure (in a Vulcan way) about another Science Officer who has come along on the mission as a Weapons Specialist.

She's a drop-dead gorgeous BLOND with a British Accent - AND, since she has this accent and is on the Enterprise under an Alias at the moment, NONE of us TOS fans could tell you that this IS an original character from the TOS movies - that reveal is coming up).

There is a scene where Captain Kirk is talking to her, and you've heard about it - suddenly, she's just standing there in her blue Star Fleet bra and underwear...

It's SILLY and SO out-of-line, it's RIDICULOUS!

Literally... The two of them are walking along the corridors of the Enterprise talking, and all of a sudden his head turns toward her in conversation; and she's just standing there - suddenly undressed - and yells at him, "Turn around!"

2) Yeah, as a woman - HATE that you supposedly creative jerks did this! This IS my second HUGE problem with this movie. I know the debate has already gone around, and one of the writers has talked about it and basically said, "I hear you, we'll do better next time."

INEXCUSABLE, you should have told this ENTIRE story with integrity from the beginning. WHY Hollywood INSISTS on always being such misogynistic PIGS is beyond me. You already got in the three alien sluts with tails - you didn't need this, too.

This is an anger that built slowly... When you first see the scene, you don't realize it's out of place because it is a typically-Kirk thing to be a womanizer. But after the movie, and that scene keeps popping into your head like some sort of red-alert alarm when you realize there was NO REASON for it to happen!

Yeah, this is an anger that has built up to this since I've watched the movie.

I would REALLY appreciate if you Hollywood professionals would treat our beloved Star Trek women with more respect than you currently treat our beloved real life, professional, female Hollywood Celebrities.

By the time the Enterprise reaches the coordinates, the crew has ramped up the issue of whether or not they should follow Star Fleet's orders about killing this criminal they are in pursuit of - as opposed to capturing him and giving him an honest trial.

This is of course, the much more approved of and honorable 'Star Fleet way' of accomplishing a mission of this nature. This is also a typical TOS - and the next series' of Star Trek - situation.

Honestly, I think I remember Captain Kirk relieving Scotty of duty previously; and while so many of the 'themes' you've kept in here were obviously done to honor this infamous series - for some reason, these things (these two are a good example) make the story seem a little mundane/boring at times, to me.

I really enjoyed the scene of Kirk and Scotty - but there is something 'tiring' about it; and this other argument about what's right or wrong (as well as in other scenes coming up)... Maybe the storyline needed to be a little 'fresher' because this is supposed to be a PRE-story of these characters' adventures.

We were expecting something new that filled in their life stories. This is one of the things that struck me at the end - after I was done applauding - the characters ALL seem too close for this point in time. (It would have been fun to be watching Spock & Uhura 'falling in love' for instance, as opposed to it being a developed romance. I know, that would have been an even bigger challenge for you, ha!) It 'feels' like they should be all the way through their five-year mission AND the movies; when they are supposed to be just starting out.

There is definitely a disconnect somewhere... It's like all those iconic scenes we had to look forward to are GONE, now. Maybe the Klingons aren't the only timeline issue for me.

I wouldn't have guessed this to be a result, especially since there are other themes that you HAVE kept in here that make the story fascinatingly-nostalgic.

For instance, I have not had ONE problem with ANY scenes with Khan. Maybe that's because he BELONGS at this point in the Star Trek Timeline because his story seems to be a possible prequel and/or something different that could have happened this way in this timeline.

I don't think I can explain any better why some things make the movie boring for me and other things make it exciting. Sorry. ST writers - hope this is helpful enough if you're paying attention and actually give a crap. ;)

(continuing) Uhura has been testy with Spock all during this time. She's IRRITATED with him that he's 'being so VULCAN' over rescuing him at the volcano instead of letting him die.

At the last moment, Kirk decides to send down an away team instead of using the torpedoes. He takes Spock and Uhura (since she can speak Klingon - again, UGHH!).

As the three of them are taking off on this mission, Kirk leaves Sulu at the helm with instructions to send a message in BLUFF toward the planet, calling for surrender OR they will launch these new torpedoes at him.

As Kirk, Spock and Uhura are in the shuttle on their way to the planet, Spock and Uhura get into the cutest little Human/Vulcan couple-spat and have it out - it's hysterical, with Captain Kirk kind of in the middle.

Spock comes up with a beautiful, Vulcan explanation for Uhura about WHY he's been such an *ss.

Yeah - their romance WORKS!!

And SULU, who has been sitting in the Captain's Chair NERVOUS about this convincing bluff he has to pull off - NAILS IT to the point of Bones telling him, "Remind me never to piss you off, Sulu." (I have a vague recollection of Sulu & Bones having this exchange once before in the films, but I can't remember it clearly - Undiscovered Country, maybe?)

Yeah, every single ONE of these new actors & actresses portraying our beloved TOS characters have done a WONDERFUL JOB of doing so - they're all so believable, I just want to HUG them, ha!

Yeah, even though what I just said above still applies - the writers & actors have made our TOS characters so fun to watch while they're back in action!

It's a very refreshing-nostalgic ride, at times - only Star Trek could create, much less re-create, such an oxymoron.

For THIS, the actors, writers, special effects teams and the entire crew of this movie get TONS of Kudos - even if I have issues with some of the plot. ;)

I may finish this someday when I have the DVD's to refer to... But honestly, things are starting to get fuzzy; and I think I've given TOS fans anyway - some pretty good reasons to watch this movie. It is certainly a fun ride (for the most part) from here on out.

That and, I really AM MIFFED about the Klingon thing... I know they warned everyone ahead of time and blah blah blah... But it irritates me to the point of not even wanting to relay this next scene to you (and we can't do the rest without this one). Until I get past my own dysfunctional brain, I won't be able to pick this back up.

Maybe you're laughing... Yeah, it's pretty fun living with a brain like this... Twilight fans can tell you what a big deal I've made out of their dysfunctional, overly-obsessive 'saga'.

I'm one of those people who CAN'T watch a horror flick, and when I do I almost always regret it - because sometimes I have nightmares for several nights, afterwards. My wonky brain 'sinks too far' into things.

No worries, I'll get over it, I'm already over it... I just don't think it's a worthy scene to rehash for you. Kirk forcing the shuttle between that hard space and that other hard space would have been just as fascinating somewhere else. ;)

Btw, here's some burning questions Josh Horowitz from MTV got answered via emails with one of the co-writers and producers, Damon Lindelof. I've always liked Josh... And he seems like someone who would be FUN to go to a Star Trek Convention with, ha!

These Are My Favorite TOS Episodes
- of course, I highly recommend all of them;
even and probably especially those that were
obviously not-so-good, ha! You will always
find the relationship between these characters
develop, and frankly - the mistakes & absurdities
of TOS is something we original fans
are still VERY PROUD of!!

These episodes are listed in order of air date
- and just season one. This would get
too long, otherwise. ;)

The Naked Time
Anytime the crew was taken
out of context was hysterical!
The Next Generation did an
excellent cover of this episode.

 The Enemy Within
A really good exploration
of the dark side in all of us.

I think I was about the same
age as alot of these kids the first
time I watched it - that probably
helped. This episode reminds
you a little of "Lord of the Flies".

Balance of Terror
This is truly one of my
FAVORITES toward the TOP.
The Romulans are introduced,
and the interaction between
Captain Kirk and the Romulan
Commander is some really
good writing and acting.

The Galileo Seven
 Spock is in command of a
shuttle craft that crashes in the
middle of some dangerous inhabitants.
He makes some decisions that are
probably not very 'Vulcan-like'. ;)

The GORN vs. Captain Kirk
is definitely another toward-the-top
episode. Keeps you on the edge of
your seat for awhile; and the Gorn
is big and BAD - and yet you find
some compassion for them at the end.
The Next Generation did an episode
that reminds me of this one; and is one
of my favorite TNG, "Darmok".

Tomorrow is Yesterday
What would it be like for
an astronaut NOW to meet
the future? This episode asks
that question. It's fascinating.

Space Seed
This is where you'll see KHAN
and his family introduced. Yeah,
he was chilling from the beginning;
and yet he was a gentleman, an
aristocrat and warrior - a cruel one.
This episode was fun because we
were watching this 'futuristic' show
that was exploring 'the future between'
ours and The Federation - a much
more darker time in Humanity.
Yeah, it was fascinating.

 A Taste of Armageddon
This show was far more of a futuristic
situation when it first aired; although now
with all the computer games we're used
to - it's almost a realistic scenario.
The Enterprise Crew comes across
a couple planets that are supposedly
at war - but there is no fighting. They
are fighting this war via an elaborate
computer simulation. People who are
killed in the simulation, then have to
report to 'disintegration booths' for
execution. Yeah, chilling.

This Side of Paradise
SPOCK 'kind of' falls in LOVE!

Errand of Mercy
The KLINGONS are introduced!
Need I say more?!!

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