Sunday, March 1, 2015

TOS Star Trek Fan Tribute to Leonard Nimoy & Spock

It almost goes without saying, now - and yet, it probably can't be said enough:

Live Long and Prosper
Peace, and Long Life

Leonard Nimoy achieved those things as equally in his Human life as his Vulcan alter-ego, Spock, did - everyone keeps saying it; both those who knew him and those of us who only knew about him.

There isn't really much to say beyond those things; but as a fan who already misses him, terribly... There is one more thing that I would add to all those condolences:

Leonard Nimoy showed us that 'dreaming' is important... And he did it through a non-human character who didn't believe in silly Human things like emotions, feelings and attachments, etc.

How damn cool is that?

This is probably the best scene EVER out of all Star Trek series and movies - TOS and spawn, combined: Captain Kirk, Bones and Spock in a campfire round of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'.

Truly a scene that should be recorded somewhere as being one of the best movie scenes of all time!

And then later... they finally perfected it. ;)


Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories, Mr. Nimoy!!

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