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Defining Twilight's Various Fanbases - What is the Difference Between a Twilight Fan, a Twihard, an Anti-Twilight Fan, Robsessed, Krisbian and Robsten...

The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in InternetlandThis post is a summary of this link - it goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s different FanFactions developed and progressed. You can consider this post (below) to be a beginner's overview.

Both of these posts are also the BEST REASONS for ALL Twilight & Current Anti-Twilight Fans to UNITE.

This is how I know so much about what’s going on with ‘robsten’It was sort of a side-effect of doing all this research on Twilight from a movie fan’s perspective long before these dumb scandals started.

Not ONE TIME have *I* ever wished for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to break up; nor have I ever thought that they were perfect for each other. I’ve been Switzerland.

Current Twilight Fan Type Definitions

Twilight Fan - Consists of the majority of Twilight's various fanbases (because they often bleed into each other). This type of fan is a generic fan of the series, and appreciates it for what it is - 'just a story'. Most of these fans do not 'get' why so many other fans are so incensed, still.

Twihard - An overly-obsessed fan who was probably around since the Twilight books were popular, before the movies came out - but not necessarily. Many Twihards developed at the beginning of the movie series (they have continued to develop); and have been defending it, since - along with Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson (and/or their characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen).

Anti-Twilight, Anti-Twihard, and the newest term, just 'anti-fan' - These terms have evolved since Breaking Dawn was published and the movies started coming out. They USED to mean 'an ex-fan of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer' who didn't appreciate the way she finished her books.

NOW it refers to generic 'anti-fans' of Twilight - many of whom have become anti-fans (or superfans) of either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson for various reasons surrounding Twilight and/or tabloid manipulation, in general.

This is often someone who became a fan of Twilight and/or became a fan of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson THROUGH Twilight; but who eventually rejected whatever part of it was unappealing to them - similar to the way many Twilight book fans 'divorced' the book, Breaking Dawn, from the series when they rejected it in 2008.

Anti-fan opinions vary GREATLY, but most of them agree on one thing - there is definitely something very wrong with The Twilight Saga.

Robsessed - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Robert Pattinson... These fans are a mix of Twilight and Anti-Twilight fans; but ANTI-fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation, and they are usually (of course not always) OLDER fans.

Since Rob seems to have been dating FKA Twigs and I've had a chance to watch fan-reactions; it really seems like robsessed fans who are heartbroken about it were also Twilight Fans - while those who are happy about it seem to be mostly anti-twilight fans. It also seems like there is an age difference somewhere, but I'm still watching the situation. ;)

Krisbian - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

Robsten - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson as a couple... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

And since krisbian and robsten YOUNG fans COMBINED don't begin to add up to 'robsessed' fans - that is why I continued this subject on my original blog. Someone needs to. I'm sorry, I just don't think it's a ridiculous thing to be sticking up for the hearts and minds of emotionally-invested young (and young-at-heart) girls.

Why are so many more 'robsessed' people older and/or anti-fans?

Simply because of the professionally-negligent and harmful way the publisher, Little, Brown and Company, published all four Twilight Saga books.

The Twilight Movie Franchise failed as miserably as Little, Brown and Company when they could have 'set things right' instead of ignoring roughly half of their impassioned & embattled fanbase.

Twilight has created many divisions including:

1) Age (Younger and older girls perceive this story differently, depending - especially if they had pre-established views about make-believe vampires before Twilight's vamps.)

2) Gender (Why are the majority of Twilight Fans women? Yes, it's a chick-flick - but Buffy never had a problem with offending the opposite - or even the same - gender; and she had at least THREE 'vamp' boyfriends, ha!)

OMG! Am I really sticking up for Stephenie Meyer?

So many people would like to blame Stephenie Meyer for the bad publishing that Twilight received; and it is TRUE that she dug her heels in against the advice of her editors. But, most ANY amateur author would have done that - although probably not with as much misplaced pride and ignorance.

I have no idea what the publisher said to Stephenie Meyer about not wanting to publish the last book, Breaking Dawn - but based on the insurmountable evidence, we can guess.

But in the end, I find it difficult to believe that the lack of professional editing was all her fault - and this, along with the shallow characters & storyline that ANY professional editor would have corrected before publishing it - is what directly caused all the over-obsessions surrounding it.

I've read that she insisted on editing the books (mostly) herself - especially the last one that they didn't want to publish. I can be mad at her for essentially 'forcing' her last book on Humanity like this - but not blame her for trying and even winning, as an amateur author.

Her PUBLISHER should not have published Twilight like that; and/or should have insisted on the changes, corrections and EDITING that needed to be done.

The entire Twilight series was never given the treatment nor professional editing that a book that is going to be 'professionally published' usually receives - that isn't Steph's fault. And if she got pushy with her editors and supposedly 'forced' them to publish these books this way - then again, SHAME on Little, Brown, & Company for doing such a professionally-negligent job.

- And double-shame on Summit Entertainment AND Stephenie Meyer for not listening to the VALID complaints from Twilight's divided book fanbase; and not taking responsibility for the accidental over-obsessions that were caused as a result of all this negligent book publishing and movie producing.

Not one fan or anti-fan has a good reason to not unite.

SIGN THE PETITION for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or
BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK

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Vikings on The History Channel is BETTER than 'Game of Thrones'

Guess What?! Clive Standen who portrays Ragnar's SEXY
brother Rollo in the Vikings favored my Tweet about this post!
*silly giggles and more giggles*
Thank you, Mr. Standen!

I've done so many depressing reviews about Hollywood lately. I figured it was time for a good review.

I've watched/am watching both 'Vikings' & 'Game of Thrones', of course... The nice thing about being a fan of movies and shows nowadays is that you don't have to choose between them, anymore. You can record one and watch the other; or record them both and watch them at your convenience. (And gosh, isn't 'on demand' neat?!)

TV & movies weren't always so easily accessible - you either caught shows 'as they came on' or 'as they came out in theaters' - or you missed them. Sometimes it really sucked to have to choose between them.

So, in the end - I am happy to say, both 'Vikings' and 'Game of Thrones' reign. (There are many semi-cliffhangers that I am looking forward to watching play out in both series.)

But, Vikings holds my attention better. I can delay watching the next episode of Game of Thrones; but I can get a little impatient & cranky if something is keeping me away from my Viking warriors, ha!

Vikings Theme Song w/ Lyrics

Vikings is done by The History Channel. Basically, they have taken 'real' Viking history as we know it; along with information from archaeological excavations - and turned it into a 'historical drama' that ties all of this information together into the people of the day - turning them into characters with storylines that stay as true to historic records & timelines as possible.

The main characters are the infamous Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok; and his not-to-be-messed-with shieldmaiden wife, Lagertha - along with their family and community during Ragnar's rise to King in the 8th Century.

You're hooked in the first episode just by the lead character who is about as hypnotic as he can possibly be as Ragnar, Travis Fimmel from Australia. He's got killer looks, a sexy ponytail that makes you want to pull on it, and an almost soft-spoken demeanor that can get ramped up into something quite ferocious during battle.

There are several characters that stick out in this show. You'll find your favorites - Floki, the eccentric genius, played by Gustaf SkarsgĂ„rd is another favorite of mine.

Ragnar loves his family, his community and band of war brothers - even if they are all supposedly 'savages'. Basically, the first few episodes cover his desire to sail West instead of East like these Viking warriors usually do - after he has discovered a way to navigate their boats on the open sea.

On their first excursion, Ragnar captures an English monk and takes him as a slave. He learns alot from him - including how to speak their language. The story of this master and slave learning from each other about their different cultures is fascinating enough if you are a history buff.

Everything gets better from there... How Viking women were treated, and what their rights were compared to some of the countries they were conquering (Lagertha - played by a very capable & beautiful Katheryn Winnick, FIGHTS with her husband & ex-husband); what their early democratic society was like - they had some really strange laws; how they raised their children; and how much they were into their Gods & Goddesses; what their religion was like, etc.

A show that is both fascinating and relatively historically-accurate - NICE, well-done and HIGHLY recommended by this Vikings fan! I'm very much looking forward to Season Three.

Hail Oh Ragnar!

A really good, long Vikings trailor thru Seasons 1 & 2

Vikings Season 3 Trailor

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New Blog - Hollywood Hates Humans

I am attempting to get this blog back on track... It is supposed to be about life in general for young adults; but it diverts off into a couple of subjects that need to be wrangled in.

It's going to take me awhile to get everything sorted out - but I am attempting to pull the majority of 'Twilight' posts out of this blog into the original blog they came from; and I also created another new blog specifically about Hollywood Reform. I'll be moving all that content from in here over to there, as well.

I used to love Hollywood... not so much, anymore. My first post is about Robin Williams and the early cancellation of his latest sitcom, 'The Crazy Ones'.

I miss Robin Williams and couldn't be more sad with the way he died.

Nanu Nanu.

Check it out if you're interested.

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Keyword Searches on Twilight Obsessions & Fan Addictions

This is another post from my blog about The Twilight Saga that I'm moving over here for easier access - without having to scroll through a long blog intro to read it.

How relevant is this long list of obsession keywords still in August 2014?

Do a news search on 'Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart' articles and scroll down to read the comments for current fan and anti-fan opinions. Also, check out Twitter & Social Networking Sites; and Twilight, robsessed, krisbian and robsten fansites if you're looking for gobs of still-heartbroken and/or overly-obsessing fans. You certainly do not need to take my word for it.

Also, here is a list of mean comments since the beginning of the cheating scandal.

And this is a list of heartbroken fan comments from the beginning.


Update 9/16/14 - Yes, these searches are STILL coming through strong, especially on the weekends, Twihards. How long are you going to continue to ignore this issue? How much more time has to go by before 'too much' time has gone by? How long is considered to be a normal timeframe to get past an intense addiction like Twilight? How much harm is being done? How much time does it take for a Human to become jaded by this process?


This is the burning question... 


These are the current search variations (just since January 2013) that are the most commonly used to get into this blog and they are INCREASING at times - especially over the weekends. NO, it would NOT be unusual for obsessing Twihards to STILL be struggling with an intense obsession with the way these 'robsten' Hollywood assaults bash at them.

PLUS... They are dealing with 'no more twilight in sight'. They would have been struggling with that issue at this point in time, anyway; but theoretically that's ALL they would have had to deal with!

BTW, this list is STILL being added to, and NOTICE that they are coming through in MULTIPLE searches - most of these are NOT one-time hits, and some of them are VERY recurring. While I haven't included 'robsten', 'rupsten' or any other of the rude keywords peeps use surrounding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - you can probably guess how colorful those are.

Additionally as of August, keyword searches surrounding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's current relationship status are running almost neck and neck with addiction searches. Here's an example as of 8/12/13: Robsten no hope?

If you're looking for help with a stubborn Twilight addiction - CLICK HERE.

New as of 9/16/14: how to stop obsessing over twilight
Yet another new search phrase on 8/9/14: obsession with twilight
2/28/14 NEW unique Keyword search combo: im still addicted to the twilight saga

what if the cullens never come back (this came through on 6/2 - isn't this about as heartbreaking as it could possibly be?)

why are adult women so obsessed with twilight
(this one is easy to answer. ;) 

why are people obsessed with edward cullen

how to get off a twilight addiction

why is twilight so addictive

why am i obsessed with twilight (this is the most recurring one)

why is twilight overly addictive

struggling with the end of twilight

why do teenage girls obsess over twilight

still obsessed with twilight

what to do when you can't get over Twilight

how to end a twilight addiction

yes twilight is addicting but so are

twilight is very addictive

finally realized twilight isn't real

is anyone else obsessed with twilight

too obsessed with twilight

i became obsessed with twilight

obsessed with twilight

help for twilight obsession

i am too obsessed with twilight

why are we so obsessed with twilight

why am i so obsessed with the twilight saga

is anyone really still really obsessed with twilight

obsessing over twilight's edward

how can i still be twilight obsessed (this search combo is slowly moving up toward the top)

im obsessed with twilight movies

i am obsessed with twilight

why am i so obsessed with twilight

twilight obsession

how long obsess over twilight

how to stop your addiction from twilight

why should girls not read twilight

i think i'm obsessed with twilight

how to stop your addiction to twilight

how to handle twilight obsession

how to break addiction to twilight

twilight saga so seductive

i'm addicted to breaking dawn

why are girls addicted to twilight

how to get over the twilight movies

having a hard time moving on from twilight

anyone still addicted to twilight

can't get over twilight being over

i love you i need help with my addiction to twilight

addicted twilight fans

how to get free from a twilight addiction

twilight addiction help

why is twilight so addictive to watch

twilight obsession unhealthy

why am i so crazy about twilight

help twilight obsession

i can't get over twilight

please help me get over twilight addiction

why are twihards so stupid (sorry, I had to add this one. ;)

why am i addicted to watching twilight

why do we get obsessed with twilight

why do i watch twilight over and over

who else is obsessed with twilight

still addicted to twilight

are you still obsessed with the twilight saga

how can i get over my addiction over twilight

can't seem to get over twilight

people obsessed with twilight

are women still obsessed with twilight

10/27/13 - Yes, I'm still adding 'non-duplicate' searches!

how to get over twilight

what is it about the twilight movies

how to get over your twilight obsession

why we are addicted to the twilight saga


For perspective - here are some of the other recurring keyword search variations peeps use to get in here:

immortalicum or immortalicum meaning (oddly, when Twilight obsessions are calm; this is the most frequently searched keyword used to get in here - it's almost like a barometer. I know there's something wrong if this starts moving DOWN on the list, ha!)

explain twilight breaking dawn ending (blog title in keywords - yeah lots of hits from this phrase)
fanfiction edward bella dirty talk sex / rough sex (go get a copy of '50 Shades ofGrey' or reread the one you already have!!)
satanic symbols in breaking dawn (??!!!)
demonic messages in twilight (??!!!x2)
twilight fanfiction carlisle inseminate (hmmm... might need more info - then again, maybe not. ;)
naughty, dirty feelings, obsessions (uh huh...)

naughty explicit orgy with bella edward (You know, an orgy just would not be part of *my* Twilight sexual fantasy. ;)
the truth behind stephenie meyer (no comment, just keep reading)
why is Stephenie Meyer ok with her (Smug, Pride, GREED)

i think stephenie meyer is selfish (It's search phrases like these that validate this blog)
is twilight believable (Ummm... That would be a NO, not even SORT OF!!)
robsten vs. rupsten (This one is my FAVORITE!! And now that I've just done a search on this to see where this blog comes up on it - I'm EVEN MORE angry, and I honestlywould not have thought that was possible!! YOU Twihards seriously NEED to READ THIS!!)
breaking dawn suck meyer blame twilight fans (This is true. I haven't been paying attention to what she's been saying recently, but this is what she had to say in November 2008 about her fans' ORIGINAL reactions to Twilight: Breaking Dawn shortly after it was published in August 2008.)

how do you explain why you love twilight - Girls, you don't have to explain why you love it. Even though Twilight IS a seriously dysfunctional literary DRAFT of a manuscript; we older girls who can see why that is, ALSO KNOW WHY you love it - and yes, you have some VERY GOOD REASONS for loving it... It's just that IF the VERY FIRST Twilight book had been written AND published responsibly - you wouldhave still fallen in love with Stephenie's pretty characters and stories; BUT they would have been MUCH LESS HARMFUL on your young, developing lives. That MIGHT not/SHOULD not have EVER MATTERED if Hollywood's gossip mags and paps hadn't started going WAY OVERBOARD in their PR assaults against your VERY profitable(for them) TwiObsessions. 

did stephenie meyer channel twilight - interesting but possible, if only in an accidental kind of way (like her writing is accidentally addictive). I doubt (with her moral code) that she intentionally channeled anything. THIS is WHY people who don't knowwhat they're doing with intangible, emotional and/or spirit-world (dream) concepts like this should probably have their work critiqued by a REAL professional. When you read her talk about writing Twilight on her website, she certainly sounds OBSESSED about her own story/characters. But really, I don't think you can 'channel' anything without KNOWING what you're doing. Yeah, Twilight seems to be an accident because the sparkly 'Vampire' within her dream had her mesmerized - not sure what that says about her or the existence of The Twilight Saga, LoL! ;) I DO KNOW - as someonehaving grown up in a 'conservative' home no-doubt similar to Stephenie's; MOST Religions WARN their followers about delving into 'evil' stuff like this (see the 'satanic symbols' and 'demonic messages' keyword searches above).

For instance, when I told my Mom that the sparkling character on my computer screen was (supposed to be) a VAMPIRE, it was a huge turn-off for her and she didn't want to hear anything else about it. I would imagine THAT is one of the reasons WHY thisstory turned out like it did - because the amateur author wasn't compelled to be interested in 'the evilness' of Vampires to research them. So INSTEAD, we all ended up with this MUCH MORE HARMFUL-on-blossoming-souls VERSION of Twilight; apparently out of nothing but ignorance on the author's part AND negligence on the 'professional' publisher's part.

I've had email exchanges in here with people who agree with my 'wonky idea' thatTwilight is 'too obsessive' - but suspiciously so. They insinuate that Stephenie must have somehow been 'sent this dream' and/or someone manipulated her by some sort of outside spiritual/mystical influence.

Conspiracy theories ABOUND surrounding Twilight - I mean, HOW ELSE could this BAD of a storyline have gotten to be this popular and captured the hearts AND minds of so many women of all ages?

A COUPLE of major literary accidents by an amateur author; topped off by the professional negligence of her publishers and production companies - it's as simple as that, children. ;)

This is YET another 'thing' that neither GOD nor the DEVIL had anything to do with. We Humans are perfectly capable of accidentally creating our own evil. 

For those of you who are HUNG UP on this 'seductive because of evil inspiration' or whatever. I know you're out there - I've talked to you and seen some of your 'Twilight is Evil' websites. You won't find any of them in here - because FOR YOU, your obsession IS your religion.

SO WHAT IF Twilight was somehow manipulated into Stephenie's brain by some sort of EVILNESS lurking in the darkness of her dreams; OR by continuing to torment her LONG AFTER while she was obsessing about finishing this book?

I'm pretty sure Twilight is no different than any other good or evil thing going on in this wide, wonky world - whether you believe any maddening OR heart-warming thing to be spiritually/mystically inspired or not.

does twilight deserve its popularity - absolutely NOT. It might have IF all these Hollywood PR Assaults hadn't built up to such a ridiculous crescendo.

scummit and twilight - Yeah, we all know WHO is to blame for this crap; but for some really strange reason that I have yet to quite figure out, NO TWIHARDS want toput blame where it belongs. Well, you don't have to anymore - those petitions are GONE and the new petitions are for HOLLYWOOD. As far as I can tell - NONE of you have ONE good excuse to NOT sign them!!