Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bill Nye the Science Guy Debates Ken Ham the Creationist on Evolution

*Note: 'Creationist' and 'Christian' are not the same thing. MANY Christians don't believe in creationism (even conservatives ones, sometimes).

Thank you, Bill Nye for going against just about every one of your peers in the Scientific and/or Liberal communities to take on this run-into-the-ground, nonsense-bombed issue AGAIN.

Before the debate, moderator Ken Foreman from CNN asked both men if they expected to change people's minds. Bill Nye said:

"Here is my hope: I will remind Kentucky voters (all voters, I would hope) that this is a serious issue and that it is inappropriate to include creationism as an alternative to ... the body of knowledge and the process called science."

Many liberal & scientific minds around the globe didn't want Bill Nye to take on this debate. The Guardian summed it up like this: "The public debate between Bill Nye and the president of a US creationist museum gives creationism a scientific legitimacy that it isn’t entitled to"

Many other people agree with that view: Bill Nye Lost the Creation Debate - Just by Showing up, Slate Magazine

I'd like to think that most people are glad this debate happened - again. I don't care how many times it happens. As someone who grew up in a conservative Christian home who was coerced into believing in 'creationsm' at a young age - and then discovered the truth, later...

Yeah, silly as it may seem to people... It's like finding out that Santa Clause isn't real. It can be a really shocking and even traumatic revelation to Christian believers that can result in HUGE side-effects of depression to have a cherished belief debunked like that.

However, the thing you need to keep in mind is - just because evolution is a Scientific Reality doesn't mean that God doesn't exist. Many Christians have just been taught misinformation about him.

I go into that more in this article, but bottom line... If the JEWS (then or now) who originally kept The Book of Genesis AND early Christians didn't believe that it was a literal retelling of the creation of the world - why do creationists keep insisting on it when there is so much Scientific evidence against it?

If you are a Christian who believes in creationism... God isn't afraid of questions from true believers. Seek and ye shall find when what you believe doesn't seem to hold water against evidence like that - knock and the door will open. God gave you a brain separate from everyone else's for a reason - so YOU could use it.

In all honesty, ALL religions have been warped, and Christianity is no exception. Don't just seek God for the answers to this question that you may have - he'll reveal every truth you can handle if you're brave enough.

It isn't always necessary to seek out every answer to every spiritual question that you have, however - sometimes the purpose of life is just to LIVE it. :)

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Early Comments on the Paparazzi Reform Petition

I'm starting this out with a couple of comments not on the petition, because they are recent. This first one is an article comment exchange regarding someone's opinion about trying to reform Hollywood's tabloids & paparazzi through a petition:

Catherine, listen Posted at 3:02 PM on April 13, 2014
Cath, you’re petition is a joke. If you were really serious, you would organize an economic boycott of HL and places like that. That’s what Twitter is for, duh. Target the advertisers on this site. That kind of campaign, where it actually hits them in the pocketbook would be much more effective than your lame worthless petition.

My response: What are the ADVERTISERS doing wrong? It is the TABLOIDS & PAPZ who do this in order to get attention FOR them. I’m sure the majority of them aren’t even paying attention. And if the Twilight Fanbase were to start coming down on THEM – THEY would just come back on US and make fun of us (as the WORLD does). Twilight Fans would be the ones who would get HURT the most – again.

THIS is WHY the petition is for ALL celebrities - ALL of them (and their fans) need these changes.
A BOYCOTT attempt is exactly what HL and every other tabloid would LOVE for us to try. (And don’t think I don’t promote that on my blog - every damn ONE of them should be SHUNNED until they can figure out how to insert more INTEGRITY & TRUTH into their INTENTIONALLY-mean ‘rumors’!!!)

The reason why they want that is because a BOYCOTT WILL NEVER WORK!! There are too many people, and too many of them WILL ‘sneak a peak’.

But, a UNIFIED SCREAM in the form of a petition HAS been the start of MANY changes in this wonky world (because no one likes to deal with it. It's just, 'let's SHUT them UP' - ha! But ONLY if it is LOUD and angry enough. Are we there yet, fans? ;)

This comment is not on the petition, it's in the comments below that post - AND it is the most recent one to come through here about this subject, so I thought I'd share:

January 18, 2014 at 6:12 AM

freedom of speech/press. sure you can ask for reform... but its not the media thats the problem, its the public buying into trash thats the problem. the media is a buisness. they sell what is statically proven to sell. if the public begins to boycott offensive trash headlines/articles statistics will change and then thr media will reform. why? because thats where thr next dollar will be. Very little is governed by moral responsibility. its all cash kids (Btw, *I* have already SAID ALL THIS in here, DUH!! Also, prostitution and child trafficking are 'businesses about cash' and we don't allow them to be legal, do we?)
FIRST: I am VERY suspicious of this person because the message that is left is THE SAME ONE Twilighter from the silly "Justice for Kristen" blog kept trying to shove down my throat. *I* honestly think that at least SOME of these 'Robsten fake photos/staged stunt' websites are backed by Hollywood's tabloids. These sites have done MORE HARM than the tabloids, themselves. They know DAMN WELL that we will NEVER be able to succeed in a boycott against them because too many people will 'sneak a peak' - that's probably why they keep pushing it.
SECOND: Hollywood's tabloids & paparazzi CAN REFORM to make their content more responsible by doing things like NAMING THEIR SOURCES (that is NOT a violation of Freedom of Speech to require them to name the source of every damn one of their 'rumors'.)
THIRD: Don't let people like this kill the mission... Remember 'back in the day' when daytime talk shows used to be so nasty and everyone started SCREAMING about it? Those kinds of shows became niches at night and Oprah changed the entire format of her show... Oprah's 'Angel Network' NOR her Book Club might not EXIST if it wasn't for OUR SHRILL SCREAMS.

These early comments on the petitions are starting to get buried, and I thought they might be helpful. Not everyone leaves a comment, so I will try to keep them updated in here. But, these are from the beginning until January 2014. (Btw, there is only one petition now - but you can sign it via Twitter or Email, your choice.)


We just want them to be treated like Humans, please...

stop picking on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!!

I'm not up for creating any new laws, and this never works - but it would be ideal if you would all regulate yourselves and start treating celebs better.

I agree with Larry. Self regulate and clean up your industry. Its not the sort of thing people should be dying over. Really.

These changes are definitely needed. It isn't even fun watching gossip programming anymore. It's just frustrating.

Stop paparazzi/tabloid abuse. Join the fight to reform the paparazzi/tabloid press. It's our business how far we let them go.

Paparazzi: You killed Princess Diana with your car chasing; how many more people will you kill with you GREED? Gossip Mags - there are no words for them. They're lying, insinuating rumor mongers who defame & maim people with their rumors started just so their headline will draw buyers of their trash. Seriously, you all are damaging a LOT more than celebrities with your trashy articles for "unknown sources" and "friends". You seem to enjoy, especially, writing about women celebs/stars in such a cruel way, that I wonder often "Who's going to commit suicide next?" Mindy McCready, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole, Britney Spears, Princess Diana, I could go on with how many have attempted suicide over the years. Your bullying, character defaming articles served as part of the catalysts to drive these women to that choice. Take responsibility in your actions, or one day, your rags will be out of business! I hope you're sued repeatedly for your printed words until you're bankrupt! if you choose not to REFORM.

As a mother and wife, I am outraged by the treatment of the media, the actress Kristen Stewart. I think it is a total violation several basic human rights.

Celebrities should be able to live their lives without being constantly harassed and stalked.

to end harrassment and to protect celebs physically it is necessary to end this horrible way they treat celebs now.

The paps treatment of celebrities is just so wrong. especially what they have done to Kristen. What if this was you? What if it was your child, brother sister etc... would it be ok for paps to do this to them? No, it's not ok!!! This behavior should be outlawed!!! Take pics of red carpet events, premiers etc... but leave their private lives private!!!

I hope this helps in your endeavor to stop all of this inhumane harassment.

please stop hurting our celebrities whoever they ...

Please tell the truth in articles and stay at least 15 feet away from celebrities when photographing them and don't yell out rude comments or ANY comments to get a rise out of them. Just take your pics and move on and quit trying to insight a riot all the time.

Harassing comments on blogs seem like libel to me and I don't understand why they are not challenged under the law.

You KNOW we're going to need VOLUMES
of voices from all kinds of fandoms to pull this off.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Email Exchange with a Concerned Robsten Twilight Fan

Actual Post Date: 12/25/13

Email Exchange with a Twilight Fan - August 16th, 2013:

Hello Catherine,

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I appreciate what you are trying to do. Even though I like the story of Twilight and the movie, I have never been obsessed. I was a fan of Kristen's before the huge Twilight movies came out and even though the movie looked interesting in the preview I went to see it because I respected her as an actress. I don't think a movie has touched me in quite the same way as her movie Speak did. I couldn't believe that she had done it at the ripe old age of 13! Such talent at such a young age. And even though I only knew Rob from the Twilight movies, I still thought he bore the pressure of instantaneous fame very well. I really did like Water for Elephants just because I thought it was a good movie with a good storyline.

If you haven't noticed from my email I am an aspiring author, trying to get my book sold to publishers. I didn't realize how hard it was to break into the publishing industry. And even though Stephenie Meyer's books had a good plot and storyline I was more than a little surprised that she was in English or an English teacher or something. Just because there were so many mistakes, so many passive verbs and so on and so forth. I am sure you get what I mean. I can respect the story, because to me it was a story, but to some, as you have pointed out, it has become an obsession. Also I heard that she may have not ever gotten published if it wasn't for an assistant mistakenly sending her manuscript into the agent even though her MS didn't match their guidelines for submission. This kind of business is about luck most of the time.

Now to get to the point of why I emailed. I was glad to hear that Robert and Kristen may be a couple way back when the rumors started because they seem like such down to earth people, someone that you could be friends with and that would be easy going. I had actually been waiting to hear that they announced they were together but never did. And when I saw how violent some fans got, how they attacked each other over the whole thing, I just had to shake my head. I mean really, who cares? I don't know why people don't ask them if they would still obsess over a couple from high school like that. These two actors are still people and should be treated as such.

I didn't completely believe the whole Rupert scandal. From the pictures it looked to me like Kristen was overly uncomfortable and not very happy with the whole situation. I didn't really believe what the gossip rags said, but instead drew the conclusion you did. That Rupert was an overly friendly boss. I have had that happen to me before at work with a boss and even though I never ever did anything with my boss (He was older, a lot older and I was so not attracted) it still puts you in an awkward position. When you are confronted with it, you  don't know how to react and you instinctively do the first thing that comes to mind. I think that may have been what happened. And could explain why they got back together so fast after it happened. I am sure Robert would understand an overly friendly boss more than he would understand that she went there and tried to have sex with her married director.

I don't know what will happen to the two of them. Although some would say they would want to be in their shoes, they really don't understand never having privacy, having your every move dissected. I don't personally but I can imagine. I check in every once in a while to see if they are together or if they have any new movies coming out I may want to see, but I hope they work out everything to suit themselves no matter what the fans think. I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to the young fans and older fans out there that may have become obsessed with this whole scandal. But since paparazzi have been around since movies became popular I don't see Hollywood changing much. They didn't change when Princess Di died because of them and if anything they have just gotten worse.

I don't know that Stephenie has intentionally fueled the fire. As a writer I understand the need to write, to constantly have something in you pushing you to record a story. And all writers want their work to be successful. I just think there is different sides to every story. Keep reaching out to fans who are struggling. I think that being there for them to vent may be just what they need and if you save someone then that is good, right?



Catherine Aug 17 (

Hi Krista,

Thanks so much for the support. Those 'sad' emails really are quite heartbreaking, sometimes.

Just fyi - while I did have issues with Stephenie's writing before the cheating scandal happened - I ALSO could see the pretty story she wrote and why everyone was so in love with it; and I WAS 'brushing it off' like everyone else was.

It wasn't until these robsten scandals become so extended and so many peeps got so mean that I have punched this aspect of things, up. At the moment, I'm simply using it to get people's attention - although I may (and probably will) write more about this subject if we can't get Hollywood under control.

As far as Stephenie Meyer goes, I just think she could have said something to fans at some point throughout all of this (and yes, I did suggest it to her NICELY through her website guard dog brother, Seth, shortly after this 'cheating' scandal started)... You know, to help relieve some pressure since it was hard for either Kristen or Robert to do that. She could have been a little more caring about them in this situation. I mean, we all knew/know what was happening to these fans.

But, rest assured - I AM as capable of appreciating the creative process of both writing these books and getting them published - no matter how 'lucky' she got. ;)

Thanks again for the support. It is MUCH appreciated. :)


Aug 18

Hello again, Catherine,

I appreciate you explaining and hope that you do make your goal on changing Hollywood. It is crazy how they follow these poor people around and ruin their lives. And people wonder why Kristen gets so mean about it all. Wouldn't they?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Twilight Mom Comment About Kristen's 'Cheating' Photo that Showed Her Carrying Papers - that is NOW MYSTERIOUSLY GONE

This was a comment left on my blog in early March, 2013. I'm originally posting this on 1/9/14 because I am SO TIRED of being accused of imaging things. Kristen went to meet Rupert for a DIFFERENT REASONS and HE pushed it into something more - something he had a reputation for doing, which is WHY Liberty finally divorced his sorry *ss.

This is what you call a MOMENTARY INDISCRETION and it is a pretty good reason to reunite with someone so soon after it happened. Do you think that YOUR hot Hollywood romance would have been able to withstand the heavy pressure of the papz & tabloids all this time? Is it any wonder WHY Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson might be 'taking a break' from each other? 

Have you also seen this photo that could PROVE Kristen's innocence for alot of TwiLadies? Please show everyone by voting in the poll in this robsten cheating scandal article that DEFENDS both her and Robert if you have.

FYI - there has been two more people who have voted yes in the poll. That makes FOUR of us.
The image was similar to this, but Kristen was carrying
papers - and I think there might have been a couple of them.

I'm kind of new to the "Twilight fandom" (would say more of the Rob and Kristen fandom) - and I'm a mom in my 40's! A few thoughts, though . . .

Regarding the 'affair' - something about that whole thing (pictures included!) just struck me as being "off." The more I see/hear about it, and the more I hear interviews from both of them from just prior to the incident, it feels like Sanders was really obsessed with Kristen - to a level that she didn't appear to comprehend. I seem to remember hearing her talk about how she was interested in writing at least a part of a screenplay, and that how she might have a chance to do so with the SWATH sequel. Especially given that the "original" set of pics had her showing up to meet him with a stack of papers in her hand (YES, *I* remember seeing this image - does anyone else? Isn't it WEIRD that it's gone now?) it makes sense that he could have used that as a reason to meet with her. If she was feeling uneasy about meeting with him, though, SHE may have wanted to meet in at least a semi-public place, rather than in a conference room somewhere (haven't we as women ALL used that tactic: meet with someone in public to discourage anything untoward going on?). It would afford her some protection any physical advances (I really don't think she saw it coming), yet not (necessarily) publicize her meeting with him (at least, that looks like what she was TRYING to do!) She really appears to be trying to get away from him in most of those pictures - maybe he was finally able to pressure her into a kiss, but she looks very nervous and uneasy about the whole thing. If that was the case, then the pictures could have been a blessing in (deep!) disguise for her - it was enough to get him to leave her alone. It also explains how she and Rob were able to get back together so quickly - that she really didn't have any intention of getting involved with Sanders in the first place...

Posted by TM to Misfit Chick - The "Cool", Crazy Aunt Out in Internetland at March 5, 2013 at 3:07 PM

If anyone else agrees with this and you can see how that papz & rags have been so damn mean to absolutely EVERYONE surrounding this issue, PLEASE Sign the Petition for Hollywood to Initiate it's OWN REFORMS. It's a good idea, it does not require any changes in our laws nor does it mess with 'Freedom of Speech'... Just give it a chance, that all I ask. :)