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How Intentionally Harmful is the Tabloid, Hollywood Life, to Twilight's Various Fanbases?

Robert Pattinson's Rover Smear was
Intentionally Career-Hindering
not Entertaining.
Ever Re-Unite?
This is up here just for
heartbroken fans.

Yes, this starts out MEAN and LONG because the original post had to be updated a couple of times due to HATERS - but, it was my responding to haters that made me realize the NEW current smear campaign going on. If you stick it out, you might be surprised what comes out of this. I've marked for you where the lightbulb came on.

This is really funny... I didn't realize what was going on with Robert Pattinson's Rover Smear UNTIL Hollywood Life cut me off in their comments at the beginning of it; and I didn't realize that there was a BRAND NEW smear happening UNTIL they cut me off this time again.

Thank you Hollywood Life!!!

Now, If I could JUST get fans to CARE about it... LoL!

Okay, this post has been up for less than an hour and I've already received three hate emails. It never ceases to amaze me what cowards some 'fans' are. You're so willing to bombard the boards with your hate - but you can't express it in a blog's comments? Thanks for taking the time to FIND my email and send me such hateful BULLSH*T!!!

These collected articles and comments (below) were just the tip of the iceberg. I'm SO SICK of being accused of 'hating on fans'. It just goes to show you how much you do NOT pay attention.

So I guess I'll get started on my bombardment campaign against Stephenie Meyer and EL James' upcoming bs.

Cya's all laters.

TA! ;)

I'm adding this up here after the fact, because believe it or not - I'm still getting emails from (mostly) haters, but also a couple normal-sounding fans, now. (But now it's the day after and emails have almost ceased - from this post, anyway. Thank you.)

I know, it's kind of funny... It's almost like you all decided that you need to shut up because I figured something out while ranting at you, LoL! Do you have any idea how incredibly frustrating the majority of you fangirlz are to me? It's Okay, all I can do is giggle about it, now. :)

I've heard this FOUR times in the past two hours... What do you mean by 'Twilight's various fanbases'? Many 'robsessed' fans, especially - do not consider themselves to be a part of The Twilight Fansbase AT ALL. For instance, did you KNOW that many of these girls - both young and older - are ANTI-Twilight fans AND it is where the majority of Kristen-haters come from?

There is no other movie that Robert Pattinson has done that would have caused all this hate. I mean, SURE the boy is BEAUTIFUL - but he's not that obsessively captivating in his own right. Certainly not more than Travis Fimmel or Leo DiCaprio. (Don't take this the wrong way, *I* love Robert Pattinson's acting (I have nothing but glowing reviews for ALL the Twilight actors & actresses in this post); but he's not quite perfect at it, yet. This is my movie review of Cosmopolis - NINE out of Ten Stars!! IF you want to see what a NON-robsessed semi-normal fan of Rob's has to say about his acting.)

Do NOT tell me that I am not a fan of Robert's or Kristen's OR their REAL fans who are spread out among ALL - Twilight - Robsessed - Robsten - Krisbian fanbases!!

And btw, robsessed fans... If you LOVE Robert so much; WHY do you continue to celebrate all the massive paparazzi image captures of him that you KNOW he despises? Some fans you are...

LB Posted at 12:04 AM on December 24, 2014  
@Holidays He is doing no such thing–never, not once. He has said not one word about his relationship, nor has he ever posed for paparazzi pictures. It’s not the man’s fault if his picture gets taken when he’s out in public. His picture is ALWAYS taken, either by fans or paparazzi. His only way to avoid that would be to hide inside 24 hours a day, and no one should have to do that.

I also included some suggestions at the end JUST in case the tabloids need something VALID to talk about Kristen Stewart in the same article as Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs these days. Yeah, it COULD be done without stirring up HATE!!! Here's one:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart,
Who Have Remained Friends
Since Breaking Up in May 2013 - Attend Hollywood Film Awards;
While Once Again, Putting on a United Front to Avoid Each Other
in order to Eliminate Paparazzi Money-Making Images of them
together and Keep Tabloid Speculation about them to a Minimum


Honestly, if they had put on a show for the papz & tabloids; fans probably wouldn't be seeing all these ridiculous rumor-lies going on now. It's like Robert's Rover Smear...

If they won't cooperate to help make paparazzi & tabloids money; then they will find their own career-hindering ways to make money off of them and 'teach them a lesson'. Tabloids have to find a way to make money off of them WHEN their names ‘naturally’ come up in the news – like awards shows or FKA Twigs being in the picture, now. But, Robert was being an *ss to the paparazzi toward the beginning of Twigs’ tour; so they probably decided to photo-bomb his relationship like the jerks they are – ALONG with telling all these dumb stories to go along with them. And aren’t they extra good at it…

Kristen p*ssed them off at the HFA, too; and they get to EASILY drag her through the mud again while dragging Tahliah through it with her. BRILLIANT!! I mean, does anyone here REALLY believe that Kristen Stewart told anyone 'out loud' at a party that FKA Twigs was 'FUGLY'?! WHO is trying to convince us of that bs and WHY would they do it?!!

This would be the FIFTH major tabloid smear (at least, with smaller ones in between that sort of connect them all) campaign against one or the other of them since the 'cheating' scandal - which IS pretty much collectively-debunked by clear-thinking fans below.

#1 Twisting the 'Cheating' Scandal - they were both hated by the tabloids and paparazzi to begin with because they have never willingly contributed to their 'livelihoods' outside of The Twilight Saga. PLUS, those damn kids refused to WALK DOWN THE RED CARPET together and/or pose together at Cannes at EITHER of their movie premieres mere weeks before the 'cheating' scandal happened. The papz & rags have ALWAYS been poor sports about not getting the money-making images they want out of them.
#2 Jan. 2013 'Trial Separation' Lies - Kristen STILL refused to walk up that damn red carpet with Robert so the papz could get some good Hollywood 'couple' pics of them together all decked out at the Golden Globes
#3 Oct 2013 - Feb. 2014 'Reuniting' Lies - After neither of them attended a couple papz-promotional red-carpet events that they usually did. They even won an award at one of them; SHAME on them for not showing up!
#4 Robert's Rover Smear after he p*ssed them off at Cannes.
#5 Now this one after they attended the Hollywood Film Awards and didn’t put on a show for them. (Remember Ian & Nina's after-breakup kiss at one of the awards shows last year? Awww... If only Rob & Kris would have been so generous.)

Is anyone else starting to notice a pattern?!!

I'll start this off with a few 'sensible' comments. Perhaps these will make this easier for you to read:

@ JUju Posted at 3:27 AM on December 25, 2014
Obviously, no-one is blabbing. HWLife just has to come up with a new story or two every day, so they make stuff up. We know it. They know we know it. It’s just a game to keep us commenting.

@ Jainj. Posted at 3:31 AM on December 26, 2014  
Have sex? Are you kidding? They had one kiss, as the beginning of the afternoon, and then never another . According to the paps, they spent most of the afternoon driving around talking, and about seven minutes standing on the sidewalk on a busy residential street in the Hollyiwood hills, with Rupert’s arms around Kristen. She didn’t even hug him back. She kept her face turned away the whole time so he couldn’t kiss her again. That was IT! Have sex, my foot!. The tabs called it cheating, they called it an affair, they called it infidelity, to snooker you into thinking that little episode was the sex scandal of the century and get you to buy magazines and give them hits. And like  an idiot, you did.

Oh yeah, all tabloids do this stuff... Maybe you're someone who believes that these articles (listed below) were actually meant to bring GOOD CHEER to fans for Christmas.

Actually, I'm pretty happy with how this post turned out. With the comments collected at the end, FANS themselves, do a really good job of debunking just about every dumb conspiracy theory that anyone - even the tabloids - have come up with, ha! So, you don't have to believe ME anymore. :)

Why are all these tabloid rumor-lies wrong? Because it’s been over two and a half YEARS and the tabloids are still attacking Kristen Stewart, especially. Honestly, EVEN IF she had ACTUALLY had a REAL, extended affair with Rupert Sanders – these assaults should have STOPPED a long damn time ago. Fans have been dealing with them for LONGER than Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s REAL and MULTIPLE adulterous offenses COMBINED.

Kristen didn’t deserve all the hate back then – and neither does Robert (nor Twigs) deserve the combined HATE of fans, now. The tabloids have NO RIGHT to continue harassing these two professional actors and their fans like they do.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press were meant to provide transparency in order to PROTECT the TRUTH about absolutely everything – not LIE to people (especially YOUNG fans) in order to LOWER their quality of life for ILLEGAL profits.

Not ONE of you has a good reason
to not kiss and make up

 for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or

BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK

Before any of you read any further... I respectfully request that fans start blaming the tabloids & paparazzi for their hate-stirring bs; because I really do NOT want to take this message out into Stephenie Meyer's or EL James' brilliant futures. If you don't know what I mean by that, just check out my other blog about The Twilight Saga.

INTENTIONALLY-damaging articles posted on Hollywood Life JUST in December:

Robert Pattinson's Family Loves FKA Twigs More Than Kristen Stewart
Not only is Robert Pattinson having the best sex of his life with FKA twigs, but his family also loves her more than Kristen Stewart!

Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Punishing Her With FKA Twigs ...
Is Kristen being punished for cheating on Rob with Rupert Sanders in 2012? ... Is Robert Pattinson, 28, using FKA twigs, 26, to get to his ex?

Kristen Stewart V. FKA Twigs: Rob's Ladies Face Off In 'Vogue'
Robert Pattinson sure knows how to pick 'em! Although on the surface Kristen Stewart, 24, and FKA Twigs, 26, don't seem to have much in ...

Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs: He's Having The Best Sex Of His Life
Dec 19, 2014 ... Kristen Stewart doesn't think that Robert Pattinson will be able to hold FKA twigs' attention for too much longer, but he's sure having fun while it ...

Kristen Stewart Thinks FKA Twigs Will 'Grow Tired' Of Robert Pattinson
Dec 12, 2014 ... Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs may appear to be over the moon for each other, but Kristen Stewart is convinced that Rob, 28, and FKA twigs, ...

Kristen Stewart Disses Robert Pattinson's Love FKA Twigs: 'She's
Dec 12, 2014 ... Robert Pattinson's new romance with FKA twigs is bringing out the worst in Kristen Stewart! K-Stew just can't understand what her ex sees in ...

Kristen Stewart: Her Big Move To Avoid Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs
Dec 10, 2014 ... Now that Robert Pattinson has bought a new house close to where Kristen Stewart lives, the actress is making sure she doesn't subject herself ...

Kristen Stewart: Why She Thinks FKA Twigs Is Using Robert Pattinson
Dec 2, 2014 ... We're not surprised that Kristen still has feelings for Rob. We know she still misses ... Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Relationship FKA twigs.

Robert Pattinson: Why Kristen Stewart Isn't Sexy To Him Anymore
Dec 1, 2014 ... It's no secret that Rob is totally crazy about FKA twigs, but apparently K-Stew isn't even sexy to him anymore! can tell you ...


JOYCE Posted at 3:14 PM on December 23, 2014
Kristen will find her man, because she is a beautiful woman. She gave Robert Pattinson every thing he have. She gave him the opportunity to show his talent. when he was down and broke .But he have not come out and told the truth about Kristen cheating on him with a married man. It was a lie, and Robert knows that. am waiting for Robert to stand up and be a man . and tell his part in this lie. It will be Robert doing in ending his career.

Neither Robert NOR Kristen have anything to come clean about – she referred to the situation as a ‘momentary indiscretion’ when it happened; and he reunited with her SOON afterwards because thats ALL it was.
Kristen apologized to absolutely everyone TWICE – the first time was in her original public apology when she added the words, “and everyone this has affected”. NO ONE manipulated Robert into going back to her. He went back because HE was as MUCH as in LOVE with her as she was with HIM; and they were BOTH in PAIN.
Everything that has happened to them has been perfectly normal – with the exception of the tabloids twisting the story so misogynistically to have made so many more obsessed fans SICKER than they already were.

They split for REAL mid-May 2013 after the tabloids & paparazzi continued to hound them incessantly throughout the next year – remember the ‘trial separation’ smear and ‘Valetgate’?

THAT is why they split (and the Katy Perry LIES were probably the last straw - you'll see more about that, below). And until fans start realizing this and STOP trying to blame them both for things they NEVER DID – you’ll always hate them and each other.

sherry Posted at 8:42 PM on December 23, 2014  
@carina–yes Kristen was the strong one. She mothered him and looked after him while he did nothing to protect her from the cruelness that was shown by everyone. He was a user.

bs Posted at 9:51 PM on December 23, 2014  
@Carina, what do you call going back to her cheating a$$ and facing the music of her mistake while she hid out? I don’t think another man would have done that, so stop with the Rob didn’t do anything to protect her. Did she need protecting? I thought all of you say she is a strong woman.

GrewUpWithTwigs Posted at 8:33 PM on December 23, 2014  (Really HL? These kinds of comments are Okay? It sure looks like libel to me...)
Tahliah is MOFO! She is using him for publicity, his money and getting laid! She admits even her dad did not want her! She was a b*tch growing up and continues to be one to this day! Robert Pattinson will have nothing but regret and an STD if he stays with the wh*re! (She is bisexual and has broken up more than one marriage by sleeping with people. He really should be careful who he chooses to f*ck!)

Tracy123 Posted at 6:39 PM on December 23, 2014  
The only one being punished is Rob himself by letting Kristen slip away she “was” and will always be the best thing in his life!!! I think Rob is lost without Kristen he’s trying to make twigs her replacement But it’s like a puzzle and twigs just doesn’t fit .

anonymosme Posted at 7:34 PM on December 26, 2014  (I bet I know who this is... Are you by any chance from Down Under? This lady has been in on the scandal along with many others of us since the beginning - and yeah, many of us are BEYOND irritated with the hate for whatever reason. ;)
OK, all of you KSTEW haters!!!!!!! your all a bunch of back-biting hipocrites!!!!! yeah you are. KSTEW was good enough when she was with Rob, now that their apart and he’s seeing twit, you have NOTHING nice to say about ks!!!!!!!! she WAS the one that got him the twilight part. she is a talented actress, a gorgeous model, and she IS extremely smart, the whole package, I do not believe she would have interest in Rupert had Rob not given her a reason to. and Yes she took very good care of Rob. He should kiss the ground she walks on!!!!!! twit needs to find herself another married man to support her, at the rate SHES going with Rob, he’ll be broke!!!!! I still have hope that Robsten will reunite.

Holidays :) Posted at 11:52 PM on December 23, 2014  
I think we shall see the happily married couple in a few years selling Twigs septum rings and Robs signed Twilight posters on QVC…….He is everything he said he was not. Mugging for the cameras selling his soul to the tabs.

LB Posted at 12:04 AM on December 24, 2014  
@Holidays He is doing no such thing–never, not once. He has said not one word about his relationship, nor has he ever posed for paparazzi pictures. It’s not the man’s fault if his picture gets taken when he’s out in public. His picture is ALWAYS taken, either by fans or paparazzi. His only way to avoid that would be to hide inside 24 hours a day, and no one should have to do that.

Guest Posted at 7:37 AM on December 24, 2014  (Really, 'Guest'... You think Robert should curb his enthusiasm for his new gf (and curtail his movements) just because people like YOU can't stay away from their garbage?)
He could avoid many of his pap pics. He can arrive at a different door than she or leave separately. The ones where they paps follow them, yes, there’s nothing he can do about those but the others he can and hasn’t tried to avoid. He can also cut down on the public PDA. People are merely pointing out that he says one thing and does another. From his own lips he’s trying to avoid being photographed by paps at all costs. Not so. And now he’s going to live down the street from T-shift and across from Beyonce. Heck, they’ll be a pap stationed on the street corner now! Taylor is photographed a lot as is Beyonce in NYC.

@Loui Posted at 7:08 PM on December 24, 2014  
And Rupert left his wife but still didn’t stay with Kristen. That means she worse than Tahlia and sienna both combined in bed. Tahlia had a relationship with a man who cheated on his wife so did Kristen , but Kristen cheated on Rob. How many times must we say this to you Loui so your thick skull could finally absorb it?

keri Posted at 7:51 AM on December 24, 2014  (Many of you are still mad at HL for publishing this crap; but you still have your tabloid-manipulated opinions of Robert and FKA Twigs, don't you? Just because you saw ONE photo of her at a party with her arms crossed and not smiling - along with invasive, massive paparazzi image captures of them.)

exactiy .. how in the world would hl know if rob is having the best sex of his life, how would they know if his family likes her. Its not like they are talking to the tabs. Get a life HL… Twigs is using rob to make a name for herself, and the poor smuck is falling for her hook line and sinking his career. I hope Rob wakes up and sees her the vampid troll she is. If its true that she ruined a marriage then why is she like perfect? and Kristen’s little blimp of indescretion was a travesty, *if it was what it was really. I hope in the new year that HL gets a real source. and I hope Rob wakes up and finds his way back to himself.

Huh! Posted at 11:01 PM on December 23, 2014  
Nose ring disappeared, lol. British Kardashian.
I do not know when he became such a jerk Pattinson to sell your personal life. He is really user and he has first place in lying. He is the king of liars.
He and his gf are tabloid grub and they actually love to papzz photos, fan photos, such pose for tabloids is their life now.

Laura Kovacs NJ/NYC Posted at 10:58 PM on December 23, 2014  
Hey Rob where’s your nose ring ? You really dive bombed your career now. No longer a fan of yours. All I can say is that where will you be in about ten years when Kristen Stewart is up at the podium at the Oscars? Accepting an award for a role and thanking her husband, her family and saying goodnight to her children who are at home watching the broadcast. She is a brilliant, talented actress that you could obviously not handle her strength, determination, and power. Another example of a typical man who needs to be stroked and cant handle a strong women. You go girl !(Kristen) and press on. Don’t look back and grow from this. Hold your held up and don’t be sad. You will find the right gentleman who can except and be a partner to your power ! You go girl ! You are sooooooooooooooo much better without him! Don’t let anyone get you down ! As the youngest of five girls, been there, done that, and at the age of 50 I have learned so much and I still have more to go! Consider this a virtual hug. Take care -be well and keep your head up doll!

Catherine Posted at 2:56 AM on December 24, 2014  (This is me replying to the comment above - NOTICE the comment reply to mine. Thanks for leaving sh*t like THIS UP, HL!!!)

I can’t imagine Robert is going to miss any of you cruel, know-it-all ‘fans’ at all. GO and don’t come back – don’t watch his movies, don’t look up what he’s up to or who he’s dating. Just go.

Loui Posted at 10:17 AM on December 24, 2014  
@Catherine, Why don’t you follow your own advice you miserable b@tch!

Yeah, people hate me because I hate all the HATE that the tabloids intentionally stir up - go figure. I'm just now reading some of these comments, and THIS is LOUI again - you'll see LOTS of very special comments from this person below; and NONE of them nearly as sweet as this one!! Some 'Christian' you are, Loui. No doubt, you're not planning on getting into Heaven, LoL!!

Loui Posted at 3:29 PM on December 24, 2014  
@Caroline,my Dear Friend, I missed you so much, I am so happy to hear from you, how was your first year at Uni, I prayed for you for outstanding grades and success. I was lucky to make a very kind friend @Carina after you lost Internet connection, but hope you will be on board for December Holiday’s, I wish for you so much happiness and only Joy for Christmas, and so much success and only the best for 2015 you deserve the best my Dear Friend, Hugs and Tons of Love to you!

Get a life! Posted at 6:13 PM on December 24, 2014  
Damn @Loui, how many loved filled messages are you gonna send to @caroline?
Call her on the phone why don’t you? Oh I get it, she is just your HWL friend like @MITPUK1.
No REAL! friends then? Damn that’s sad. Damn girl get out and make some real friends.
You are so wrapped up in the internet that you probably forgot to actually live.
Go make real friends. It’s a good thing.

Venus Posted at 8:03 AM on December 26, 2014  
According to my reliable sources, FKA twigs was bragging to her inner circle that” I’m famous in U.S. & I have to suck it up although Rob is like a pop jello in bed “& she misses her bad boy exes.!

@Venus Posted at 11:02 AM on December 27, 2014  
Were your sources in that minicooper with Rupert Sanders and kristen,because they sound like dysfuctional armpit licking @$$holes!!! And so do you…

Hilary Posted at 4:57 AM on December 26, 2014  
I am not surprised that they like piglet better – they probably feel sorry for the fugly thing!

Aloha Posted at 6:08 PM on December 25, 2014  
Twigs never cheated on Rob. Kristen DID. Good Rob left her.

Margaret in the pink UK /// one Posted at 8:16 AM on December 27, 2014  
Nor did Kristen from early 2009 to mid 2012 and there was no affair even Liberty said that
When Twiglets been with Rob 3 and a half years then you silly child u can make that statement

@Mitpuk Posted at 11:08 AM on December 27, 2014  
it was an affair.thats why the relationship stumbled into nothingness! You should be ashamed Margaret for saying kristen did not cheat from 2009 to 2012 what the hell are you saying here? Even if she cheated one night she still cheated , even if she kissed rupert and what everelse and realised two hours later that she made a mistake then she had a short affair BUT an affair NONETHA LESS!Grow up

Joyce Posted at 5:10 AM on December 27, 2014  
@annonymose. Kristen Stewart did not have affair with Rupert Sanders. The whold was a hoax. Look at the video ==LIBERTY DID IT AN INSIDER TOLD. And ask Search= = IS KRISTEN STEWART CHEATING PHITOS FAKE. . It was done to help Robert ans Liberty Ross. Read all about it when you ask Google

FYI - AGAIN. Kristen did NOT CHEAT with Rupert Sanders... Read all about those details here: This is what was wrong with the 'scandal' from the beginning; the papz AND tabloids KNEW what it was, but that wouldn't be NEARLY as big of a money-maker. So they INTENTIONALLY TWISTED those images (not Robert or Liberty or Rupert) and the story to make it appear that she had actually been cheating instead of fending off her predatory boss. Rupert practically forced that kiss on her while she was trying to fend him off without losing her job. It is a NORMAL situation that all kinds of girls and women find themselves in EVERY DAY; and the way the tabloids have spun things SO MANY TIMES is NOT legal NOR right; NOR is it 'entertaining'.

bluemoon Posted at 11:30 AM on December 26, 2014  
Rob does not love women, he is bi, all the people he as dated were either gay, o bi,
Kristen was business partner.

@@ bluemoon Posted at 2:23 AM on December 27, 2014  This comment actually started out good; but you all have to BLAME SOMEONE instead of the actual people you need to be blaming.
Kirsten was not his business partner. She really loved him. She loved him enough to abandon her dignity and privacy and throw herself at his feet immediately after the pics came out. She said he was the most important thing in her life– the person she admired and respected the most. She declared her love for him o the whole world. Of course, that was before she found out that he’d been cheating on her all along.

@ @ louie Posted at 3:52 AM on December 26, 2014  
Rupert never had a chance to find out how Kristen was in bed. All he ever got from her was a kiss. Liberty herself said she belives it never went anay farther than that.
Rob, on the other hand, lived with Kristen for four years. He had several affairs during that time, but he kept coming back to her. She didn’t know he was cheating, until the Katy Perry affair, when it was so obvious she could no longer ignore it,and she kicked him out. Yoo saw it happen–the truck ride with trash bags.

@ Jaln Posted at 4:00 AM on December 25, 2014 (Gosh, you ALMOST have the whole story right, LoL!) Jaln, I am a Kristen fan. I am not only an English speaker, I was an English major. My writing has won awards and has been published as editorial pieces in several large newspapers.
It’s you who are misinformed. Kristen did not cheat. That would have require sex, which did not happen. All she did was kiss the guy once and allow him to put his arms around for a few minutes, standing up, outdoors, on a busy residential street. Rob only left her for about ten days afterward. Then they reunited and lived together for the better part of a year.
The momentary indiscretion occurred on July 17. They reunited in August, and lived together until May 19th of the next year when SHE THREW HIM OUT for cheating with Katy Perry. You saw it–the truck ride with trash bags. He came to her house directly from spending the night with Katy, and it was to Katy’s house he returned with his trash bags–and he stayed there for about two months.
I know that there are SO many fans who blame Katy Perry for Kristen & Robert’s breakup because that was one of the many rumor-lies at the time. But the only thing Katy probably did to irritate the situation was HELP Robert IGNORE Kristen's pleas to STOP hanging around with her ENTIRE CAMP WITHOUT HER so that the tabloids would stop with that specific LIE. He wasn't going out on dates with 'just Katy'. Robert has been friends with Katy Perry since 2008 (what DOES Katy have to say about her relationship with Robert?) shortly after he arrived in Hollywood. It was a perfectly NORMAL thing for Robert to be doing.

Hollywood's TABLOIDS & PAPARAZZI are the most likely reason for Rob & Kris to have split up; NOT because she 'cheated' on him. Am I mad at Robert for probably giving up before Kristen did? How can any of us be with all the HATE that has ALWAYS swarmed around them both? Kristen was probably the one keeping his interest in focus for so long before she finally gave up, too. They BOTH deserve a HUGE break from their fans who supposedly love them.

guest Posted at 3:23 AM on December 24, 2014  (Yes, the tabloids had your panties all up in knots during that time, didn't they 'guest'? And you were one of the many fools believing it - THAT is why Kristen got mad at him for hanging out with Katy too much. Because of the tabloids saying stuff that people like YOU will believe.)
Well then it’s certainly a co-incidence that he was photographed leaving Kristen’s house the morning of May 19th, with all his stuff packed in trash bags half an hour after he arrived directly from spending the night with Katy Perry–immediately after spending the weekend with her in Las Vegas (there are pics) and after spending the week squiring her around New York. (He didn’t even bother to move from Katy’s hotel to Kristen’s hotel when Kristen arrived for the Met Ball).
It was Kristen who threw him out, it was he who had an affair, not Kristen, and it was she who lost trust. And this was not the first affair he had had during their relationship, but one of a string of infidelities–real cheating, not just a kiss.

IF Robert didn't bother to leave Katy Perry's hotel in NY - that probably meant that Rob & Kris broke up WHILE they were in New York!! It does not mean that Robert was sleeping with Katy - they were SURROUNDED by their friends like they always WERE.

And, EVEN IF Robert spent the night at Katy's place, she has a BIG HOUSE with more than one bedroom. Again, Rob & Kris had probably already broken up by that time and didn't WANT to spend anymore nights together. Katy was being a good friend to Robert; but NOT being a good friend by encouraging his antics with her (especially since she is a celebrity, herself). However, I'm sure her heart was in the right place. She was no-doubt trying to help him escape the crap.

Unfortunately, Rob & Kris would probably have ended up splitting eventually, anyway - with the way the tabloids & papz NEVER stop. Very FEW couples could have survived the gossip-bombardment on their relationship.

Ulfur Posted at 7:28 PM on December 23, 2014  
Sheesh… Kristen and Rob were a showmance. They didn’t even have to act like a couple. Summit PR and obsessed fangirls took care of that and kept the fauxmance alive. “Becoming a couple” at the start of a multi-billion dollar franchise and then “breaking up” one month after it ending, should make this obvious for anyone with half a brain. If Rob and Twigs are happy, good for them. Kristen also seems happy, living with her lesbian “BFF” for over a year.

Guest Posted at 3:11 AM on December 24, 2014  
They didn’t become a couple at the start of the franchise, and it wasn’t a billion dollar franchise when they were making the first movie, it was an indie–a little indie, or so everyone thought. They still weren’t a couple in Italy while they were making New Moon. There’s a video of Ashley Green happily babbling, “In Italy, Kristen and I and Dakota all dated Rob. Rob really has lips.”
It wasn’t until June, 2,009, a year after the first twilight film wrapped, that Kristen and Michael split up. Soon thereafter, Rob and Kristen moved into their suite at the top of the “Couve”. She had resisted him and tried to stay with her long-time beau for more than a year. Filming wrapped on BD 1 and 2 in April 2,011. Part two came out in November 2012. Robert was photographed moving his stuff out of Kristen’s house May 19, 2013. So their getting together and their splitting up didn’t correspond to the beginning and end of Twilight at all.

JOYCE Posted at 6:18 AM on December 25, 2014  (Just read the article link left in the next comment, Joyce. We know Rob 'had a crush' on Kristen - that doesn't mean they had a romance going until later. Rob confirmed their relationship in 2011; and Kristen confirmed it in 2012.)

@guest you do not know what you are talking about , Robert told the world in 2008 that he had a crush before he met her , When he saw her in the movie INTO THE WILD, Go to youtube to the behind the scene videos 2007 to 2008 And stop telling lies on Robert. You can not find one video on what you are talking about

Catherine Posted at 3:16 AM on December 24, 2014  
Wow, I’m actually somewhat IMPRESSED, Guest – well done!!
There are actually also many OTHER reasons beyond that as to why their romance was NOT a showmance or a promance or a fake up.
Read all about it here:

jen Posted at 3:48 AM on December 25, 2014  
Rob’s family must be so relieved that finally their son let the cheater go

Loui Posted at 11:57 AM on December 25, 2014  
Yes I agree a whore in place of K is a improvement cause now they don’t have to worry were he will get the white powder from, the Dark Twig is keeping him supplied and under her thumb, every mother’s and sisters dream! LOL

Loui Posted at 4:08 AM on December 26, 2014  
Twigs the Darky is a whore and Fu…… Ugly!

katie Posted at 10:23 PM on December 24, 2014  
obviously Rob’s family loves Twigs more. She loves their son and makes him happy.
They must hate kscrew for cheating on their son

Chris Posted at 12:54 AM on December 25, 2014  
@Katie. I think so too. There’s no reason his fam would prefer The Cheater.

Loui Posted at 4:14 AM on December 26, 2014  
@Katie, Do you mean healthy as in pasty white with a skeleton head, dirty and stinking and always drunk, is that your way of being healthy and can’t he get his clothes dry cleaned, is he sleeping on the sidewalks, WOW you must live a terribly impoverished life to think Rob looks healthy, remember that guy is ONLY 28 years old, but different strokes to different folks!

RPLOVESKS Posted at 7:43 PM on December 24, 2014  
Dont believe this dips**t HL story. HL create it especially for those haters @ RP & KS. Honestly, they are married with a baby girl. Please respect them. They are family now. All those twigs pic is very very OLD pictures. Pics has being made up & photo editing by the stupid media. Remember, bad media & bad paparazi, they are evil & loves to digs your viewing so that they earn more money from their link

Here's the link that debunk's HKN Haven's baby conspiracy theory - along with all the other ones they've been developing since FKA Twigs entered the picture.

JOYCE Posted at 9:30 AM on December 24, 2014  
Examiner say Robert family want Twigs.gone. HWL is lying. Robert world family say Twigs is a bad influence on Robert. They are putting all Robert`s drinking on twigs. Robert family want him back with Kristen. And I don`t think Kristen want him back. I think that is why Robert did not go home for Christmas this year. And twigs family is in London too.

Catherine Posted at 12:43 PM on December 24, 2014  
The Examiner says one thing and HL says another… BOTH are LIES, but you’ve CHOSEN to believe one of them as the truth because it’s the one you want to be true.
Come on, Joyce…

Jaln Posted at 7:47 AM on December 24, 2014  
What was Kristen thinking with when she was having sex all around town with that married director Rupert Sanders?

IKnowTahliah Posted at 9:05 PM on December 23, 2014  
ROBERT’S FAMILY IS A BUNCH OF F*CKING IDIOTS if they do not see how Tahliah is using him! She wants the publicity his name brings, his money to finance her stupid career and his d*ck while she looks for another girl to f*ck! (She has done so many times!) The girl is a user! She has broken up more than one marriage! Tahliah is not even wanted by her own family – her dad does not even claim her and spent years distancing himself from her Two Week old sh*t! Get a life Tahliah and stop ruining others! If the Pattinson’s like they deserve the destruction and ruin she will bring this “family”!

Loui Posted at 3:04 AM on December 24, 2014  
@IKnowTahliah, Thank you for the info, you’re a darling and I believe you!

Alyson Posted at 8:56 PM on December 23, 2014  
Yes,she is really creepy looking! Kristen is much prettier.I guess there is no accounting for taste.She must have something we don’t see.

bs Posted at 9:41 PM on December 23, 2014  
@Alyson, she does, she has Rob.

Here are a few good suggestions for tabloids to be writing
about if they just HAVE to drag Kristen into Robert’s new romance:

Kristen Stewart Supportive of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs:
but HATES the Massive (Rape-like) Paparazzi Image-Captures of
them together that she is so familiar with because she knows
how it feels as well as how hard they are to ignore for very long.

FKA Twigs Manages to Capture the Attention (and heart?) of
Heartbroken Twilight Hearthrob, Robert Pattinson:
Kristen Stewart stays out of sight for awhile while fans
adjust to seeing him with his unusual new girlfriend
- but, a couple pics of her out in about in LA do not
portray a heartbroken or angry ex-girlfriend

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Who Have Remained Friends
Since Breaking Up in May 2013 - Attend Hollywood Film Awards;
While Once Again, Putting on a United Front to Avoid Each Other
in order to Eliminate Paparazzi Money-Making Images of them
together and Keep Tabloid Speculation about them to a Minimum

Rookie of the Year: FKA Twigs
(Woops, this is actually a real one – there are some. ;)

Not ONE of you has a good reason
to not kiss and make up

 for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or

BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK

In the Mood for More Good Reading on this Topic?
Most Recent & Important Article at the Moment
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs – Tabloids
Harass While OLDER Anti-Fans Blame Younger Fans for Hate

In a nutshell, this also contains the ‘cheating’ scandal summary with
links to absolutely everything; along with the reasons why Rob & Kris
ACTUALLY broke up; and HOW ’50 Shades of Grey’ was inspired
by Twilight. I can’t make things more condensed than this.


Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Entire World’s Twilight Saga HATE

Friday, December 12, 2014

The 100 - Review of the New Apocalyptic Series Aimed at Young Adults

Main cast of The 100, from left to right: Thomas McDonell (Finn),
Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy),
Devon Bostick (Jasper), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia),
Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln),
Christopher Larkin (Monty), Paige Turco (Abby),
Isaiah Washington(Jaha) and Henry Ian Cusick (Kane).
Photo Credit: Wikipedia Fair Use
I won't make you wait for the good stuff... This is a GREAT new TV show that is now in it's second season - highly recommended, NINE out of Ten Star Rating!

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein (I've had people ask me why Einstein would have said something like this - simply because it gets children to think outside of the box. If he had other reasons for saying it, I can't imagine what they were. ;)

The 100 ('the hundred' is how it is said) is based on the novel of the same name.

WARNING: Season One Spoilers!

First, I'm not usually into 'apocalyptic' stuff unless it is seriously steeped in Science Fiction and/or History; and The 100 has tons of both - very entertaining and even endearing.

This is a post-apocalyptic tale about the remnants of the Human Race trying to survive three generations from when a nuclear world war wiped out most Humans on the planet.

But luckily, not everyone was on the planet when the fireworks went off. Twelve nations had orbiting space stations; and they have continued to survive in the hopes of being able to return to the rehabilitating planet, someday.

In the beginning, the space stations each had their own orbits - but there were still many hard feelings going around; and someone blew up one of the stations. As a result, "Unity Day" came about the day they finished connecting all the space stations together into one Human 'Ark'.

Three generations later, the Ark is falling apart and running out of the ability to support the 2000+ inhabitants; PLUS there is the impending decision that the Ark's leaders have to make for their 'Exodus Plan'.

They are all on the Titanic while it's sinking... And there are only enough life boats for 700 people to escape down to the planet WHEN the time is right - and that time NEEDS to be NOW.

So, a decision is made to send 100 'prisoners' down in a very risky attempt to find out if Earth is inhabitable, yet - they don't really expect it to be for a couple more decades, at least.

The prisoners are basically a mix of juvenile delinquents who have done minor offenses; although some of them are thieves and murders, etc. One girl, Octavia, was doing time JUST for being born - because it was illegal for people on the Ark to have more than one child. (Her mother was 'floated' for her criminal offense.)

Her very protective older brother, Bellamy - manages to underhandedly catch a ride on the shuttle that is taking The 100 down to the planet; and he - along with the daughter of the Chief Medical Officer on the Ark, Clark - sort of become co-leaders of this band of misfits.

As they are on their way down to the surface, they are told that they are being sent because they are expendable; and their only job is to survive.

The first scenes of these kids landing on the planet are really cool - none of them have ever felt a breeze or breathed in lungfuls of real air. The scenery alone is mesmerizing for them - all the green trees.

But, things are not all hunky-dory in this new paradise as they find out when they come across a sweet-looking deer who is nibbling on blades of grass in a meadow. In the middle of their Oooo's and Ahhh's, it hears them and lifts it's head to look - THAT is when they see that the deer has TWO semi-bloody faces due to nuclear radiation affecting genetics.

The first season of this series often reminded me of 'Lord of the Flies', at times. Except these kids are TOUGH; and they learn how to put up with each other to work together to survive.

At the end of the first season... The ENTIRE Ark was actually sent down to Earth in a last-minute and almost hopeless attempt to continue surviving. However, some people survived including Clark's mom and a handful of others.

We also saw the kids on the planet in a life-and-death battle with OTHER Human survivors who had survived on the planet - many of them are deformed, but not all of them.

After the battle is over... A 'real' army of 'Mountain People' who have obviously been hunkering down in a shelter that was intended to survive any apocalypse comes in with gas to subdue the entire crowd; and they are taken to the mountain shelter where they wake up, wondering where they are and what the heck is going on, now!

Yes, there is lots of death and hardships that these Human Remnants face daily - but the really scary thing about this show is that it is a story that could have actually happened to the Human Race OVER and over and over again.

But, only a select few people who survived each apocalypse would probably have held onto previous knowledge of Human existence (while taking it to their graves) in order to keep the current surviving Human civilizations being formed on the planet from experiencing more trauma from the past - so that they could continue forward - however each little Human cluster could find ways to survive and rebuild the future.

I'm not saying that something like this has EVER actually happened before... This is just what has happened as a result of watching this TV series. It makes you think.

But, many people DO believe that the Earth has gone through many cataclysmic events previous to our current civilization. And if you think about each new apocalypse as potentially being the catalyst for NEW Human civilizations - it's actually kind of inspiring.

Especially with a series like The 100 to help put things in perspective...

If you think about things that way for a bit... The collective Human Civilization in between each apocalypse could be seen as a metaphor for life.

We're reborn out of the ashes like a Phoenix each time - and we rise out of the dust to survive. But, Humans would also 'grow up' through an infancy, terrible twos, the toddler years, childhood, adolescence, young adult years, a middle age, golden years - and then death and rebirth again, as the circle of life continues.

Additionally, just because previous apocalyptic events may have happened; doesn't necessarily mean that there will be another one for a very long time - long enough for the Human Race to theoretically continue evolving and composite through several millennia to become ONE 'beige race'.

If we ever manage to get that far... I can only imagine that we'll look back on our ridiculous racial history and think ourselves nothing but a bunch of silly goons, ha! (And LOOK how NEAT we used to look in all those different COLORS! ;)

If you are someone who believes in any apocalyptic predictions and/or prophesies - REMEMBER that you need to live your own life WHILE you're holding on to these beliefs. What God are you living for and having Faith in? Did he/she tell you to worry incessantly about the future?

Consider the Lillies of the Field, for all of the diamonds and all their worth have not the wealth of them... Psalms.

Use your brain in other, far more productive ways until whatever is supposedly going to happen, happens. And in the meantime, shows like The 100 are good for keeping your imagination sharp and running wild. Because in the end, the future is what we ALL make it out to be - both individually and collectively.

Looking for Another Great Show to Watch?

This would be a good example of 'one of our own' real
early civilizations that potentially survived an apocalypse
to help the world grow into the civilization that it currently is.
- Yeah, Fascinating!

Vikings on The History Channel
is BETTER than 'Game of Thrones'!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Advice for Young Girls - EVER!! (Well, close. ;) Take Care of Your Feet!

My feet are killing me... I used to wear high heels alot when I was younger; and I would wear them to the point where I could barely walk and my feet would hurt so bad.

But dang, the guys liked them and they made me feel SEXY, ha!

I'm here to tell you now, that it's not worth it, LoL!

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia
Delta Goodrem Uploaded by russavia
We watch all these little Hollywood Celebrity girls on the Red Carpet in these HIGH heels - they are practically walking on their tiptoes!

But, trust me...

They would look just as sexy in those heels if they were a good two or even three inches shorter.

Heels that high in public are truly misogynistic - they are being worn mostly for MEN to go gaga over them. In the bedroom, they aren't nearly as insulting. ;)

And some celebrities DANCE and those heels... ask around, every 'older' dancer you come across. They will tell you how much their feet hurt, now.

If you want to get to the age of forty and still be able to walk with relative ease (even in Sneakers)... Be nice to your feet. :)

Twisted Dancer Feet via

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Defining Twilight's Various Fanbases - What is the Difference Between a Twilight Fan, a Twihard, an Anti-Twilight Fan, Robsessed, Krisbian and Robsten...

The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in InternetlandThis post is a summary of this link - it goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s different FanFactions developed and progressed. You can consider this post (below) to be a beginner's overview.

Both of these posts are also the BEST REASONS for ALL Twilight & Current Anti-Twilight Fans to UNITE.

This is how I know so much about what’s going on with ‘robsten’It was sort of a side-effect of doing all this research on Twilight from a movie fan’s perspective long before these dumb scandals started.

Not ONE TIME have *I* ever wished for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to break up; nor have I ever thought that they were perfect for each other. I’ve been Switzerland.

Current Twilight Fan Type Definitions

Twilight Fan - Consists of the majority of Twilight's various fanbases (because they often bleed into each other). This type of fan is a generic fan of the series, and appreciates it for what it is - 'just a story'. Most of these fans do not 'get' why so many other fans are so incensed, still.

Twihard - An overly-obsessed fan who was probably around since the Twilight books were popular, before the movies came out - but not necessarily. Many Twihards developed at the beginning of the movie series (they have continued to develop); and have been defending it, since - along with Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson (and/or their characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen).

Anti-Twilight, Anti-Twihard, and the newest term, just 'anti-fan' - These terms have evolved since Breaking Dawn was published and the movies started coming out. They USED to mean 'an ex-fan of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer' who didn't appreciate the way she finished her books.

NOW it refers to generic 'anti-fans' of Twilight - many of whom have become anti-fans (or superfans) of either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson for various reasons surrounding Twilight and/or tabloid manipulation, in general.

This is often someone who became a fan of Twilight and/or became a fan of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson THROUGH Twilight; but who eventually rejected whatever part of it was unappealing to them - similar to the way many Twilight book fans 'divorced' the book, Breaking Dawn, from the series when they rejected it in 2008.

Anti-fan opinions vary GREATLY, but most of them agree on one thing - there is definitely something very wrong with The Twilight Saga.

Robsessed - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Robert Pattinson... These fans are a mix of Twilight and Anti-Twilight fans; but ANTI-fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation, and they are usually (of course not always) OLDER fans.

Since Rob seems to have been dating FKA Twigs and I've had a chance to watch fan-reactions; it really seems like robsessed fans who are heartbroken about it were also Twilight Fans - while those who are happy about it seem to be mostly anti-twilight fans. It also seems like there is an age difference - younger heartbroken fans seem to be mostly 'robsten' fans (probably because most of them see Twilight - and Bella Swan & Edward Cullen - the way Steph wrote it). I'm still watching the situation. ;)

Krisbian - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

Robsten - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson as a couple... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

And since krisbian and robsten YOUNG fans COMBINED don't begin to add up to 'robsessed' fans - that is why I continued this subject on my original blog. Someone needs to. I'm sorry, I just don't think it's a ridiculous thing to be sticking up for the hearts and minds of emotionally-invested young (and young-at-heart) girls.

Why are so many more 'robsessed' people older and/or anti-fans?

Simply because of the professionally-negligent and harmful way the publisher, Little, Brown and Company, published all four Twilight Saga books.

The Twilight Movie Franchise failed as miserably as Little, Brown and Company when they could have 'set things right' instead of ignoring roughly half of their impassioned & embattled fanbase.

Twilight has created many divisions including:

1) Age (Younger and older girls perceive this story differently, depending - especially if they had pre-established views about make-believe vampires before Twilight's vamps.)

2) Gender (Why are the majority of Twilight Fans women? Yes, it's a chick-flick - but Buffy never had a problem with offending the opposite - or even the same - gender; and she had at least THREE 'vamp' boyfriends, ha!)

OMG! Am I really sticking up for Stephenie Meyer?

So many people would like to blame Stephenie Meyer for the bad publishing that Twilight received; and it is TRUE that she dug her heels in against the advice of her editors. But, most ANY amateur author would have done that - although probably not with as much misplaced pride and ignorance.

I have no idea what the publisher said to Stephenie Meyer about not wanting to publish the last book, Breaking Dawn - but based on the insurmountable evidence, we can guess.

But in the end, I find it difficult to believe that the lack of professional editing was all her fault - and this, along with the shallow characters & storyline that ANY professional editor would have corrected before publishing it - is what directly caused all the over-obsessions surrounding it.

I've read that she insisted on editing the books (mostly) herself - especially the last one that they didn't want to publish. I can be mad at her for essentially 'forcing' her last book on Humanity like this - but not blame her for trying and even winning, as an amateur author.

Her PUBLISHER should not have published Twilight like that; and/or should have insisted on the changes, corrections and EDITING that needed to be done.

That is the sole reason why The Twilight Saga is so 'special'. Because no other publisher would have published a book like that - especially for naturally-impressionable young adults.

This article is actually about self-publishing; but the jist of what he is talking about IS WHAT (somehow) happened to Stephenie Meyer's saga:

Author John Green "We must strike down the insidious lie that a book is the creation of an individual soul labouring in isolation. We must strike it down because it threatens the overall quality and breadth of American literature," he said. "They hold me up as an example but I am not an example of publishers or bookstores extracting value because without an editor my first novel, Looking for Alaska, would have been unreadably self-indulgent…(I know The Twilight Saga is not that unreadable for alot of you - but, it is for others of us.)

The entire Twilight series was never given the treatment nor professional editing that a book that is going to be 'professionally published' usually receives - that isn't Steph's fault. And if she got pushy with her editors and supposedly 'forced' them to publish these books this way - then again, SHAME on Little, Brown, & Company for doing such a professionally-negligent job.

- And double-shame on Summit Entertainment AND Stephenie Meyer for not listening to the VALID complaints from Twilight's divided book fanbase; and not taking responsibility for the accidental over-obsessions that were caused as a result of all this negligent book publishing and movie producing.

And QUADRUPLE-SHAME on Hollywood's tabloids and paparazzi for being such incredible JERKS in taking advantage of the OBVIOUS and INFAMOUS 'accidental' over-obsessions of diehard fangirlz for SO DAMN LONG!!!

FAMEFLYNET, et ALL... You made young girls CRY and you didn't write ONE DAMN GOOD SONG LYRIC to do it - I was not impressed at the beginning; and I'm even less so, now. When I picked up this trail on the day AFTER it started on July 25, 2012 - I KNEW you were being manipulative, MISOGYNISTIC *sses; but I could not possibly have dreamed that you would all collectively take things as far as you have.


Not one fan or anti-fan has a
good reason to not unite.
(Sorry, I wrote this shortly after Robert's Rover Smear;
so I was really ramped up and mad, still, ha!)

SIGN THE PETITION for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or
BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK