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What Mean Things are Twihards & Anti-Twihards Still Saying About Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson

Posted at 9:48 PM on December 12, 2014  

Posted at 8:49 AM on July 14, 2013 (one year after the scandal started) 
she is a cheater…no sympathy with a cheater….she should die like a f***ing b***h….all cheating b***hes must get a lesson…..

Neat, huh?

This post is very buried in the introduction of my other blog, so I've moved it (as of 12/30/13) over to this blog for easier access because it is just as important as the heartbroken Twihards post.

Beyond this introduction, comments are listed by most to least recent, starting the day of the scandal, July 24th 2012. (relatively speaking - some have been mixed around)

I stopped gathering comments sometime in April/May 2014. But if you want to see just how many and how MEAN these really are 'out there' - just do a search for news articles and/or websites written with BOTH Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's names. There are way too many, still - that is where you will find them.

Also, I started grabbing comments just from Hollywood Life because they are easy. Early comments in here were from far more diverse sources. If you want a wild ride through the entire cheating scandal; AFTER you read through this introduction (please) - scroll down to start from the beginning to watch the changes in 'haters' as they occurred.

Bumble Bee Lover (from 9/12 - reminder, scandals started 7/12)
Okay let’s be real here. The only people defending Kristen Stewart are: fellow cheaters, die hard fans, and feminist. All three types of sympathy givers are irrational, emotionally unstable hypocrites. And if you fit in one of the three categories then, congratulations, YOU ARE A FOOL! Oh yeah! I want one of those funky jester hats with the dangles! ;) 

I feel like I need to put this disclaimer up here because I know I'm picking at some Twihards in some really tender places with this post... The people in HERE really ARE just as much victims of Twilight's seductive nature as are the "we're so in LOVE with Robsten no matter WHAT" crowd.

It's just that YOUR emotions are swinging in the opposite direction for WHATEVER reason. You ARE as MUCH forgivable as KRISTEN and Stephenie are regarding all of this. You just need to realize your obsession and how HARMFUL you're being - not only to THE REST of us Twihards AND Kristen and ROBERT - but to yourselves (and your family and friends are probably being effected by your emotional turmoil, as well.)

You DO NOT have to FEEL all this CHAOS, Ladies. Take a deep breath, get a cup of tea, sit back, read this stuff and let it sink in... From what I'm hearing, it's semi-SOOTHING by the time you get to the end - a couple girls told me they LAUGHED HARD for a little while in places, ha!

We're NOT talking about addictions as dangerous as METH, but we ARE talking about the hearts and minds of REAL HUMAN BEINGS including YOUR's.

Just in case you need an example of what an OVER-obsession sounds like, here's a perfect example:

Covington Beasley
 Tue Jul 24 2012 
(reminder: "the day of" this Hollywood Hoopla starting)
When Mr. Pattinson proposed to Ms. Stewart during Twilight, she perceived him as jesting given that she was dating her boyfriend Michael Arangano. She remained loyal to him and Mr. Pattinson was rathercrestfallen but soldiered on. The Lion reached out to both of them, telling Ms. Stewart that she had perceived Mr. Pattinson's sincere albeit a bit lame proposal as jest; while urging / coaxing Mr. Pattinsonrepeatedly to overcome his feeling rejected and ask her out to something innocuous like lunch. The Lion reapproached Ms. Stewart to portray to her what a relationship with the then soaring Mr. Pattinson would do for her career versus remaining with Mr. Arangano. Fortunately, Mr. Pattinson reapproached Ms. Stewart asking her to join him for lunch, which he subsequently parlayed into a date at a club. Thus was kindled their romantic relationship... to the happiness and delight of the Lion.

Posted at 2:09 PM on July 22, 2013 - A YEAR LATER
Margaret in the pink It”s you again? We are all as sick of you as we are Kris Go the hell away and don”t come back. Go to a KS site and stay off of RP He belongs to us and we will all fight for him. (I can't imagine that Robert agrees with that statement - he belongs to you. This is one dysfunctional idea so many of you need to get out of your heads. Neither one of them is your indentured TwiServant (or in Rob's case, your virtual TwiGigolo).

Here's a slight update on the FKA Twigs front:

guest Posted at 3:19 PM on December 20, 2014  
Why did you decide that I’m old virgin?
I am married and have two children.
I just know better real life,unlike you.
You saw her body on the beach?Little dwarf with short crooked legs,narrow hips and flat titties!
Genetics determines a woman’s body but not dancing and sports!
And regarding your claim that twigs beautiful woman i laughed for a very long time.
I don’t think that ugly huge teeth and protruding jaw are the characteristics of female beauty!You have bad taste?
Posted at 2:30 PM on December 13, 2014  
She is a bisexual, ugly – a**, b*tch! She needs to learn to sing and stop using Robert for money, sex and publicity!This girl has liar written all over her! I mean even her own father did not wish to be with her! (It is in her biography.) Also, let us not forget that Mr. Pattinson loves cheaters as he supports that cheater, Sienna Miller who is his best friend’s fiance! Stop being a hypocrite, Robert!
Posted at 2:49 PM on December 13, 2014  
You keep saying that about Twigs, that her own father didn’t want her and that it is in her biography. I don’t know what biography you read about her, but the one I read said that she didn’t meet her biological, Jamaican father until she was 18. That is NOT a REJECTION by him.
An on behalf of every kid on this planet who has had to grow up without their biological father – F*CK YOU for continuing to use that as your obsessive weapon against her.
Posted at 2:53 PM on December 13, 2014  
And ANOTHER thing… I see this ‘cheating’ accusation against Sienna Miller every once in awhile to ‘prove’ that Robert ‘loves cheaters’.
Have any of you FORGOTTEN about JUDE LAW who cheated on Sienna Miller?!! Damn, you ‘fans’ are seriously brainwashed to accept and even PROMOTE misogynistic ideals

Honestly? He is the one who's not sexy anymore, since this whole Twugly madness started. He really needs an appointment with a good optometrist. Because Kristen is still beautiful and he downgraded to an ugly stick. His bad.

Posted at 2:41 AM on November 20, 2014  
Kristen you discredit us Americans by being a Dumb Ho.

Just Sayin
Posted at 12:07 AM on November 22, 2014  
And you insult everyone’s intelligence with every comment. As an American, you should be deported.

@ Ned.
Posted at 9:07 AM on November 22, 2014  
A kiss does not make a woman a ho, but your comment makes you an idiot, ” Ned”.

Posted at 5:51 PM on November 23, 2014  
No @Ned YOU just did, and you did a good job I must say!

Get Some Manners
Posted at 4:34 PM on November 24, 2014  
Ned, you discredit humanity by your language! Move somewhere where they care about people who call others names! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted at 9:46 PM on November 19, 2014  
Robert, you discredit us Brits by your childish, pansy behavior!

Posted at 4:11 PM on November 19, 2014  
Reasonable Person
Posted at 7:47 AM on November 25, 2014  
I liked it sooo much better when Rob was with Kristen, i mean he only knows fka for like a few months! He has been with Kristen for so much longer! And Kristen is soo much better that fka…i miss seeing them both……And Rob should seriously Stop ignoring Kristen cause like it or not he does have feelings for her and if he is trying to make her jealous then it has worked but really he seems to have no common sense nowadays!
Posted at 7:20 PM on November 26, 2014  
@reasonable person—Kris doesn’t need Rob. She’s better off without him. After their split he was bedding everything with a skirt while Kris stayed out of the public eye and didn’t have to go from guy to guy. And Robs new love– well I’m still trying to figure out why he made THAT choice. I’d say Robs reputation has sunk a lot lower then Kristens. Plus–that new hair cut looks absolutely awful. Twigs must have picked that one out just to make him look stupid.

Anyone need another update? Here it is...

Kristen's fans are getting ripped to shreds as being the bigots about Rob & FKA Twigs' new romance; but no - it's FAR MORE 'robsessed' and 'robsten' fans (of all ages) who don't like this girl being with 'their boy' (or the girl they think he should be with). She's too much like Kristen for anti-fans of Kristen Stewart (different, unique, independent, talented); and/or she's not the right color for them to be able to approve.

Actually, the really embarrassing thing for many of these girls - older ones, too; is that their disapproval probably isn't nearly as much about 'racism'; as it is more difficult for them to relate to her - since Tahliah has a different skin color than they do, ha! It makes it that much harder for fans who want to continue shipping / obsessing over Robert Pattinson's real life as if it - in and of itself - were a movie!! And for anti-fans, having to watch Kristen wander the world with him all these years has been bad enough.

Ya darn right they are MAD! Robert OWES THEM for all those times throughout the years that they stuck up for him absolutely everywhere they could; AND for doing God-knows what all else with him in their heads!

Lizzy is a really good example of a fairweather fan who has turned on Robert; and probably not for the first time.

Posted at 9:22 PM on September 30, 2014  
WTF (fyi, 'cathryn' in here is someone who follows HKN Haven.)
Posted at 8:33 PM on August 29, 2014  
@cathryn: SHUT THE F***** UP! I m sick nd tired of u. I really want to see u ugly face nd knock u down.
Rob is so cool nd sexy hope he enjoys nd that kscrew wont be part of the wedding.

Mira - Gosh, MORE warm wishes JUST for Robert. He's SO lucky to have such devoted, sick fans.
Posted at 6:12 PM on July 12, 2014  
Hi jaan my heart ,my breath , my Pattinson. miss u . Hey this is the month of RAMDAN. so a month of rahamatt, magfirat and nazat. So wish You Ramadan Mubarak. And May ALLAH bless all his
rahamatt , and give u magfirat and nazat . So take care your self and plz stay away from Ks and
bad works.

Mary Posted at 7:08 PM on May 20, 2014 Some of you think this board is only about Rob. Well HL better change the name of it because the title says it all. It’s about Rob and Kristen. If it upsets you maybe you should go over to Robsessed they are having a love fest. Oh wait a minute, that’s not what you want to do because you enjoy the filth and name calling on this site. Babies you are and babies you will always be.
Rob is single and happy Posted at 7:48 PM on May 20, 2014 (Btw, this is our beloved Robsessed, Anti-Twilight ‘Roboposter’ known as that a few boards. You’ll see more from her, below.) Bitter much, Mary? It kills you that Rob is single and happy. Well too bad for you. He’s on top of the world, in his element, with artistic, creative people who appreciate him and his talent. And he got there on his own, he doesn’t owe anyone anything. And this article is about how they WON’T be together. If her fans want to continue to try and keep her attached to him, that’s their problem. The rest of the world knows better. (No, none of us will ever hear the end of it if Robert and Kris don’t reunite, LoL!)

Rob says he's Single & Happy (This is an UPDATE – what did I just say?) 2:54 AM on May 21, 2014 Rob flat out said he was single today on Le Grande Journal in Cannes. For anyone who wasn’t convinced by his refusing to see her for the past 7 months, you should be convinced now. He’s single and ready to mingle. It is apparent that there are some die-hards that will never believe Rob & KStew have ended their relationship because they are living through them and it is reflection of a fragile and poor state of mind. But more so, there are many that will never let go because they see it as Rob’s fans winning over them. It is more a perceived fan war. Bottom line, it’s a personal thing. What they don’t realize is that most Rob fans couldn’t care less about getting one over on them. We just friggin want to celebrate his success. (Right… That’s why you feel such a manic need to inform their fans and rub their noses in it.)

This is an example of a STILL Robsessed ‘fan’ blogpost
The 7 Dumbest Things Kristen Stewart Has Said About Love

by Amy Sciarretto, 4/9/14

from the same author, Amy Sciarretto on Rob's birthday, 5/13/14

 - Almost another year later. Talk about ROBSESSED!

Rob is the only good thing about both Hollywood and Britain. And the only man I care about. All the other "hotties" are irrelevant. He'll always be the hottest and most importantly, he has talent. Which not always happens to "hot actors".

What's maddening is... You ALL KNOW that you're overly-obsessed AND you know WHY you are. But none of you are putting blame where it belongs. All you can see/feel is KRISTEN and/or ROBERT being responsible for YOUR TWIPAIN by not managing to live their own REAL LIVES according to your sick little TwiFantasy. Your comments are full of your admissions, like this one:

Posted at 10:50 AM on July 22, 2013  
Yes, Rob is a wordless nothing chap, who can not stick up for his co-star five films, which destroys and bullying his psychotic fans.

Posted at 1:57 AM on June 23, 2013  
Get this piece of trash out of the south! We don’t need or want her! This is her team trying to make her seem changed and a better person. BS, Kristen doesn’t want this, she’s doing it because she has to.

Sometimes the 'mean' things are just being way too obsessed - like this next lady. A running rant like this will naturally provoke the response she received.

Im sorry but nothing like him with kristin. They are both adorable together. He is charming and her, well she is like badass with the most amazing eyes. I think the cuttest thing abt them is height differences, voices, stares, everything! I've noticed the girl is tiny and tiny people, as animals are like always aggresive most of the time trying to be alphas... and he is all tall and like tall animals are like ok lost in their ego and fool like whats going on.They should stop being stupid if they are not dating, well they should. And maybe make babies and bring more beautiful people to this planet and cooperate with world's good genes. If I had superpowers i would retire all the fugging people around them and let them alone locked in a room for 100 days.

  • you are nuts! sorry but i disagree there is nothing adorable about Rob having a girl friend who cheated on him.A girl who broke the girl code by having an affair with a married man.
    i am glad he is no longer with her and is now single or dating this cute girl
These comments immediately below are from the recent 'Robert ready to move on from Kristen' BS.

Posted at 7:21 PM on April 15, 2014  
I will always care about Kristen, she is not only gorgeous, but also a awesome actress and one day when all the haters receive their karma they will realize that they are getting what they deserve. KIristen, you go girl—and don’t liik back, life holds many wonderful things for you.
One day you will meet the right man for you, not a mouse.

@She destroyed
Posted at 7:16 PM on April 15, 2014  
Kristen SUCKS!

Posted at 5:51 PM on April 15, 2014  
Sharon Stone will chew KStew up for breakfast and spit her out. Sharon doesn’t tolerate liars and cheats. This should be amusing.
And now we finally have a star of the movie. She will get all the attention, all the headlines and all the acclaim that is due an actress of her stature.

Posted at 8:31 PM on April 15, 2014  
Leave Robert and Kristen alone. Get your stories straight. If these chaos stops. You guys might have to do some more work. Come off it HL; your devoting time and energy to writing these articles. I’m sure your being financial compensated. I’m sure you guys and girls are having a good time. You didn’t devote this much time when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens split or even when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split. Its you guys who are feeding the machine, so enjoy. 

get over it
Posted at 9:33 PM on April 15, 2014  
None of the people you mention are A List or as big a star as Rob is.
That’s why he gets so much attention. Plus, he’s private. He doesn’t sell his private life, so they feel free to make it up.
He’s fine. He’ll have two films at Cannes this year and plenty more quality projects to work on.
And Maps to the Stars is what’s known as an Ensemble Piece, which means the four actors with their names above the title all have substantial parts. It’s not a star vehicle, like The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep for example.
Posted at 9:24 PM on April 15, 2014  
“He thinks she’s [Kscrew] is super needy” Love it!!!!

Posted at 9:30 PM on April 15, 2014  
People called her a stage 5 clinger for years, that means she’s super needy.
She seems extremely insecure, always needing validation. I think that’s why she snuck off to hook up with Rupert. He was feeding her a line of BS about how special she was and she was eating it up with a spoon.
She used to hold hands and kiss Nikki Reed all the time until Summit told her to cut it out. Then she clung to Taylor for awhile. Now Alicia. It’s always someone.
She doesn’t seem comfortable in her own skin, she always needs someone around, someone to copy.

Posted at 9:34 PM on April 15, 2014  
@mel. You’re so awesome!

Update 2/12/14 - I'm sorry, this post should really be updated again - but I need a break. Since this last hoax, the comments out here are off the rails again because the articles are even stupider than before. It's all so senseless & misogynistic - how can none of you see that?

I'm real life and on screen I believe in my heart the relationship was toxic on and off screen and not healthy in Any way I truly believe they will NOT EVER GET BACK TOGETHER!!! because rob knows he deserves way better than the one who hurt him purposely and still shows no remorse and was only sorry she got caught during the time it was happening so NO I DO NOT SEE Rob running back to the one who ripped his heart out and spit in his face

Posted at 3:56 PM on January 26, 2014  
kristen stewart the dirty

Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE DRUNKEN CHEATER
Posted at 2:17 AM on March 17, 2014  
The game has changed since the Marie Claire interview. This is blatant PR, and she’s selling herself. This interview was in support of no film or product, purely her. She did it because she’s desperate for attention. Ok, she asked for it.
Stewart is not ashamed of the terrible things she did, helping a pervert destroy his family and hurt his sacrificial wife and his own children. Stewart, Rupert’s soulless accomplice, boasts of standing by her betrayal.
So we do NOT have any obligation to ignore, cease criticizing or play nice with such a vile piece of trash. She is proud of her vileness, Krisbians still worship her (and by default support her cowardly, wicked ways), and we have every right to call them out for the losers that they are.

Gossip Girl
Posted at 1:27 PM on April 26, 2014  
Newest rumor: Gossip Girl
Is Kristen Stewart Dating a Girl?
Posted by Gossip Girl on April 23, 2014 at 2:28 PM
After making the catastrophic mistake of cheating on Robert Pattinson, it seems that Kristen Stewart has done the honorable thing and given up dating boys altogether. How could she ever top Edward Cullen? Well, I hear that her split with Rob had an unexpected silver lining: a new romance with her (female!) BFF, Alicia Cargile! Check out a pic of her right here.
Apparently Alicia was there for Kristen during the split…and then was there for Kristen, if you know what I mean, minions. I hear the pair enjoyed a naughty little getaway in Palm Springs recently, and one of my spies caught them dirty dancing and drinking champagne at a posh desert resort…
“She put her arms around Kristen’s neck and Kristen put her hands on her waist,” dishes the witness. “After about 30 seconds, Kristen started laughing, kissed Alicia right on the lips then rested her head on Alicia’s chest and hugged her tight. It was totally hot!”
Irrelevant describes her perfectly
Posted at 2:19 PM on April 26, 2014  
Kristen was only ever relevant because of Rob. The fandom was either Team Edward…Team Rob..or Team “Rob”sten.
Anyway you gravitated, it always came back to Rob. And even-though, those horribly written TW books were from Bella’s POV, Rob’s popularity and fanbase, undeniably carried that entire Twi franchise from beginning to end.
Kristen could hear the cheers when they walked the red carpets. She knew 99 percent of the fans were there to see Rob. She was always in his shadow. Always. He was natually likeable, warm, charming, with an easy smile. Just the opposite of her.
I think it was partially her resentment and bitterness of this irrefutable truth that led to her affair with Rupert. That, and her overestimated self-importance and relevancy, thinking she and Rupert would be the next HW power couple. She believed Rupert was the next big director in HW, and she his ho, I mean leading lady.

Posted at 4:39 PM on April 7, 2014  
These are Kristen’s fans. You decide for yourself how much therapy they need.
I’ll leave the deep background to our contributors who are knowledgeable about from whence the monster was born. Gossip Cop’s Twilight comments, perhaps. Anyway, Sage, a regular on one of the sites where crazed Twihards would congregate started a silly rumour back in August 2013 that Stewart was with child. Pattinson’s. That poster, who created a Frankenstein’s Monster, has now run away to Japan.
A lunatic fellow poster took that Stewart pregnancy tale and established her own blog: HKN Haven. “Haters Know Nothing” = HKN.
A visit to the Haven is an experience you may not forget. Be warned. Some of us dedicated stan watching Dataloungers are gripped by the Haven and it’s tragi-comic, at times genuinely frightening inhabitants: the Havenettes.
There is a hierarchy. The A listers are:
Sue Morris: 70 year old inhabitant of Texas. Has had a psychological breakdown in the past few days. Has Lupus.
Mama Nails (blog runner of the dreadful sub-HKN blogspot “Sluts Running With Nails”)
Vernier aka Vern or Verni. Prison Matron in Mississippi. Writes sub-50 Shades porn as Vernistene Dulin. Takes pride in physically stalking Kristen Stewart.
Tracybell : lives in Oklahoma. Emails rival blogs vicious material wishing death on a young relative of one unfortunate who crossed her.
Morning Coffee: angry, given to melancholy and poetry writing.
There are other B Listers. Many of us regulars here harbour a soft spot for Arleen Parkinson. She sleeps a lot.
Oh. They all believe Kristen Stewart is pregnant with the child they call Sweetpea. We call it Burrito-Sweetpea Pattinson. They believe Stewart and Pattinson are married, live together in secret. And send them, the Havenettes, secret messages.
Welcome to our world. A world of tears and laughter, fibromyalgia, cup-cakes, psychosis, death threats, and self-published pornography.”

Downward Spiral
Posted at 2:30 AM on February 22, 2014  
After the media shtt storm that surrounded Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal with her married director, Ruper Sanders, things have been relatively quiet for KStew.
Following an 18 month period where she couldn’t get work, a blip on the radar comes up here and there, like when she got a bit part in a foreign arthouse film, or when she took her slow and boring CXR to Sundance to beg for distribution.
But for the most part, she’s not getting nearly the same level of chatter as she did when she was part of the huge, PR driven Twi franchise.
And a dip of that size can make people crazy — crazy enough to try and “direct” a music video for an artist no one has ever heard of. It’s sad when celebrities make silly bids for attention like this, instead of just gracefully accepting that the public is no longer interested in them.

KStew PR Team Does Nothing But LIE
Posted at 3:18 PM on February 21, 2014  
FYI, Rob doesn’t have a “team.” He has some fans who get sick and tired of Kristen’s fans lying about him and making lame excuses for her.
She’s a liar and a cheat and her career is in the toilet. When her fans can accept that and deal with it, no one will feel the need to correct the wrong impression that they are always trying to leave.
She’s not a success, she’s barely scraping along, and she got caught cheating, which in 2014 is still not acceptable by people with any moral values. It wasn’t a “mistake,” it was a choice on her part. She showed the world what a lack of character and disregard for other people she has.
And so far, she still “stands by her mistakes,” and isn’t sorry about them. She’s shown no remorse or regret, so we can expect that she’d do the same thing over again.
Just get off Rob’s dick, he has nothing to do with why people dislike her. She’s responsible for that. Deal with it.

Tell the truth
Posted at 4:44 AM on February 22, 2014  
You are so FOS. People who are quiet don’t go selling their private life to Marie Claire. They don’t whine about not being able to “control who they fall in love with.” She’s an attention seeking actress, she’s not a special snowflake.
And Rob could end her career with ONE interview about what really happened July, 2012. You should thank him every single day for KEEPING HIS MOUTH SHUT about what a liar and cheater Kristen Stewart is.
Just stop lying and get offline until you can tell the truth. And this story has nothing to do with HER, just like the rest of his life. Because that’s the way he wants it.

Posted at 4:47 AM on February 22, 2014  
Rupert’s comment about KStew during SW promo is very interesting in retrospect:
“People think Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan. She’s not, you know? If you meet Kristen, she’s wildly kind of giggly and vivacious and rebellious and naughty-all things that Bella Swan isn’t.”
rebellious and naughty. rebellious and naughty. rebellious and naughty.
And we got 50 pics of her being rebellious and naughty with Rupert. So good that neither one of them had enough respect for themselves or for Liberty and the two kids to restain themselves.
They’re both disgusting. And KSkank “stands by everything I did.” She’s not sorry, she’s only sorry she got caught.

Here's a few more. I honestly think that all three of these people are the same person. And she's really scary, if that's true. Not only is she really good at ripping Kristen to shreds, but she's good at attempting to push people's personal buttons - whether she succeeds, who knows? She has actually lied about me in comments by saying that I'm 50 (apparently, that is supposed to mean that I'm desperate). I have considered suing her, but dang - someone this disturbed seems pretty borderline psychotic to me. I'm not sure she could handle a court case. Then again, maybe that's exactly what she needs to help her snap out of her funk.

She trashed herself
Posted at 9:39 PM on February 13, 2014  
It’s clear that the game has changed since the Marie Claire interview. This is blatant PR, and she’s selling herself. This inteview was in support of no film or product, purely her. She did it because she’s desperate for attention. Ok, she asked for it.
Stewart is not ashamed of the terrible things she did, helping a pervert destroy his family and hurt his sacrificial wife and his own children. Stewart, Rupert’s soulless accomplice, boasts of standing by her betrayal.
So we do NOT have any obligation to ignore, cease criticizing or play nice with such a vile piece of trash. She is proud of her vileness, Krisbians still worship her (and by default support her cowardly, wicked ways), and we have every right to call them out for the losers that they are.

Posted at 2:26 PM on February 13, 2014  
Surprise! This is what happens when you make yourself into tabloid fodder by hooking up with your married director on a public road and then issue a public apology. She’s a trainwreck and everyone knows it, which is why her career is in the crapper.
Kristen will always be known as the stupid actress who chose to cheat with a married father of two. Always and forever, because that’s who she is.
And if you think that’s the last time she’s going to have to apologize for something stupid she did, think again. She’s a walking talking trainwreck.

KStew fangirl is a menace
Posted at 7:47 PM on February 13, 2014  
And you, mc, aren’t fooling anyone trying to be Josh and all your other fake names.
You are an insane KStew fangirl who can’t deal with the reality that your girl trashed herself.
Stop trying to blame others for HER actions. Just stop it. You’re useless. You aren’t fooling anyone and you aren’t convincing anyone. She’s the opposite of innocent and the whole world knows it.


Posted at 8:19 AM on January 6, 2014  
If Hollywood Life (and tabloids in general) article comments were a playground – we wouldn’t get away with acting like this. (Yeah, I get pulled into your arguments – none of us are guiltless.) What is the message here?
When you are a child, adults teach you how to behave and you learn about things like Freedom of Speech and what that means. BUT, when you get old enough – none of it matters, anymore. You can say any damn thing you want to because you are FREE to do so! (Oh yeah, you've seen me play rough out there and in here. You have to use whatever weapons available to you at 100% if you're in the war to win.)

Since I made this post easier to access and more peeps are seeing it - ALOT of you are LEAVING without reading through the rest of this stuff. So, I will REMIND you that I HAVE agreed to DELETE
everything I have ever written or recorded about the subject of Twilight & Stephenie Meyer's writing - if YOU TwiLadies will start to get a grip, come through and DO SOMETHING about this TwiMESS. Some of you are SUCH COWARDS. It's not like we can't ALL SEE that you're OBVIOUSLY STILL OVERLY-OBSESSED!!

Yet another 'fact' to record about your obsessions.
I'm adding this image at the top JUST for YOU yellow chicks!

Posted at 9:31 AM on February 4, 2014  
Just to get some things clear in response to some comments below.
I do not hate KS. I do not know her. But I hate some of her actions e. g her deceptive cheating behaviour and the way she seems to ‘play’ with this fandom. She said it herself keep them guessing. It is ultimately her strategy for keeping herself relevant and stopped her losing many fans after july 2012. She immediately started wearing Rob’s clothes in order to fool fans that she cared for him although she was ( and maybe still is) having an affair with Rup Sanders. Now it’s a key everyone is speculating could it be Rob’s Taylor’s ????? When it is painfully obvious that it’s Alicia’s ( given where tk find the pics below)
I will continue to comment when people hate on Rob and to comment on her manipulation of the fans. Jn the meantime Rob is doing a great job of ignoring her.
I wish both success because of Twilight but I could never be a fan of hers. Her actions speak for themselves.

Aussie lady
Sorry, AL - this is really quite the fantasy you've embellished upon. ;)
Posted at 6:40 AM on January 27, 2014
@nope Rob does owe Kristen for his career. Kristen was the one that told Catherine Hardwicke that if Rob didn’t get the part of Edward Cullen than she would not play Bella. She told Catherine that Rob was perfect for the part and that he was the only one that actually looked at her when he came into the room and all the rest were just full of themselves and wouldn’t look at her. Kristen also said that she could feel the chemistry that her and Rob had. Also Catherine Hardwicke did say that she could see the chemistry between Rob and Kristen. But Catherine did not want Rob as Edward Cullen she wanted the guy that played in Red Riding Hood. But Kristen said no she wanted Rob. So he got the part. Catherine did warn Rob to stay away from Kristen because she was 17 and under age. Catherine also warned Rob if he tried anything with Kirsten he would go to jail. That is why Rob waited until Kristen turned 18 before he made his move on her. He was going with Niki Reed at the time and also seeing Ashley Green as well according to sources on the Twilight set. Kristen and her than boyfriend Michael split up after the 2009 MTV awards. Rob himself has said that if he didn’t get the part of Edward Cullen he was going back to the UK to concentrate on his singing career. Catherine Hardwicke also said that Rob was sleeping on his manager’s couch while he was in LA waiting to do his audition because he didn’t have any money and that he borrowed the money from Friends to get to LA for the audition. Anyone would think that the way some of you keep bashing Kristen is because she did something wrong to you when in fact she didn’t. If I remember reading Rob said that he was as much to blame because he thought everything in their relationship was great and he took Kristen for granted. Maybe Rob should have stayed away from Katy Perry and stopped ringing her and texting her everyday for 12 months when she was going through her divorce from Russell Brand. Apparently Kristen asked him to stop ringing and texting Katy but he wouldn’t. What kind of boyfriend does that when he is living and sleeping with his girlfriend. Also what kind of boyfriend is seen out and about getting into cars with other women in the early hours of the morning when his girlfriend is away filming. No-one isn’t that called cheating. He was the one that went running to Kristen when she was filming OTR because of the pics that came out of him and Sarah Roemer in an SUV in the early hours of the morning and he had his left arm on her right thigh and his left hand on her knee. Even Garrett Hedlund said Kristen was upset and pissed off at Rob when she saw the pics that someone sent her. Rob turned up on set to sort things out because Kristen wouldn’t answer her phone or answer her text messages from him. He was also the one that begged Kristen not to leave him because he loved her it was on the front page of some magazine, but she obviously was going to leave him because of what he was doing with other women but she forgave him and stayed with him. What if that was you and you were away working and your boyfriend was seen with other women getting into SUV’s in the early hours of the morning and there were pictures of him doing this. What would you think, would you be angry and pissed off and upset I bet you would.Sara Gadon even said in and interview that Rob told her when they were filming Cosmopolis that he and Kristen were taking a break from each other. Sara said she felt her and Rob had chemistry and that Rob let her thing that there was a chance for her to be with him, but there wasn’t and she was angry because when Kristen turned up on set he ran to Kristen. Kristen turned up on set after filming SWATH because of all the pics of Rob and Caitlin Cronenberg out and about until the early hours of the morning when he was filming Cosmopolis
and after the text Caitlin was putting out there about her and Rob and Bear. If I remember correctly Kristen arrived at about 11pm and she spent the night alone in Rob’s trailer with Bear because Rob was shooting all night long. But also Caitlin was onset all night long as well. Bet he didn’t tell Kristen that Caitlin was there all night long. So you see maybe Kristen got fed up of Rob being seen with other women in the early hours of the morning while she was away filming. No Decent boyfriend would do that if he really loved his girlfriend and thought of her all the time. I am not saying that Rob should not go out but just quit being photographed with different women including Katy Perry all the time. Even when Kristen was home he would leave her at home and go out with his friends. So he choses his friends above Kristen. Kristen has said in the interviews which you can read on RD that people have their perceptions about her because of the f…..g BS that they have read or heard. So I guess she is saying that people shouldn’t believe anything they hear or read because it is not true, just f…..g BS. Good for her. So please unless you are perfect don’t bash Kristen. Have you never made a mistake in your life I bet you have. Life is not perfect and no-one is a saint . Everyone has made mistakes that they regret and have to live with but because Kristen is famous people on here seem to think that they have the right to keep bringing it up. How would you feel if people kept bringing up the mistakes you have made and wouldn’t let you live it down I bet you would wish they would let it go and you could get on with your life. So don’t you think that Kristen deserves that right as well. I think she does. She is the one that has to live with what she, and that is something that will never go away it will be with her until the day she dies and she knows this. She has proven again and again to Rob that she will never do what she did again to him. So being a good catholic boy I think he needs to forgive and put it in the past because if he doesn’t it will eat him up and consume him. It will be to late if Kristen ever meets someone who will love her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated and they end up getting married. He really needs to think about this. But you know what I really think they are still together but they want to keep it to themselves and enjoy it before it becomes public again. So please think before you write something you have no right writing.
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Posted at 7:04 AM on January 27, 2014  
@Aussie Lady,
Thank you very much for a true summary of the real truth, I am so tired of these haters who just hate Kristen because they have nothing else to do, and do not want to do research and see what Robert really did during his relationship with Kristen Stewart, thank you again Aussie Lady!
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Bruno S.
Posted at 9:34 AM on January 27, 2014  
@Aussie Lady, here’s one for you, GET A LIFE! Nobody wants to read your never ending nonsensical diatribe. Get a hobby or something.
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Posted at 11:43 AM on January 27, 2014  
This long rant proves that you have no life. Why on earth do you know this much about people who don’t care that you exist?
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Posted at 1:31 PM on January 27, 2014  
You are long winded. Rob doesn’t owe Kristen Stewart anything. Stop with your flantasy rants.
Posted at 12:42 PM on January 28, 2014  
Kristen – Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut
Just Sayin
Posted at 3:59 PM on January 5, 2014  
Happy Kristen with her happy fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWATH2 with Kristen and Rupert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She trashed herself
Posted at 4:07 PM on January 9, 2014  
They talk about her because she’s a trainwreck. They talk about Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and other trainwrecks, too, it’s not a good thing.
She’s an attention seeking loser who’s career is in a downward spiral. Balenciaga is not renewing her contract. That means they don’t have any confidence that she can continue to do a good job for them.
If she did so well, they would have picked up her option for another year, but they didn’t. She’s over.
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PR team pattinson
Posted at 8:20 PM on January 9, 2014  
You’re a hateful pattinson fan, spewing out lie about Stewart on each article, not only for HL. Everyone starts to wonder who you are and the picture does not help your client. He showed the whole world to see his aggressive side. And it is unpleasant sight of Mr. Pattinson, who is hiding behind his family and pr, which confirms that he has pr. His team is working overtime to create the lies about Stewart. (COME ON, you KNOW damn well that this is NOT TRUE!!!)

Posted at 1:00 AM on January 9, 2014  
So, as you now confirmed itself, you are one PATTINSON TEAM TO A line on the website and every article Stewart with your revolting comments just bully and insult and destroy the girl.
+ also: dany, Nope, it’s a joke, her fans are toxic, Karen, Liz, Wake up, Tell the truth, Alicia is with her for the holidays, Robsten died a long time ago, just the facts, nina, Tracy, Get it straight, you need to stop lying about Rob, Annie, Anne, lanesten alert, Let’s be real, Epic fail, Rob is the winner, so delusional, LezBHonest, Beer Belly, Rob’s a free man, Jen, Heidi, Becca, Rob’s too good for her,Sarah, So delusional, Sauce for the goose, She trashed herself, Drunken Kristen, Kristen is the cheater, Her fans need to let Rob go, Jessika, Cowboy and more and more names and @ replies is simply awful.
She looks stupid.

ClintsWife, The Dalles, United States, 

GOSH, but Rob's obsessed fangirls are feeling awfully SMUG after this last round of New Year's rumors:

to k fans!
Posted at 10:00 AM on January 2, 2014  
Yeah so is the new year and thanksgiving AND christmas reunion with kristen. He was as involved with Dylan as much as those reunion rumors. Its over!!! Rob fans lets pack it up and go enjoy our man! Kristen fans stay here and work on redeeming her reputation for kissing a married man and breaking a home…and also try , I dare you, to find her a new man who will match Rob…It will take the rest of your lives,but I know you are so k screwed that you will try and FAIL. There is no one like Rob and she lost him. Goodbye loosers!

@lol 1/9/14And you of course know excactly with whom Rob is spending his time?I'm glad he's away from kstew friends all coce heads and famewh@res wannabe celebrities.He's in London because he's prepering for his next movie.I'm glad he's no longer with miss idiscretion but aparently her fans can't leave him alone and following him like dogs.stewart was the worst thing in his life,thanks to her he became tabloid fodder
And 1/9/14Another lesbian role for his ex...

Posted at 4:25 PM on January 9, 2014  
@Tell the Truth,
The Kristan Fans do sincerely hope Robert Pattinson stays in London, and never comes back to LA, he can manage his movie career or what is left of it from the UK, and it would be a good and excellent move for him to move in with his sisters, so they can dress him in woman’s clothes again.

Posted at 4:46 PM on January 9, 2014  
@Loui. I love that Louie. You made me laugh so hard hahaha. He can live with the Sisters so I can wear it with clothes women hahaha!!!! Stay right there in London Rob. Katty Perry not go with you to the bars. John m. be with her. Now she doesn’t need you. Omg!! I saw it on TV and Katty John m. In Elle program. She looked at John m. As she was in love. Poor Rob. I know that sore elbows hurts so much!! The woman you dreamed of and loved. Now be so busy and happy with John M.
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What normal people think
Posted at 3:35 PM on January 9, 2014  
At least some people are realizing that her persona is fake, and all this fashion stupidity is being done to try and repair her image, but she will forever be a homewrecker and a cheater. She was the only one who could have stopped that and she chose not to.
And Balenciaga is not renewing her contract. If she was such a success for them, wouldn’t they want to keep using her? They’re letting her go.

Maybe you don't think this kind of activity is mean - I do. Spying on them to this extreme just to prove a silly point that doesn't matter. NO, neither Kris nor Rob's sexual orientation matters, and it is absolutely NONE of your business, STALKERS - whether you think you can prove it or not!!

Posted at 7:46 PM on January 6, 2014  
holy cow! Either Alannah’s email was hacked, or the person she emailed has put her message online. It’s a screen shot, it looks real. Alannah says:
Nov. 26th, 2013 at 11:53 am
Kristen and Alicia have been together for months. She’s terrified for when the public finds out, it’s only a matter of time. I’m pretty much with them every day and I’m shocked no one has caught on to them. All our close friends know. There are so many photos.

Posted at 7:47 PM on January 6, 2014  
It may be a real email or not, but the sentiment rings true, either way. Kristen and Alicia have been joined at the hip for months and there are tons of pics.
Alicia is the one who flew to Germany to visit her on the set of SM (CJ posted pics of them flying together on his IG), not Rob. Alicia is the one she spent all the holidays with. She took her to a family party the day after Thanksgiving. She went down to Long Beach to meet Alicia’s parents.
She wears Alicia’s Brooklyn sweatshirt and Alicia wears her tees and caps. They’ve both been photographed driving the black Trooper. They share everything, and rumor is that Alicia has been living with Kristen for months. They have matching tatts.
They went for dinner in Malibu last night, there are two dozen pics of them. If they are “just friends,” then Kristen has the emotionally maturity of a 14 year old.

Rob's a free man
Posted at 9:44 PM on January 3, 2014  
Rob and the Brit Pack have been active, even in the NY snowy weather.
He had dinner last night at an Asian restaurant called the Pearl & Ash, and stopped by a shoe store a few blocks away from the restaurant when they had brunch on NYE.
Tweets and instagram show he and his friends have been all over NY, having fun without KStew. She’s still in LA.

Btw, for those of you who think this is all dying down. Here's a new comment splash about robsten in Internetland 12/6/13:

Hey Kturds
Posted at 9:51 PM on December 6, 2013
Hey you Kturds just can’t stay off a page devoted to Rob. We know you love him. Ahaaaha!
  1. PROVE it2 hours ago@EExtra - ALL REAL MAN will be ASHAMED TO BE in a SAME PLACE WITH ANY CHEATER especially if THAT CHEATER named Kristen stewart who cheats with an old director named RUPERT

  2. @ EXTRA EXTRA5 hours agomaybe you needto focus and question your idolcheating azz.she wasthe one caught cheated and had affair withamarriedman instead of questioning Rob decisions dumping the cheater and the wAY iTHINKYOUNEED TO MOVE ON AND STOP ACTING LIKE A BITTER, DISRUNTLED ,ANGRY ,CRAZY EX?like Rob dumped your cheating azz

    @ LOL6 hours ago Rob did to kristen?probably what youmeant what she di toRob?she pubilcly cheated and humiliated him.she was caught had an affair with amarriedman.arentyou need to tell her to grow up too?wreking a home is bad and cheating onyour boyfriend is not right too.MEDIA GO AFTER WITH EVERY BODY ELSE THATS THIER JOB.rOB IS PROBABLY HIDING dylan from all kristen bullieS and loonies they bullied every woman seen with Rob or rumored to be with are not with him 24/ dont know a shiittt abouthis life ery minute of the dayecxept the manufactured lies,speculations and allegation printed out there.the one kcrew fans feasting all the time.they devoured it like a sharks making a big deal of ev ery gossipthey read to used it tio trash him.

    1. Saint Rob ain't2 hours ago-Please shut your trap! Rob is a MAN! Was out with millions of women while Kristen was overseas shooting SWATH! Remember the double date with Bieber/Gomez/K.Perry on the party bus!!! Sienna Miller was whoring big time but that is OKAY right!!! Kristen was single at the time as well because she sure wasn't married! Stop trying to make Rob a saint! IF you only knew the truth!!! Media will turn on him, ask Bieber was going down with him.
    2. Hi robsessed nonsten5 hours agoYou should know about bullies. You have bulled Kristen Stewart, her friends, family, co-workers for years now. Check twitter and instagrams. The difference is that people are letting them all know that it's Robert Pattinsons psycho crazy fans that are doing it. You have done Rob no favors. He needs to lose all of you bullies. You will hate on Dylan or his next gf the first time she doesn't look at him right, she says something about Rob that you don't like. Rob needs to lose all of you bullies that care more about who he is dating than his career or his movies.


Most of these comments are from just before the Teen Choice Awards aired, but a couple are from during/afterwards. If you've read any Twilight Fan comments today (8/13/13) you've seen some really raunchy stuff out there about fans being disappointed that NONE of them showed up - not even TAYLOR.

Kristen Knows Nothing
Posted at 9:38 PM on August 11, 2013
Puhlease Kristen wouldn’t know a thing about being a progressive artist, even if it came up behind her and bit her in her Flat, Flabby @ss!

Posted at 8:21 PM on August 11, 2013

just like your HO kristen’s career. she spread her legs for any director/producer to keep you active in HW.

She trashed herself
Posted at 2:41 PM on August 11, 2013
Kristen’s fans can’t stand the fact that she’s close to this convicted murderer. What did you think was going to happen when she’s hanging out with him every single day for a month? It’s the same way she started hooking up with Rob, and with Rupert. It’s what she does. Prey’s upon her co-stars, uses them, and then moves on to the next one.

Posted at 2:37 PM on August 11, 2013

I am not saying she is hooking up with this guy but if she did then so what? She is smart enough to no this guy doesn’t have the best rep. with females but that doesn’t mean she cant be photographed with him. They ARE in the same movie after all. So its ok for Rob to fck everything in Hollywood and Kristen isn’t allowed to be seen in the same picture as another male? She hasn’t dated a single guy since the split and Rob has been out with half the planet and people are going to criticize her? Seriously??

Posted at 1:00 AM on August 12, 2013

He has been SINGLE for the last 5 years. He doesn’t do relationship, just f*uck around. He f*cked Camilla, Nikki, Kristen, Emille, Sarah R, Sarah G, Katy Perry, Michelle, Sia… Did I miss anyone? If you want, he’ll f*ck you too. Rob said “Want to get my attention, take of your clothes”

Posted at 7:49 PM on August 11, 2013
He is talented. Just because the Twilight movies were schmaltzy and melodramatic and a lot of the acting sucked, his didn’t suck. he gave depth to the character of Edward, where there wasn’t any in the book or script(See, *I* don't have to point out to you HOW BAD this STUPID 'saga' is, Twihards - you all already KNOW!) He was great and Cosmopolis and all his other films. I seriously doubt he will be forgotten anytime soon.

" "
Posted at 7:35 PM on August 11, 2013

Everyone is dogging Rob for standing next to another girl. All Krisbians just can’t stand it lol But—– if Rob was back with Kris {which they want really bad} Then they would all love him to death. What a bunch of low life two-faced hypocrites Kristen Stewart fans are . Nothing but blowing it out of their ass jerks. Go Rob “Hit It Like A Pro ” and do anybody and as many as you want. Stay away and ignore all the muck!

Dela - 8/12/13: Twilight went out on a sour note for us all. The loyal fans were cheated this time (as opposed to the angry fans in 2008/2009 who called Twilight out at the time). As for those two love birds....well enough with this melodrama. You are history. Rob uses everyone and then trashes them.,he is a social climber , liar, cheat and a drunk. I guess he was in a saloon somewhere getting drunk. I once thought highly of him not anymore. No wonder she threw him out. We can only guess the reason why. Rover will be out soon and sad to say I won't be seeing it. As for the Dior thing , I hope it tanks.

D Sexton
rob is a backstabbing manwhore and I hope karma bites him in the ass for what he has done to Kristen I was always a rob fan but he can go fuck nick fernkel up the ass they both threw Kristen under the bas last year what man who loves a woman for almost 5 years from the age of 18 to 23 molding her exactly the way he wants does I never believed the cheating rumours Rupert tried to seduce her and kissed her 3 pictures that's all the reporter for people mag said Kristen never made the statement a source of a source said she cheated and gave statement well all the cheating will come back on him and he deserves it he always said henever believed in cheating all the while doing exactly that and these other women are coming forth now with tweets picture on instagram facebook videos etc the real cheater is being shown now any nolrmal couple who breaks up after 4 years or more needs time to heal and talk then move on he jumps right in fucking around and everyone is blund to it.

Posted at 9:04 AM on July 20, 2013  
The Stewpid kristen fans are so butt hurt that they have to make Rob the bad person .
But the whole world knows who the cheater and Sl*t is

kristen is NOT AYOBA!
Posted at 8:56 PM on September 5, 2013  
When there is a very PUBLIC and HUMILIATING CHEATING they can most definitely stay apart. I am constantly SHOCKED at k fans ignorance about how completely huge a deal this act of cheating was!!! She destroyed his trust. She hurt him. She embarrassed him and herself. She lost his respect. Things will never go back to the way they were unless they are both abnormal. No one deserves to be in a disruptive relationship like that. I think hope is gone for this relationship, and a long time ago. Its just that some of you refused to see the signs. It wasn't a rosy love story and it was built on a quicksand foundation. This proof is in the way it all blew up in our faces from nowhere.

margaret in the pink
Posted at 4:55 PM on September 5, 2013  
@Chloe He also admitted he was a womanizing, cheating, lying, alcoholic drunk who has now realized he made a mistake and has lost the love of his life and is now lost. If you have any other questions, feel free to forward them to me and I will ask Rob. Me and Rob are tight but he does tend to get a little frisky sometimes.

Posted at 12:55 PM on September 5, 2013  
Thought you moved on from rob. get out of your dream world and leave Rob alonerob is not jealous of anyone kristen dates because he knows what there getting; NOTHING. she brings nothing into a relationship but drama and anyone that deals with her will run and never look back. no one in the world is jealous of kristen stewart.

Posted at 12:49 PM on September 5, 2013  
who ever kristen dates next, that person will always be fearful of her because she will cheat on them. there’s no shame in her game and she doesn’t care who she hurts or humiliates. rob better not ever consider Kristen GF material again. let her pack take care of her.

Posted at 3:32 PM on September 5, 2013  
@Katieshe still had to introduce one of her signature moves, giving the finger in Berlin and wearing her Mother F***ing hat. That’s a breath of fresh air for Berlin.

Posted at 7:12 PM on September 5, 2013  
Meh@Jen (another stray sheep, from Rob’s flock) you might want to be careful, we hear he has “foot in mouth” diseasehate to see his flock put down
There are always to two side of every story, as far as we know she is likely responding to their crude remarks knowing she will no longer tolerate itcapturing what you haters wanting to see to justify your hate….what fresh airif its already polluted from gossip rags & haters

Posted at 9:12 PM on September 5, 2013  
@Jenn, she wasn’t giving anybody the finger. That’s why HL conveniently placed the star over her hand. There isn’t any finger up. Look on some of the other sites. And her hat doesn’t say Mother F***ing. It’s the same one she had on the day she flew out of LAX. BTW; can you even read?

Posted at 3:33 PM on September 5, 2013  
katie I agree with you. Kristen is free, single, rich, a good actress (twilight has stopped her career) now she can ristart with something really good (same into the wild) and in the future she’ll win a award! we wait and that will happen!

Posted at 12:14 PM on September 5, 2013  
When the right man comes along she’ll know it.Am happy for her,stay focused and strong Kristen.

Margaret in the Pink UK ONE
Posted at 7:53 PM on September 5, 2013  
NO the day he dumped her in May was the day he didnt care who she slept with anymore.
He followed a Therapy pattern YES he was humiliated BUT was he hurt we diont know do we.
He took her back because he wasnt finished with her yet he still wanted her in what way or why?
When he ended it in May as a Therapist it was because he was over her then didnt care anymore.
He didnt care if she slept with someone anymore he was over her. Men are like that its normal.
He didnt want to control her anymore. He was over her. Wasnt jel of any other man anymore.
Hed let go of all feelings. He wanted a life away from her he did it so fast no feelings involved.
The day a man doesnt care if his women has sex with anyone else is the final death knell.
He may feel abit iffy when she does date or maybe feel uncomfortable with press people for a bit.
But hes moved on he did in May seen with women many times sex or no sex still women sexing
Of course hes a man hes not been celibate since May1st. kowne except teenage Edwards fand would think that he has, Who who knows who cares he doesnt hes over Kristen well and truley.
He has no control now and doesnt want any or hed not be doing and sahying the stuff he has.
Kristen well who knows I dont you dont she will come thorugh their is no choice.

Akvinta Vodka
Posted at 8:30 AM on September 4, 2013  
This comment is GC posted from some Guest, and I agree with this comment 100 %: “Catherine Hardwicke should get an Oscar for creating the most profound illusion in history. She made us believe Rob Pattinson was swoonworthy. He was a hottie at 23 but so are most men. Probably in their physical prime, young virile with just a little naïveté us cougars love. We wanted to ride him into the next millenniumProblem is aging is no man’s friend. His youth has been replaced with aged skin marred by smoking and hard living. His eyes no longer are brighter by naïveté but marred by too much wisdom and excess. The planes in his face are sunken suggesting that there might be some truth to the drug rumors. Like Di Caprio before him and countless sex symbols, their heyday is over. Unfortunately unlike Di Caprio he doesn’t have talent or charisma to fall back on. He’s arrogant without reason, bought into his own hype. So sad. And he hits people, calls his fans fat and crazy. What a total loser. And to top it off he looks ugly and gay in his ad. Don’t believe he’s a hero , just a zero.”

Posted at 1:35 PM on September 4, 2013  
@akvintaWhy do you Rob haters have to come on her and diss Rob? If you don’t like him, don’t comment on him. Does it makes you feel good to put him down because he is no longer your sweet girl’s boyfriend? That has to be it. Do you think your life will be better by the hateful words you say? I am confused as to why you are on here. The rest of us love Rob’s success and will keep on loving what he accomplishes. He is a nice guy and the millions of his fans think so too.

My truth the boy!
Posted at 1:09 PM on September 3, 2013  
Pattinson said himself, that fans are clinically insane.

@Mentally it was over for him
Posted at 12:24 PM on September 3, 2013  
your mental state is in question. kristen’s mind and body was with Rupert Sanders (remember) she cheated on Rob. still blaming rob for her drama. glad he dumped her.

Posted at 5:45 PM on September 3, 2013  
The censored and uncensored videos are almost at 4 million hits on YouTube – considering it was only released just over forty eight hours ago, I think this will be considered an undeniable success by Dior. Whether it increases sales or not only time will tell, but even though I’m an admirer of Rob, I wouldn’t buy it for the man in my life if I didn’t like the scent. No doubt I will be slagged off by the Rob-haters who trawl this site looking for fans of Rob to bully (I like Kristen as well and wish her every success), but Rob fans are enjoying this moment of glory (universal praise from film makers and journalists) and are looking forward to his two new films coming out in 2014 and the three more that are in pre-production. Okay Rob-haters – you can slag me off now, but I’m not even going to bother looking at your responses because I have much better things to do than read the thoughts of people who are so full of hate for someone they have never met. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Kaytey EmsYesterday 11:47 pm+1 reply report She didn't sign up to be hounded by strangers every second she is out in the outdoors, trying to live her life normally. She signed up to be an actress on film, to perform. She loves what she does. If you don't like paying your bills on time, how about you get the **** off the planet.

Really?Tue Sep 03 2013+9 reply report So you're saying that if you're in the entertainment industry, you should automatically give up any rights to a private life? They get paid for their performances, and yes, they do it well, or no one would be paying to see them. Outside of that, they have lives, just like everyone else. The only people who are paid when their pictures are taken by paparazzi are the paparazzi themselves, as well as any websites or magazines that purchase the pics and use them for hits/magazine purchases. They have offered their PROFESSIONAL lives as entertainment - not their personal lives. Would YOU want to have cameras following you everywhere you go?

yes!Tue Sep 03 2013-3 reply report I have no sympathy for them. They know what they are getting into and for your information you are showing your support for paps and the invasion of a celebrities privacy by even being on this site.

Posted at 9:26 AM on July 21, 2013  
Dirty cheating talentless drip. She got dropped from any role that has real backing – like a studio. Good for you Rob – I am so glad he got rid of the albatross. He looks so much happier with out that joyless shell of a person.

Posted at 1:19 PM on July 21, 2013  
Such a gorgeous guy , i used to think he is such a wimp to still be with a person who cheated on him and felt that he is not a strong man or has some issues . Finally he has seen her for what she is and ditched her . This has added to his sex appeal . A weak man however handsome is not very appealing!

english fish
Posted at 9:12 AM on July 22, 2013  
Taking care of my girlfriend, protect their friends and loved ones, it is sexy .
Leave crucified alive his co-star five films, silent as a fish, when death threats and threats to her life, participate in bullying with their fans, it’s not sexy and hot at all.
Sorry, but it is not a good guy for me.

Frances W
Posted at 12:50 PM on July 9, 2013  

Posted at 1:45 AM on June 5, 2013  
Krisbians are a sick lot but do not let them get you down ,They are just a few of them . Rob has lots of fans and many more outside the fandom , who are happy with his decision to dump the trampire.

Posted at 12:30 PM on July 20, 2013  
I will support Rob forever even if only because he dumped that dirty Kristen Stewart!

ex fan of RTP
Posted at 1:47 AM on July 22, 2013  
In this whole story around Robsten, after many months of observing, for me is only negative person in whole thing only Robert Pattinson. How low character has this guy.
I am complete dissapointed in him on many levels. This guy is complete fake. He has no attitude about anything.
If they two are no more together, this is only good for Kristen.
When I compared these two personalities (Kristen vs Rob): worse personality has Rob. (Let's keep things in perspective, Ladies... Neither Rob nor Kris DID THIS 'TO YOU'. The MAJORITY of stories that have come out about them since the cheating photos last July have been flat-out LIES.)

sisi south africa
Posted at 5:02 AM on July 22, 2013  
And kristen is an angel??? After lying for all this time sbout privacy and loyalty? Then to get caught screwing around with a married father of two??? Robert is not edward cullen,and kristen is DEFINITELY no bella swan. You k fans are so twisted why is robert fake now? He is allowed to make decisions for himself and if they dont fulfill your sick expectations then tuff!!! What do you want him to do? Did you think he would just shut his eyes and look away while kristen was disrespecting him infront of his peers and collegues family and friends??? You think you are fighting for a woman by doing this but you are just lowering the value of all women. It is irresponsible for you to say rob was cheating with no proof. But it is even more irresponsible for you to say kristen is allowed to do what she did because rob SUPPOSEDLY did it too.

from a mans point of view (THANK YOU, MEN!! Too bad there aren't more men mixed into the mix. I wonder how different these silly conversations would have been if there were.)
Posted at 5:49 AM on July 22, 2013  
@sisi south africa you are making too much sense these days. I agree it is irresponsible for fans to say she did it because she was unhappy with him or was taking revenge because she could have just ended the relationship and THEN DO IT!!! But I think fans are nervous more than anything about this ENTIRE situation they have been in the same situation for 5 YEARS with these two and then everything turned so abruptly!!! It just so unexpected to them and another thing menare the ones who mess up relationships most of the time NOT ALL THE TIME thoughand this time all signs point at a woman because she was CAUGHT its hard for her fans to accept these facts and you put it nicely when you used the word IRRESPONSIBLE. Just saying.

Here's a seriously needed update from 6/28/13 & after. With this new round of crap being flung around, NOW there is YET ANOTHER new round of 'haters' developing. Are you on Team Kristen or Team Robert? I wish I could give every single one of you 'Twihards' who are asking that question a good, swift KICK.

Posted at 8:23 PM on July 20, 2013  

Posted at 11:12 AM on July 11, 2013  
Kristen is a tramp and a slut; Robert is better off without this common trash! His next love will be a lady in every sense of the word. And as for Kristen wearing a see-through t-shirt, so what, the girl is flat-chested! She acts like a boy; she has no grace or style about her. Someone needs to teach her how to stand in heels; she always looks awkward at all the Red Carpet events, and she also looks dirty. I am happy that she has made a lot of money because soon her little girl and boy fans will go away, and then she will only have her money.

Posted at 9:52 AM on July 3, 2013  
She is clearly wearing foundation, concealer, mascara, eye liner, and gawd knows what else. Kristen you can’t cover your wickedness with makeup! We still see you!

@@dd and @dd
Posted at 2:04 AM on July 2, 2013  
You both represent true trailer trash.

Posted at 12:56 AM on July 2, 2013  
Agree with you. And The trash needs to stay in Paris too.

Posted at 5:02 PM on June 29, 2013  
No new news so I’m looking for a site to say something important. NIKEN if that’s your name (I don’t think so) you have said the same old thing for a long time.
She did pick Rob.
She did cheat.
She didn’t destroy a family. RS did.
She didn’t get kicked from Cali.
She has two new roles she’s starting next month.
And what lie did she tell you.
Please tell me what job Rob is doing. He’s selling himself to the highest bidder and he’s trying to prove he can be Christien Gray by doing a Nc-17 ad campaign which will be shown in Europe later in the year and the rest of the time he’s out boozing it up with anything that moves. There, I feel better. Oh and I forgot….the only one that’s blind is you.

Posted at 12:55 PM on June 28, 2013  
Just googled Camille Rowe. PERFECT casting! Finally, Rob is paired with a HOT woman; my husband will be so happy, in both senses of the word, I’m sure. I had to show him the body painting pics of Ashley Greene to lure him to at least show an interest in Alice, lol, while I drooled over Rob in Twilight. He’s watched all his other movies with me, too (thank you, sweetheart) but nothing caught his attention like Rob catches mine. (I wonder if this wasn't someone who was MAD at Rob for awhile for taking Kristen back and is now giddy over the split? It is SO MUCH EASIER to 'claim' Robert Pattinson as your own virtual playmate without Kristen in the picture - isn't it, Twihards?!!) 

Posted at 2:49 PM on June 27, 2013  
I wonder if Kristen regrets picking Rob to play Edward. As I remember that 75000 people did not want him to play Edward in twilight. Maybe she and Catherine should have listen to them and then maybe kristen would still be happy with MA. (CASE in POINT - Denice is saying the TRUTH, here. I think there were letters written, or something. There was a HUGE STINK when Robert was cast as Edward Cullen because no one could see the guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter as the character of Edward Cullen. BUT, when the VERY FIRST images of him and Kristen as Edward and Bella started to come out - GUESS HOW FAST THAT TUNE CHANGED, LoL?!! Yeah, there a bunch of INGRATES out there now.)

Posted at 3:49 PM on June 19, 2013  
As the year anniversary approaches, I think we need to reflect how shocked we all were back then. Now imagine Rob’s pain. No one getting on their knees to beg forgiveness is going to erase the damage. It’s too late. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. But Rob has nothing to apologize for except maybe expressing regret he couldn’t recapture the love. It has to be painful.

Rob's a free man
Posted at 1:55 PM on June 21, 2013  
A guy doesn’t pack up and take his dogs over a little fight. That was a final break up.
He refused to spend his birthday with her, and he didn’t spend that weekend before with her, either. The break up had been coming for a long time.
He’s tired of it all, and they aren’t talking. He’s done, accept it, it’s all over.
Kristen killed the spark when she cheated with Rupert last summer, Rob’s had a long time to think about that, and he decided he deserved better than a girl who would cheat on him. (Yeah, and I'm SURE Hollywood's incessant STALKING and rumor mongering has HELPED ALOT!!!)

Posted at 10:05 PM on June 28, 2013  
i think Rob is surrounded my voices in his ear telling him what to do to keep the $$$$$$ rolling in. I think he mistakenly views these people as friends while they see him as a cash cow. Kris was a pawn in this game..thinking love would win out and trusted Rob with her life as he was told he would always be part of 2.  Robs PR needs to take him off the streets and clean him up… I bet I know where he is tonightany takers?

BOYCOTT robs movie - (BTW, this is also 'denise' from above)
Posted at 9:55 PM on June 28, 2013  
dumping Kristen in his stick out like a sorethumb in LA red truck with his garbage is insulting, & he treats Kristen like dirt, hes no gentlemen like Edward, a drunk, drugged, leaving hotel with hooker at 2am, homeless looking, hes nobody without Kristen picking him as Edward, no more rob movie, im done..too..Kristen 4ever

Posted at 7:37 PM on June 28, 2013  
Guest: I think you are so correct on this. He never protected her even with death threats. He’s become a Hollywood tool! Not the guy I admired! I’m 64 and really thought he was a good guy. But when she made that mistake, they planned the exit strategy. It took months but yes you are right! (Ladies, NEITHER ONE of them planned an 'exit strategy'. Sometimes these things just don't work out the way you hoped they would - you KNOW THIS.)

Team Rob
Posted at 5:57 PM on June 27, 2013  
@Paula – that image of Kristen and Rupert says alot that homewreck and cheater. Kristen reputation is damaged and she’s the most untrusted actress in HW. Talk about lame. So she better hang out with her butches because they seem to be the only ones that are uses her for $$$$.

@Team Rob
Posted at 9:34 AM on June 28, 2013  
I really do not get Pattinson fans. He actually done what they wanted. Kristen kicked to the curb. Your holy is one, he can do what he wants, and date, whom He wills. I can not understand bullying and aggressive comments. Your Dior advertising boy is all yours. So leave Kristen alone. Bullying in the girl
not normal, really!

Not exactly that way...
Posted at 12:16 AM on June 29, 2013  
(She actually sat down in the gutter, no one kicked her there. That’s just how you like to rewrite it)
Now going back on topic, this Dior Campaign will sizzle!! plus just read some great things about Rob on Moviefone today. It sounds like he’s going to amaze us in The Rover. Exciting! While you come here andwar with each other, Rob will soar and impress… But guess what, so will Kristen, I’m sure. Just that Rob is the one I find very attractive and I love seeing him succeed and take on challenging roles! Exciting times ahead.

Posted at 1:53 PM on June 27, 2013  
Dior Homme??? Not. Especially in the black and white picture. Lost me as a fan for the way he broke up with Kristen. Not a Homme the way he did it. It was a ratty way of doing it.

Posted at 3:11 PM on June 27, 2013  
let me guess you were still stood by Kristen when she busted with a married guy? Me think yes! snort.. pleaseyou obviously were never liked Rob in the first place. You are just another bitter krisbian who can’t accept the fact that Rob moved on from your percious Kristen

Posted at 1:48 PM on June 27, 2013  
Handsome is as handsome does—-it still doesn’t take away his image as a DRUNK—VERBALLY ABUSIVE BULLY—-who has a dark side that is starting to surface, the only thing he is good at is f–k–g cakey and her friends. I used to be a fan not anymore

Posted at 1:32 PM on June 27, 2013  
Well thought out by his team. Once this is offically released the boyish I’m in love with Kristen image will be no more. He’ll be thought of independently as “hot” Rob. Think this will help propel his career further forward.

Posted at 6:59 PM on June 28, 2013  
@poet – yeah Kristen’s busy with other girls as well and I’m so jealous. She’s still getting attention for the cheating affair not for her work. NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF KRISTEN!!!! She’s be the next train wreck Paris Hilton. Rob gets bashed and so will Kristen. Get use to it.

Here's another SERIOUSLY NEEDED update 3/23/13 since the most recent image of Kristen & Robert was taken with a fan on 3/21. I told you so, they were NEVER on a 'trial separation'; and you STILL can't handle it, TwiLadies... come ON, how old are you?!!

not simple
Posted at 11:28 AM on March 23, 2013  
We do not know the real Rob , he may not be honest and humble . I mean what kind of person wants a cheater and homewrecker for a GF . If he likes fakes , then he must be one himself . He may be a bigger fake than Kristen

Nunya (thanks for posting the correct perspective)
Posted at 11:54 AM on March 22, 2013  
OK, let’s do this again, maybe slower. ALL these tabloids quote unnamed “friends” or “sources”. They pay these people to say what they want. They make up ALL these stories to get clicks on their site. UNNAMED SOURCES = STORIES = CLICKS = MONEY = PAPARAZZI PAY = See the circle? They just put ALL these stories out for the money. And they pay the paparazzi, and the sources for their “stories”. There was never any “trial separation”. He was in Australia to work. These TABLOIDS have made ALL of this up since the beginning. Rob and Kristen are a virtual cash cow for them, and they’ll keep on making stories up until they no longer create clicks. The “EXCLUSIVE” they had about Rob & Kristen’s “Date night”? The girl that took the pic posted her own article on what happened – every tabloid has taken that story and twisted it to suit their purposes. HollyLies here even called it their “EXCLUSIVE”. Get it now? Unless you hear ANY celebrity say it, don’t count on it being true. Kristen’s apology by People? One of their mag’s employees tweeted that the apology came from a “source”. Then deleted the tweet. I have it saved. Good luck, HollyLies. Once everyone figures it out, NOBODY will read your bullsh*t anymore! Only the extremely stupid and naive.

Posted at 8:49 PM on March 21, 2013  
They are adults, they can do whatever they want and make their own decisions, doesn’t matter what the others think. Stop with this pathetic hate, Kristen and Robert are together, they never broke up. Thenonstens are always looking for excuses, a PR relationship (ridiculous, the twlight saga it’s over), or the scandal (it happened the last summer, she paid for her big mistake, get over it). If they want to be together is their decision, leave them alone.

hope and pray
Posted at 4:26 AM on March 23, 2013  
Rob may be staying with Kristen BUT, he doesn’t look happy! It won’t be long before he is stressed again. Poor baby! LOVE THAT man!

Posted at 9:41 AM on March 23, 2013  
will end in disaster, he seems as though he can,t be on his own lost all credibility I,m afraid…..always thought he was a man now I know he,s a mouse nuff said……

Posted at 10:36 AM on March 21, 2013  
They never broke up!!! When is everyone going to get that through their thick heads!!! They live together, sleep together, have two dogs together, have the same friends, new video of them together sitting right next to each other is all over the place from BD party last night, also pictures from the other night. What other proof do you non believers need??
One thing for sure it seems that “keep them guessing” has been solved, they are a couple.
They have no other reason to be together other than LOVE!! So move on all you haters!

rob is a disappointment
Posted at 1:03 PM on March 22, 2013  

doormat Rob
Posted at 7:02 AM on March 22, 2013  
Can Never understand what Rob sees in the foul mouthed skank , he has no self respect that he still wants to be with her after she humiliated him for the whole world to see . She had an affair with a married man .for God’s sake

Posted at 6:41 PM on March 21, 2013  
SHE IS A PHONY AND A SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST A USER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:50 PM on March 22, 2013  
There is no way that a statement issued by Rob about Kristen would be believed. People would still complain that he is crazy for being with her. They would still say he is helping her career etc. They would still say that they were on break as soon as he flies off to film his next movie. Also Rob has every right to privacy on this issue if that is what he wants. That being said it doesn’t look like Kristen is happy with total privacy as she was happy to be seen with Rob. It used to be that Kristen was the one who didn’t want to pose with Rob for fan pics. I think that things continue to be a little out of synch in how to deal with their relationship in public. Still the relationship has managed to survive since 2009 except for a short break from late July 2012 through early September 2012 so perhaps it will continue to be a bit out of synch until they figure it all out or end it.

Posted at 5:37 PM on March 21, 2013  
No where do they mention an affectionate kiss or hand holding the entire night? After 2 months? I say things are totally strained if not COMPLETELY OVERRRR!

Posted at 5:38 PM on March 22, 2013  
It’s really depressing :/ Rob pushed aside his feelings of public humiliation, hurt, and disrespect because he decided his love for KS but her crazy fans & robsten fans still here agressively attack him. This whole thing is so bizarre and sad and a bit scary tbh

Posted at 11:23 AM on March 23, 2013  
The only thing i hate about Rob is his dating the cheater and homewrecker . In fact i am beginning to doubt whether is as honest and humble as he potrays . I mean what kind of a person he is if like a girl like Kristen as his GF ??

Posted at 10:38 AM on March 23, 2013  
i just luv this guy his everything attracts and kill me but i just hate one thing in him that he is dating cheater

Posted at 12:00 PM on March 23, 2013  
Really I have a pea brain while Pattinson let this woman call him an a55hole..look at yourself and I know many woman who fall of his fan wagon because no real woman wants a weakling except u maybe. You know what makes a guy attractive , focus and intelligence. Both seems to be lost for Pattinson what his private choices concern. He’ll and this Skank will end up being two drunks in a see of memories. And he can do a condom commercial but sorry me and my friends realize he is anything than a sexy cool guy. Just look around his popularity is waning and if he isn’t smart he will be just another ” who”s he” I’m not hatingbecause I really liked him to be obsessed almost but now with all the new Hotties out there , this will be the last time looking up his name..have fun drooling over a loser

Posted at 8:13 AM on March 23, 2013  
The puss and the cheater !

Posted at 8:14 AM on March 23, 2013  
Kristen is skank and Rob is a door mat

Posted at 5:04 AM on March 23, 2013  
sorry to deflate your fantasy bubble Loui,but kristen cheatd with sad that you all are in
such denial.i guess it’s true hat they say about you crazy robsten fanatics,you don’t have your ideal relationship yourselves,so you have transferred al of you romatic fatasy’s onto rob and kristen.and godforbid anything that threatens that fantasy…SHE CHEATED WITH RUPERT AN NOTHING YOU SAY WILL EVER ERASE THAT.YOU CAN CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE PROOF/FACTS,BUT IT WAS AND STILL IS THE TRUTH…..SHE CHEATED!!!! AS IN SHE HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN ROB!! and fyi,this hs nothing to do with hate or aving no soul,etc.
it has to do with you robstens/krisbians who have tunnel vision when it comes to no matter
how many times you try and say we ‘ugly souls’ are only being mean and nasty instead of putting
our blinders on,it won’t change the fact that for the rest of herlife she will be known as someone
who cheated on their bfand your right,ugly doesn’t get you anywhere,but neither does ignorance.

Nobody Special
Posted at 4:47 PM on March 22, 2013  
@ Cat: granted, he does not owe her a thing, however he took her back.i would question that,too. That is insane. She humiliated him and he took her back. I agree with you, 100 % about questioning anything good up till that point, but he could have at least been a gentleman and said ” Enough is enough.” That was my only point. No, I am not insane, thank you. I saw those pics,too, and was sickened. But why take her back ? How to love someone that humiliated you on a world-wide scale ? That,to me, is insane. He must really truly love her,then.

Posted at 12:23 PM on March 22, 2013  

Posted at 3:19 AM on March 23, 2013  
@Nobody Special: Don”t you have a family to look after?Do you interfere into others personal life 24/7?What should and they shouldn”t do.Rob is down to earth guy and expresses himself openly infront of media except his personal life.You know it but you still want him to disclose his personal life public.Rob never claimed his fame,we gave to him. It”s not his fault that such morons like you and the paparazzis created this stupid trend named robsten.Now if you are not getting the fantasy you wanted from this stuff and not quite happy where it is going,than rob is not the one to be blamed.Sue your god father the media with whom you created this trend.Rob is not a doll or a toy and he is more than just a sexy boy.A novel man,great human and a great actor.Don”t try to piss on our head.Mind your own business.You haven”t got one,than find one god dammit.Get over this robsten stuff before its too late.


she will haunted for her cheating scandal through the rest of her life and her trouble relationship with robert has not a happy ending, it will not lastshe does not deserve to be happy… a homewrecker!

If she (Liberty Ross) wants to be well and be there for her kids she can’t hate them (Kristen and/or Rupert). Hating someone takes too much energy, and can make you sick. When you hate someone it gives them a sort of power over you. When you are hating someone you think about them constantly... (very good point!)

Rob deserves better mary

agree it is over between them and the only reason gossip cop and lainey gossip say rumours about them still being together when they arent is because they are both owned by summit entertainment.

mary Rob deserves better                                           
First it was the movie coming out and now it's the DVD. Forget all that, get rid of her for good Rob. Rob can change his agency anytime he wants. He's a good actor and everyone loves him. 

Toby, you have to give Kristen a little more credit here. She can have another guy with no problem (hopefully a single one). She shouldn't sit there and wait for Rob to forgive her or not. As you say yourself, itwas a mistake she made and now she needs to move on and start a fresh relationship with no baggage. She is more mature now and hopefully will make better decisions in her life.

rpatzfan Linelia First off, learn how to spell her last name if you're such a fan (I corrected it - these kinds of things are BIG DEALS to TwiLadies, LoL!) Six months is nothing for Rob and the tabloids to get over anything. Liberty and Rupert are divorcing and that can't be over a one time "kissing". It was a full blown affair and by now Rob knows that too. She did this to herself and the tabloids gave her cheating away. They did Rob and Liberty a favour. CRY ME A RIVER, NOBODY CARES.

get a grip people
Posted at 4:52 AM on February 1, 2013  
How do you think actresses get jobs, the casting couch. Do you really think KS talent is so good that she hasn’t done a favor or two? She probably couldn’t help herself with Rupert, so used to cracking on the directors, she forgot she was a multimillionaire who could have any golddigging man her own age who wasn’t already attached. Probably out of habit shaking her bottom in his face she forgot she already had a man. She called Chris Weitz, her ‘buddy’…..

Thank you for helping. :)
Well informed fans
Posted at 4:48 AM on February 1, 2013  
Jodie Foster is her idol. She is a woman who played a prostitute when she was not legally able to drive. She has come out of the closet. KS is either bi or a really dirty girl. She is no Bella as all her colleagues can attest. More like vampiric Bella as Taylor Lautner said. How could she keep a man like Rob, and get acting jobs for that matter if she is not talented in the sack. Come on children. Get a grip you are probably worshipping the biggest bike (LoL - she probably means "dike") in hollywood for all we know. She even said that she got jobs using her bottom. Fans, you’ve seen the clip.

While this hasn't been updated in awhile, these type of comments haven't changed out there - lookthem up in article comments, Twitter and/or Twilight Fan Sites to see these for yourself.

In fact, here is one from today (12/21/12) regarding Kristen's recent apology that she made. Sorry, I actually had to respond to this, ha!

No Chance Dec 20, 2012, 9:03am EST
I notice you don't quote the apology. So I will.

"It’s not a terrible thing if you’re either loved or hated,” says Kristen Stewart, seated in a cozy little bistro on the outskirts of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz, far removed from even the most penetrating telephoto lenses. “But honestly,” she continues, “I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my shit. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention."

She doesn't care, but it the next breath says she's sorry? Is anyone else getting the irony and sarcasm there?

As apologies to the fans go that's "I don't owe you people a f**kin' thing, but I'm sorry I made you mad anyway. It was inconvenient for me. There, I said it, now drop dead, all of you."

I think actual remorse for tearing an entire fandom apart is the furthest thing from her mind, and has been from the day the news broke. She doesn't appear to have changed or grown much at all. She's still sounding very selfish and immature.

Cat Dove Dec 21, 2012, 10:14pm EST
KRISTEN did NOT "tear an entire fandom apart"!! THAT happened because of Stephenie Meyer's dysfunctional WRITING that CAUSED all your ridiculous OVER-obsessions to this situation. Yeah, it's MADDENING that you're all MAD at KRISTEN for YOUR PAINFUL OBSESSION!

Original Post, pre-second-breakup BS

Here's an ENTIRE TWITTER PAGE from a VERY ANGRY FAN who calls herself "Rupsten" as in "Rupsten is Real". This chick is apparently on a mission and VERY active!!

And you know, speaking of Twitter... Something strange happened when I first started realizing that it was a good place to gain supporters, because SO MANY of Kristen's young (and older) fans are ON there. There  were a few of them who "followed" me at first - but THEN, when I went to send a message to SOME of them specifically in private a few days later; ALOT of their accounts had been deactivated. They were AT ONE POINT wanting to support Kristen (it seemed - MANY of these girls had some variation of "robsten" and/or Kstew in their Twitter names).

NOW I'm wondering if THIS (see above) isn't what happened to some of them. Is "Rupsten" the new "Robsten", now?! What, did you go home to your MEAN MOMS (below) and come back out the next day like THIS?!! 

That's a SAD THOUGHT... WHAT IF these girls who were ORIGINALLY SUPPORTIVE of Kristen went home to MOMS like the ONES BELOW?! How would their obsessive ANGER have EFFECTED their daughters?!

GIRLS... I am seeing ALL KINDS of nasty comments from YOU out here, also. I'm just saying little Twilight Sisters... SOME of you are starting to turn into your mothers. ;)

9/29/12 - Every once in awhile I stumble across a pocket of hate so vile I can't even finish reading through it - like this article entitled, "Robert Pattinson's Light vs Kristen Stewart's Darkness".

It's HORRID and SO out-of-line, it's MINDBOGGLING! The ending comments on these things are also extra special. At least I got to leave my own comment this time. Usually they're pretty filtered to allow only people with "their views" to appear. I'm just realizing this is "Trish Delish" again - the writer of a FEW of these kinds of Kristen-HATE articles and awfully PROUD of herself. This girl has got it BAD - STILL, ha!! 


Bumble Bee Lover
Okay let’s be real here. The only people defending Kristen Stewart are: fellow cheaters, die hard fans, and feminist. All three types of sympathy givers are irrational, emotionally unstable hypocrites. And if you fit in one of the three categories then, congratulations, YOU ARE A FOOL! Oh yeah! I want one of those funky jester hats with the dangles! ;)

Terry, 9/22/12Serious, Glad still fans interested for sake of staff like J Rathbone, he just had a baby and sure has bills, but i won’t and i don’t even understand it myself, since this circus start i lost all respect for ROBSTEN ,If true he took her back well ultimately that his decision and if true this just PR stunt which I don’t think so, either way I can’t even explain to myself because i read all books and so excited for sequels but not anymore. I can’t get past Stewart’s stigma and Rob take back just finishing touch. I think irony here is Stewart took Robs soul in the end.

Ok, it's 9/17/12 and the Hollywood Gossip Rumor Mill has just started publishing stories about Robert and Kristen getting back together. This page was already frustrating to read, but NOW it's starting to get really SAD. Some of THESE Twihards who WERE HAPPY about the split are starting to get ANGRY with ROBERT because he "might be taking Kristen back". Gosh, it's AMAZING how FAST you just TURNED on him like that. Wasn't he your beloved VICTIM/PRINCE just YESTERDAY, Ladies?

If this is true, Rob Pattinson deserves the abuse and the horrible treatment and disrespect he gets from her. I could tell she never appreciated him and took him for granted. He could do so much better, there are amazing chicks out there in the world but I guess he feels like Kristen is the only girl he can have a relationship with. NOT. Kristen is the lowest of the low. Especially out of her peers like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Dude you can do so much better than this bitchface slut. 


Well, I guess it WAS all just a publicity stunt, because there is no way he could be that desperate. I am really  disappointed in him stooping to such a low level as to go along with it, to drag innocent children into something like this is about as low as you can go. And don't even get me started on the parents. 


Posted at 11:43 AM on September 17, 2012  
Hopefully he’ll get his penis back one day. I just can’t respect a guy who has such low self esteem. It’s not love if she’s caught dry humping another guy in a public place, dude. Rubbing her bits on someone that isn’t you is NOT a mistake, accident, or otherwise. It’s a total lack of love and respect for you… especially when that same person wouldn’t even be caught dead holding your hand in public only a few months before.

Hey, ever stop to think that perhaps RP was never with the twat to begin with? Perhaps that's why he couldn't muster up a tear or a frown during his Cosmo press tour. You can't take someone back when you were never together in the first place. This is nothing more than her PR team trying desperately to repair her horrible image (or the image of her getting dry humped by a man twice her age) and attach her to RP's outstanding reputation. The media can serve up these little delusions of grandeur about getting back together and happy lovey dovey crap but let's be honest, snoop dogg said it best, you can't make a ho a housewife. 

Posted at 11:21 AM on September 17, 2012  
yeah Rob we will support you even if you take her back but please Rob don't take her back.

Posted at 11:11 AM on September 17, 2012  
totally addicted to Rob , can watch him all day long , be it his movies , interviews , music anything can never get enough of him. 

Am I the only one who thinks they were NEVER REALLY DATING?
THIS IS A HUGE PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!! Of course they conveniently get back together right before the final movie comes out! Besides, who would willingly date KStewert?

Sharona66 Can't anyone be smart enough to read through this little PR set up? They will pose together and smile for the camera simply because their studio wants it for the Twilight fans. That's it. He's not stupid enough to take her back. She's a rude little skank with no class and he can certainly do a whole lot better than her.


Um, didn't she cheat on her boyfriend at the time to be with him? Last timed I checked that makes 2 "mistakes". Or perhaps I'm just on some other planet where 1+1=1.
Yeah, that MUST be it. *eyeroll* Oh well, I'm dead set against people doing others wrong if they don't deserve it but i guess you can't stop one vapid idiot from pursuing another vapid idiot no matter how much proof is in their face. Hope youre into all those super fun std's and unexpected pregnancies because your relationship is going to be chock full of all those wondrous and special kodak moments. Have fun, kids!


GawdWHY does he just not buy a blow-up plastic doll ? It would have more life, and personality, than this SKANK. Prettier, too!


wowim gonna just cheat on my guy and say, oops made a mistake–if true, Rob is making the biggest mistake in his life. How a class guy like him wants a girl who wears torn up clothes like on their july 19th date, swears like a sailor, gives people the finger whenever, never combs her hair unless for photo shoots when someone else does it and then cheats and not even with single guys–I have no idea how he doesnt think he could do better–and then sends her father to beg to get them together–How embarrassing. She will manipulate him and now get pregnant on purpose, mark my word. Lost me as a fan. No respect.

Mrs. Momoa

I hope and pray this is not true. Rob can't be that stupid. This will only end badly worst then what it was before. He is really stupid if he takes her back. DUMB DUMB move if it is true. 

Here's a CURRENT Comment Thread Dated 9/13/12 from "A Kristen Stewart Defence".
 One lady, "Tiredly" and I end up having a VERY TYPICAL exchange at the end. I don't usually respond to comments at the end of these articles for a reason - you CAN'T argue with these people (and frankly, I'm not in the right frame of mind to be arguing with anyone - I'm too damn HOT over this subject, LoL!) But I can SURE use them to expose their IDIOCY, ha!

Thank goodness for people like Maria - it would be NICE if MORE people were LISTENING: 


Robert Pattinson has the most overly invested, obsessive fans I've ever come across. And these women are not teenyboppers. They are mature women old enough to be his mother! From the very beginning of Pattinson's romance with Stewart, they have been aggressively attacking Kristen nonstop because they deem her inferior and unworthy of "their boy". They band together and scour the internet looking for sites that display stories about Kristen. Then they invade the comment section with eyeroll-worthy comments either bashing Kristen's every action or whining about "untalented" Kristen gettng too much attention. Their behavior is so embarrassing and their hatred for Kristen is off the rails. Please don't take their comments seriously. Every time someone dares to compliment Kristen, they scream "PRconspiracy" because no one is ever allowed to have a positive thought for Kristen. Very sad.

Reality Check • parent (in response to maria, above)
And what about the Krisbians (WOOT KRISBIANS!) who flood the comment section with comments about how she's a great actess, the next Meryl Streep? No one takes them seriously, and no one believes this girl is ever going to make a big studio film again. She trashed her reputation and career and no one wants to work with her. Facts are facts, it doesn't matter who you are a fan of. The blame for this cheating scandal lies with Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. Trying to spin it away isn't working, is it?

Tiredly • parent
Now there I have to draw the line. Before all this happened, she was doing good. She's famous for scowling because that's the way the media painted her. I've seen so many pictures of her with a glowing smile that itisn't even worth arguing about. She only hauled out the "bitchface" when it was warranted. Yes, she did overdo the vulgarity, and it made her look coarse and common, but it also made her relatable. It's somethingthat I think she would have outgrown in time, and something that her handlers are probably doing something about now. (This must be your RESPONSIBLE, parental voice talking now, huh Tiredly?) Overall though, most of the flaws you listed are why people love her, because she brooked no challenge and took no prisoners...and the girl can ACT.

Duchess • parent (part of a response to Tiredly's above observation)
My point was that she's most famous for scowling, and that's the truth. It doesn't matter if she smiles in private, when she's being paid to represent a film on the red carpet she can hardly even act like she's not bored to death. This is her problem, not mine. She created her own sullen persona, and now she's having to deal with it.

Melanie • parent (part of a response to Tiredly's above observation)
Duchess: And MY point was that she was most famous for that because outlets choose those pictures on purpose. To perpetuate that persona. No she doesn't smile as much as other actresses do. So what? (I originally typed "actors" but let's be honest, no one expects male actors to smile on the RC all the time. Only females.)
Duchess: she is 'dealing' with it spectacularly. The media are loving her comeback. You see, the medialikes to knock people down and build them back up again. Prepare for lots of positive Kristen articles. It's how the business works :) (GOSH, isn't this what I've been saying? Kristen will be America AND the ENTIRE World's SWEETHEART within 3, maybe 5 years. ;) 

Here's MORE from Tiredly... She's pretty much a know-it-all, ha!

Ann • parent
how did her PR team 'botch' anything? The media is applauding her TIFF appearance!

Tiredly • parent
TIFF was a heavily controlled environment. The media were handpicked and posted. The questions were scripted. The fans were screened. No one even remotely hostile was allowed anywhere near her. Only one hater got within shouting distance. One outing, as heavily managed as a high school play, does not a redemption make. She has a LONG way to go to even get back the level of respect from the public that she had BEFORE Twilight. Her PR Team has "botched" it because, while they seem to be rebuilding her image with the people who make the movies, they're completely ignoring the people who spend money to see those movies. You can be the most skilled actress in the world, but if you can't put butts in seats for your movies because people believe you're a despicable person, no one is going to want to use you.

catherinedove (this would be ME! :)
Beautiful, well-done article - there are NOT enough of these! The problem is, people don't just need to alter their attitudes - that would be easy. It's our INTENSE Twilight Obsessions that are clouding SO many people's judgments. You KNOW these Twilight addictions were PREVENTABLE, Ladies... and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt. Hollywood intentionally causing young, obsessed fans this kind of pain is wrong. It's TIME to start shifting blame where it belongs - Stephenie Meyer. Search "explain twilight breaking dawn ending blogspot" for the scoop!

Tiredly • parent
You know, seeing this posted all over the web honestly bores the hell out of me.

GOSH, then get to READING it already. Every single ONE of you NEED to!!

Tiredly • parent
No, we really don't. In fact, not even if you put a gun to my head.
(Obviously a drama queen... My suspicion is that she is someone who has been with Twilight for a LONG time and ALREADY knows what I have to say on my blog before she gets here - because she PROBABLY defended Twilight the FIRST time around (or shortly after), ha! I've told you - NONE of this stuff is NEW at all!!)

Yeah, you really really DO! The self-involvement of you older Twihard ladies knows NO BOUNDS. In fact, it's an AMAZING thing that you have accomplished and NOT anything to be PROUD of!! HOW can you NOT CARE?!

That would be because I think you're the obsessive nut in this play. No thank you.

What you think and what you know are two different things... (I don't stop there of course AND it is a continuing back and forth until someone gets the last word, apparently - ha! PLUS, I am NOT quite in the frame of mind to be arguing with anyone right now - I'm feeling awfully MEAN, LoL! All these acidic comments are really contagious, so I don't usually hang out long. But for some reason, I stopped to engage this confused Twihard, ha! My response was basically an attempt at a summary of this blog. That's another reason I don't respond to comments on articles - I can't POSSIBLY say everything that needs to be said, ha!)

Published (9/8/12) Gotta despise GROWN WOMEN who actually take the time to put RESEARCH into an article like this: Why Kristen Stewart is SO Disliked. Get Educated!


This is actually a REALLY GOOD article to read the comments at the end. I couldn't stay for long. Since the author is obviously obsessed/biased, she screens comments and only lets the ones that agree with her perspective though. Yeah, this article comment thread is VERY REVEALING of SOME people's DEEP obsessions...

September 9, 2012 at 11:11 pm
Amen! You are truly the only website I feel is telling it like it is, Hollywood Sauce (see article link above). I’m appalled and embarrassed watching everyone fall all over Kristen Stewart – especially the press! It’s pitiful, really... And where are the stupid trainers and hobo outfit she always pulled on two seconds after she walked the red carpet with Rob? Like she couldn’t endure looking attractive next to him for any longer than she had to. Heaven forfend we think she was enjoying being a part of a beautiful couple for one night. As for Kristen running around in Robert’s clothing and then dressing the way she did for the Toronto Film Festival is the height of hypocrisy! It’s outrageous and it must be so discomfiting to Rob seeing that and knowing it’ll probably be stained with someone else’s jizz before the night is done.

September 9, 2012 at 11:06 pm
I LOVE how you put this out there! It is so true! I am tired of Hollywood trying to tell us how to think. I haven’t ever fallen into their “hype”, at least not to the point that some crazed KStew fans have. Sure, I followed some of the Hollywood stars when I was younger, but I have grown up and become wiser. (winks(Oh REALLY... YOU haven't fallen for ANY of this, huh? WHAT the HELL do you think you're going by POSTING THIS, THEN?! I didn't post her entire response - it just gets worse from here.)

pussygalore1 - Nice USERNAME, pussy! Good to know you're feeling vilified!
September 9, 2012 at 2:17 pm
i feel like this is sanctuaryive been bullied, vilified and threatened for calling her manipulative!! thank you and WELL DONE from england xxx

September 8, 2012 at 3:33 pm
Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders created this entire mess. And Kristen and her PR team made the entire personal affair PUBLIC with that ridiculous disingenuous apology. From the moment Rob’s name was mentioned in that biggest PR fail statement ever, he became forever linked to this mess as well. So now, Rob is mocked. Rob is ridiculed. Rob is belittled. Rob’s manhood is questioned. I hope he now sees where Kristen’s “love” and “respect” have gotten him... (DEFINATELY someone who SLEEPS on Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson SHEETS - LOL!)

hollywoodsauce AKA "Trish Delish" and BRILLIANT writer of SEVERAL Kristen-bashing articles INCLUDING the GEM above!
September 8, 2012 at 7:09 pm
and I will continue writing, because I too, am not happy with Kristen turning the tables on Rob and Rupert! Now she was seduced by Rupert? Who wears the see through shirts and dresses, bra straps out? (Does she deserve to be RAPED because of this too, TRISH?!) Those who defend Kristen have no idea what they are talking about. They show their naivety or lack of ethics by defending this crude fallen angelwho many of us knew, would do herself in (CORRECTION: many of you were - and STILL are - HOPING).

ilovealion - Gee, do you think THIS LADY might be more into Edward/Robert than she should be?
September 9, 2012 at 12:03 pm
Thank you thank you thank you... You put everything I have been feeling into words and I thank you. The idiots who write these articles don’t realize that many of us have never liked her because she acted so trashy (REALLY, is THAT why?!)… This scandal was just the final straw. We had to write her off for good. She had no redeeming qualities to begin with, but Rob liked her, so I tolerated her. Those days are over (I hope). She always overestimated her popularity and underestimated his.

September 9, 2012 at 10:54 pm
Exactly! I’ve never liked her and always thought she would break Rob’s heart which sadly came true. He deserves someone beautiful on the inside as well on the outside. (OMG - You mean someone LIKE YOU?!) I hope he finds her soon, but he will probably have a hard time trusting anyone for a long time. I just wish he knew how many true fans love him and only want what’s best for him. *eye roll* I Can’t wait for his upcoming projects. He will be fantastic!

uuu, 9/11/12: Kristen Stewart has made herself a home wrecker, and is not special in the eyes of her fans anymore. (CORRECTION: not in the eyes of SOME fans anymore) She has made herself into a common cheap little Hollywood WHORE who has lost a man who adored her, was loyal to her and would have married her. Kristen Stewart will fade with age like every other little trashy Hollywood starlet, she is young now, but with age, her films will fail and Hollywood will kick her to the curb.

star, 9/11/12: No one can even imagine Charlize Theron or Victoria Beckham f*cking in the car, those women are BOTH beautiful&respectable. Now the whole world knows that KStew is beyond non-respectable, her actions are treated as slut’s escapades no matter what she really does. (Oh I don't know... Charlize and Victoria weren't ALWAYS celebrities who had to be aware of things like the paparazzi. I BET they BOTH have had HOT, NASTY SEX in some pretty eyebrow-raising places, ha!)

 No, they are not officially back together as a “couple,” but yes, Kristen has consented to Rob’s pitiable pleas for comfort and is providing him with handjobs, but only on condition that she gets to do the same with Rupert and any other man that pleases her. (There are a LOT of men that please her. Knowing that she has an insatiable appetite for multiple partners, Rob has submitted, again.)

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