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Why was this blog continued after robsten's cheating scandal? And why is it NOW Important for Twilight Fans to Realize How Our Twilight Addictions Developed & Progressed?

This is an excerpt from the looooooong original first post about this scandal on my other blog (which is no longer in it's original form in here - I started splitting it into individual posts like the one below.) I'm moving this over here on 1/2/14 for easy access like I have done other Twilight posts in here, recently. (Sorry for all the caps, I was really really mad, LoL!)

Original Post

If you came into here directly OR clicked into here toward the beginning of this blog, you missed A BUNCH of stuff, ha! This is *my* initial first reaction to this Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson "breaking news" (on 7/25/12) and it is SPECIFICALLY THE REASON WHY I picked this blog back up after it was all done.

Update 8/9/12

I've done so much reading (and writing) about the subject of Twilight that I'm utterly and completely burnt out on it. The really strange thing for me is that I just HAPPENED to realize that I had run out of steam JUST before this whole Kristen/Robert whirlwind started.

I spent the first day of this happening completely oblivious to what was going on - SIMPLY because for that ONE day I didn't check in here at all. I wasn't watching TV, I wasn't reading the news - JUST because I wanted a few DAYS in a row without the word TWILIGHT irritating me. I felt like I had finally moved on, and I felt a huge sense of relief - for ONE day!

In fact, here is a link to what was SUPPOSED to be MY LAST post on this blog!

YEAH, I'm REALLY MAD about all this, LoL! I already spent a year spinning through my own various obsessions about this subject, and then THIS! I could NOT be angrier - I'm SO ANGRY it's FUNNY! I feel like I'm going to bust out into uncontrollable giggling ANY moment now!

The world doesn't care about us Twihards as demonstrated by their lifebashing ways.

When I read the first headline late Wednesday night after this happened (it was at the TOP of a general/National news site, HARD to MISS) - I literally had to reread the title of the article because I was SURE I had read it wrong. "Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman Director - Issues Public Apology".

My first reaction was UTTER disbelief - the real kind. I was sure at that point, that this was JUST ANOTHER stupid Hollywood gossip story they had made up about them. But then the "apology" part started to sink in... And of course, after reading the article there was NO DOUBT what Kristen had been caught doing. But there were no pictures I could see, yet...

I WAS mad at Kristen at first for two things (although I was MUCH angrier with RUPERT - this is my first post about this on 7/25/12) - 1) OMG, she seriously f*cked up and BROKE Rob's heart in a betrayal that probably feels an awful lot like one of those heavy cartoon safes falling on you and crushing you FLAT to the ground. And 2) I thought, "HOW could SHE get caught like that?! She's GOT to be one of the MOST photographed people in the world - well swarmed by Paparazzi - How could she be so careless and indiscreet - unless she was TRYING to get caught, ha!"

And then LATER, when those images DID start to pop up - it didn't look like she and Rupert had been caught in a cozy embrace in some dark corner at some restaurant or bar or at some Hollywood party - it looked to ME like someone had taken them from a distance... And THEN later, the Paparazzi who took the photos bragged in an interview how they WAITED for her, STALKED her and eventually STUNNED her RIGHT in the HEART...

And really, isn't it EXTRA neat to be able to STUN Rob like this, too - and then LAUGH and celebrate and roll around in your PILES of money while you WATCH all their Twilight Fans CRY...

THAT's when I did an about-face.

I thought, "Oh, NO you jerks DIDN'T... TELL ME you didn't HUNT her down like a CRIMINAL or some ANIMAL, KNOWING the EFFECT this kind of story would have - NOT ONLY on Kristen & Robert - but on MILLIONS of Twilight Fans, MANY of whom you KNOW are YOUNG girls who ARE - to varying degrees - OBSESSED about these two actors in their favorite fairytale! (Did ANYONE else out there AT ALL think that?! I mean, are ANY of you out there AWARE of the teenage suicide rates in our country?!)

EVEN IF they ALL MANAGED to SOMEHOW pick only the MOST and YET LEAST incriminating photos out of the bunch (with the back of her head up against the window with RUPERT supposedly "kissing her entire body" comes to mind). Isn't it AMAZING that you DON'T REALLY get to SEE ANYTHING when they PROBABLY could have been shown SO MUCH WORSE?!

INSERT: Btw, my perspective on all this has changed now going into 2014 - those pictures were probably 'shown' like they were - perhaps even manipulated as some people have demonstrated - in order to make it appear that Kristen had been cheating with Rupert for awhile, as opposed to getting caught fending off her predatory boss. At least one original photo was deleted after the fact that suggests she went to meet Rupert for a different reason than to 'meet up with her secret lover'. AND I don't believe for ONE SECOND that ALL of the photos they captured were published. All the ones that actually tell the real story were left probably out - that's why they removed that one. It was a 'woops' that's a little more information than we intended to share thing. We'll just remove it and hopefully they'll just forget about it. Here is the post that most discusses the 'robsten' smear campaign. When I first started writing about this scandal - yeah, I knew what they were doing from the beginning. But I had NO IDEA they would take things to the extremes that they have - and the assaults CONTINUE.

Original Post Continuing... THAT helps to make it easier for us all to FORGIVE Kristen (for those of us who haven't ALREADY FORGIVEN HER by that time) LATER. These RAGS will bring this story back around so that the MOVIE  CONTINUES TO MAKE MONEY. They may EVEN have been WORKING with MARKETING PEOPLE from SUMMIT (since they couldn't control the leak) in order to MAKE THINGS WORK OUT JUST RIGHT for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE in the end - EXCEPT for Twilight Fans (many of them YOUNG) who ARE REELING in EMOTIONAL PAIN over THESE COMPANY'S INCOMPETENT MISTAKES!

Hollywood is like outer space... It's FILLED with ALL KINDS of amazing, fascinating, incredibly beautiful things to inspire you and take your breath away. It can also be a SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE.

I understand that these "professional" paparazzi didn't do ANYTHING at ALL wrong within the precious LAWS of the Good 'ol US of A... That DOESN'T mean they HAVE to be such LIFEBASHING mercenaries! They can STILL have the KIND of integrity that CHOOSES NOT to HURT PEOPLE -especially YOUNG, IMPRESSIONABLE OVERLY-OBSESSED girls EN MASSE!

And while I can appreciate Bill Condon's recent and MUCH NEEDED comments (more would be NICE, franchise - especially from STEPHENIE) about this situation this week - REMINDING US of OUR obsessive tendencies and to respect these two actors...

I just want to throw the reminder BACK at THEM... YOUR FANS are OBSESSED with your silly saga for REASONS that ARE THE (preventable) FAULT of the ENTIRE Twilight Franchise STARTING with the BOOK company who ALLOWED this "saga" to be published SO ADDICTIVELY TOWARD YOUNG, IMPRESSIONABLE GIRLS to begin with.

Stephenie Meyer and ALL of her "professional" Twilight Handlers have ALWAYS BLAMED the FANS for their outrageous obsessions over this story throughout the years...

NO, Steph... YOU did this, and OUR REACTIONS are the RESULT of you and your cronies IGNORING all this stuff (see sidelinks) for YEARS. As your most RECENTLY debunked and NEWLY engaged AND enraged TWIHARD, you can COUNT on me making SURE people keep THIS nugget of YOUR involvement in perspective.

As far as HOLLYWOOD goes... it IS a place in California but it is ALSO an abstract, worldwide beast spread out around the planet. It's this "beast" that *I* am so angry with right now... Because they KNOW all of this and they find it SO FUNNY that SUCH a STUPID, SILLY series could become SO POPULAR.

But SINCE Twilight has made them SO MUCH MONEY they can't NOT include it in their cannon of successes. But they can SURE as HELL make fun of it AND us FANS who are SO IN LOVE with it. THAT'S WHY they torture Kristen & Robert LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE - because we're FUNNY and PROFITABLE when our emotions are spinning!

If TIME really heals ALL WOUNDS... How much MORE time (and money) should we allow to sink into HOLLYWOOD - KNOWING how harmful these amateur literary mistakes have affected the WHOLE WIDE WORLD - and MORE THAN ANYONE, our FAVORITE ACTOR and ACTRESS over and over and over again UNLESS we put a STOP to it.

You KNOW Hollywood DID THIS just to HURT YOU (again) - NOT Kristen OR Robert. Because just causing THEM individual pain wouldn't make anyone any money! 

If YOU are someone who can SEE WHY the WORLD makes fun of Twilight LIKE it DOES - and CONTINUES to torment US ALL like this - WOULD YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT?!


Email to Stephenie Meyer through her guard-dog brother, Seth, from her website - August 8th, 2012 (two weeks after the 'cheating' scandal started):

Hi Seth,

I know you don't forward anything to Stephenie, but I just want to make sure people in her camp are aware of some of the EXTREME reactions Twihards are having - and may continue to have in increasing ways if someone doesn't address these people with some sort of nice, simple little gesture of support.

You and/or some of them may have noticed my HOT blog out here debunking The Twilight Saga several different ways, but I've called a TRUCE on this subject just to help out with these Twihards. But, of course, they aren't listening to ME.

They NEED to hear from your Sister - nothing heavy, nothing that takes anyone's side - just something that acknowledges their intense pain and gives them a few soothing, reassuring words of support.

I'm REALLY worried about some of them... Especially little girls who were no-doubt buried TOO deeply in their obsessions. Basically, I'm worried about stuff like this heating up even MORE: http://crushable.com/entertainment/kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-cheating-scandal-upset-fans-390/

PLEASE... You don't have to pass this email on, just give her a call and make her aware.

Thanks Seth!

The usual silent treatment from Steph & Seth was the response. This is why *I* am furious with Stephenie Meyer - I could care less about her stupid 'vampire' storyline. But, the extreme sicknesses she has obviously & accidentally caused her FANS due to HER IGNORANCE about 'real' make-believe creatures of the NIGHT is her fault since she has never taken responsibility for them in ANY WAY that I can see.

And that's not all... I also sent emails & twitters roughly about the same time (or possibly earlier) to the biggest fansites (you know who they are); suggesting that they put up some sort of support message and/or 'more help' with obsessions ON THE FRONT of their sites. Many of them had minimal communications going on inside (often reminding people to 'mind their own business' - like that was possible); but on the entry page where it was easy for emotionally-spinning fans to get their hands on.

Not one Twilight, Kristen or Robert fansite came through
on that one... You're all 'just fine' in your Twilight
(and anti-twilight) obsessions, aren't you?

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream Conversation

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