Monday, June 9, 2014

I Heart My City! The Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Sir Mix-A-Lot Performing "Baby Got Back"

Okay, this was just about the neatest thing I could have woken up to this morning - Sir Mix-A-Lot performing his infamous hit, "Baby Got Back" with our own Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

I just wish I would have been there!! Btw, don't tell us white girls that we can't dance to rap music. Some of us have obviously got it going on, like Shawn Bounds - 'the lady in the black dress' you will see in here. Ms. Bounds is a Texas to Seattle transplant who had never been to the symphony before. She had this to say in an interview afterwards, “All I remember is me, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and the Seattle Symphony — as far as I was concerned, no one else was there.”

Guess how many of us were jealous of her?

Apparently, there is a debate going on among classical musicians as to whether or not these two musical genres were appropriate to mix. As far as music goes, there are no rules; and sometimes the biggest and most delightful smashes come from 'inappropriate' mixes.

And, what kind of musical talent does it take to mix Rap and Classical music like this?

What a treat, THANKS SO MUCH - ENCORE!!

6/8/14: Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Sir Mix-A-Lot and girls having naughty fun. ;)

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