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Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Ever Reunite?

They did it once after the 'cheating' scandal in 2012.
Will Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson ever reunite again?
Update 3/18/15: There are too many fans out in Internetland who decided a long time ago that Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson are each other's first loves and therefore cannot possibly be apart now or ever.

These fans are mostly (not all) non-english speakers who have twisted some of the things Rob or Kris have said in past interviews. For instance:

Just because Robert claimed to 'have a crush' on Kristen since watching the movie, Into the Wild - does not mean that Kris is his 'first love'. He dated Nina for a while and took her to the Harry Potter premiere; and Kristen dated Michael Angarano for a couple of years.

Also, Robert was being his normal 'teasing' self during that press tour when he said that he and Kristen are 'married in the eyes of the church'. If the minister who married them thought for one moment that him doing the ceremony was a 'spiritual marriage' - he would have declined to do it. Robert was just being a tease to his fans - like he does. (Honestly, Ashley Greene should have kicked him hard under the table and told him to shut up, LoL! So many of us knew what was going to happen with a comment like that. Rob can't help but be a serious goofball sometimes. ;)

Rob and Kris are not married and there is no robsten baby, girls...  They have not been a romantic couple since May 2013.

I'm just making sure those of you who are spinning this article around Twitter at the moment realize what I'm actually saying in here. I know that there are many HKN Haven 'baby conspiracy theory' girls out there right now; and I don't want you using this post to justify any of your wishful fantasy conclusions. ;)

Even though FKA Twigs is in the picture, now... She only considerably lowers the possibility of Rob & Kris reuniting. She (nor anyone else) will completely eliminate that until one or the other of them finally gets married - so all this stuff below still applies.

Every once in a blue moon Prince Charming comes back... But usually ONLY after you have moved on with your own life; AND IF he really was 'your' Prince Charming. :)

Update 5/28/14 - In The Hollywood Reporter Interview with Robert Pattinson - he is asked if he and Kristen are still in contact; and his reply is, "Oh, yeah." (Plus, there is considerable evidence that suggests Robert had attended an FKA Twigs concert in April and LEFT with her afterwards. So he is probably saying this AFTER he started - at least thinking about - dating Tahliah.)

That response could mean anything, and it would NOT be unusual for them to remain in touch and still be VERY good friends even IF they are no longer stoking the fires of a romantic relationship.

Plus, there is an image of Robert with his arm around a girl during Katy Perry's London concert, recently. This has many fans flustered.

Just relax, take a deep breath and find a good diversion - CREATE one if you have to. Stop doing internet searches on them and surfing into tabloids. When WE stop, the tabloids will stop when those stories no longer make them money.

We've all seen the rumor-mongering out there... Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson unite at Cannes or will they EVER reunite? Or heck, did they ever break up to begin with? Are they putting on this show for the paparazzi & tabloids this year or have they REALLY split?

I've said this from the beginning, it's none of our business. However, fans have a hard time staying away from the question, especially when the gossip rags keep bringing it up. It concerns many fans whether it should, or not. That is a perfectly normal fan-response.

So, as someone who has been watching them both pretty closely for the past couple of years - this is my opinion, and that's all it is. Keep in mind at this point that NO ONE KNOWS what is actually going on between them.

I, for one, am hoping that either Kris or Rob will at least say something in response to this mess in a Cannes interview. It would be perfect timing for them to do so since they will both be there for professional reason and the interviews will be rolling. We'll see what happens.

But, from a semi-educated distance, this is what I think:

Ever since the 'breaking up for now' rumors started last May - it seemed pretty obvious to me that they had started that rumor themselves. They either needed a break from their crazy lives and/or their relationship. Plus, they have both remained (debatably) single throughout this year - mostly paying attention to their careers (btw, they have been doing that for their beloved FANS as much as for themselves).

One thing that has struck me from the beginning is how DIFFERENT this 'break-up' was this time than last time. For example, we started seeing things happening right away - Kristen was seen hanging out with friends & smiling for the papz, and Robert moved stuff out of the house, he had a Hollywood party without her, Kristen got her own new puppy, etc. It was almost like they had a plan.

It also seemed quick and hot - like something came to a head (and we didn't hear any of that "we'll always love each other" BS like most Hollywood 'divorces'). That 'something' didn't necessarily HAVE to be their relationship. This split COULD be 'all about the papz & tabloids' because they had been taking hits against them both individually and as a Hollywood couple all the way up until the split happened in May.

They could have just decided to create a break for themselves.

And, Kris and/or Rob seemed to be consciously trying to affect the course of the story at first - but it didn't take long for things to get out of hand. I would imagine they just let go of things at some point and let the stories take their course.

Fans were pretty much on their own to do the right thing and ignore the lies - or deal with whatever they were hearing from the tabloids.

And THEN... We SAW them together in October!!

What arguments that event has caused among fans, huh? I've seen every explanation from Kris & Rob were living close at the time and just happened to be driving down the same road; to Kristen setting up the scene and calling the paparazzi to tip them off, herself.

*I* took that situation to mean that they are NOT enemies whether they have actually ceased the romantic part of their relationship, or not. I believe they still keep in contact via cell phones and texts - just based on knowing what all my past 'breakups' have been like. (Yeah, I'm an Aries who was married to a Taurus for ten years. It CAN work, ha! Well, for awhile at least - we did eventually divorce.)

It would not be unusual for them to downgrade their relationship to BFF status - even if the romance is gone. Especially in a place like Hollywood - you need all the allies you can get; and these two professional actors have been allies for too long to let something that valuable in that hostile environment fizzle completely out.

They have too much of an 'in the trenches' bond whether anyone thinks they should have it or not.

I've never been obsessed about these two, and I do not consider myself to be a 'robsten' fan. But with everything that I've seen and read about them and their relationiship over the past couple of years - with how much they have had to put up with and how HARD they have had to fight; I'm having a hard time believing that things ended on such a hostile, permanent note.

Even today... Kristen still looks pretty happy and so does Robert. When they are both DANG good and READY is when we will see them either together or with someone else.

I'm placing the odds at 60% that they WILL eventually reconcile when the time is right again; and a 95% chance that they will at least remain BFF's.

NOTE that there is a 40% - 5% possibility of the opposite - it's a very real possibility that things are completely over between them. In that case, their relationship likely never stood a chance against Hollywood, tabloid rags, paparazzi cockroaches and fan judgments ASIDE from the 'normal' hard work it takes to make a romantic relationship thrive in todays world.

No one should be mad at either one of them no matter what happens - you know (probably many) someones will be infuriated whether they end up on the same road again or not. They TRIED - they get credit for that.

I'm not so sure *I* would have. They both get credit for jumping back into the fire against the odds. ;)

What do you think? Feel free to disagree - just try to be semi-non-cruel about it, Okay?

If you need help dealing with a stubborn Twilight and/or Robsten obsession, click here. A LOT of fans are having a hard time dealing STILL because it IS HARD to get past an obsession like Twilight when there are so many jerks poking at you about it.

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