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Why the 'Cheating' Scandal Started: Telling on my BIG Twilight Sisters - WHY was Twilight an Inappropriately-targeted Story for Young (and even moreso) OLDER Twilight Fans?

This post is dedicated to all our young monster-goddesses whom this pretty fairytale was actually written for. YOU are the reason why so many of us original pre-Twilight VampFangirls brushed this story off - because we used to BE you and WE LOVE YOU.
Yeah, I really mean that - I'm not being sarcastic.

Need proof? There is a poll at the bottom of my original blog about this subject with 508 votes (originally) from Twihard Fans.

Breaking Dawn is my favorite Twilight book! 101

I've had some concerns about Breaking Dawn but so many people love it and it's "just a story". 86

I wrote this post shortly after the cheating scandal started on 7/24/12 to help explain to clueless and/or young Twilight Fans WHY so many of us OLDER TwiLadies are so ridiculously hung-up on this silly saga; and WHY so many of them have ALWAYS BEEN so MEAN about it.

The only reason I continued to explore Twilight obsessions and try to explain them was because of this damn 'cheating' scandal - so that people who needed an explanation for all the rage and hate could have one. It makes it easier to 'see all sides' other than just your own - which makes it easier to at least 'let it go', if not forgive, mean fans.

I know you all think I'm just trying to be mean... But if I get nothing else across to any of you, this one thing is THE POINT... some Twihards have been debunked in a completely different and FAR more REAL (and probably dangerous for some) WAY than any of us estranged Twilight Fans ever were.

I've said this in here before... Just think of me as maybe being a bit like Rosalie. I DON'T have a problem with anyone's choice of 'groom'. (Thanks Nicki Reed, I've always LOVED Rosalie!)

This post covers two different kinds of Twilight Obsessions. The 1st kind (no matter what our ages are) would NORMALLY be harmless IF jerks like the paparazzi and gossip rags would STOP stabbing us Twihards (AND Kristen AND Robert) in the HEART over our obsessions!

Please, please, please forgive all the caps in here that you will eventually come to. I was angry when I originally wrote this post; and parts of it may be hard to read because of that. I don't see them as shouting as some people do; they were simply written (almost automatically, ha!) like that to emphasize those words, more. Someday I may go through and get rid of all of them. (Believe it or not, I have already edited out quite a few.)

Yes, this post DOES also explain why the cheating scandal happened to the extreme that it did and still continues - even if it doesn't seem like it, starting out. I wrote this about a month after the scandal started. The reasoning is in here if you're patient enough to get to it.

Also, since I wrote this just after the first month of the cheating scandal coming down (and elaborated on it for a couple months after that) - before we knew about what was going to happen with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - you'll get a good taste of just how mad *I* was at the world, in general. If you've ever wanted to hear someone tell Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis or especially Will Farrell OFF - just keep reading, LoL!!

I am going to sound really crazy to many of you throughout this; but so many others of you will really 'get' most of it. For one thing, HOW can I both LOVE and HATE The Twilight Saga? Honestly, Stephenie Meyer is probably the ONLY author on the PLANET who could create such intense DUAL reactions in a person, LoL!

Also, if you really want to see me tell Hollywood's tabloids & papz off - this would be the most updated (and shorter) version. While it looks like I'm picking on Twilight and Anti-Twilight Fans at the beginning of this post - I do quite a good job of sticking up for Stephenie Meyer's place in all this gossip mess while putting the END-blame on where it belongs - tabloids and paparazzi.

Why would I do that? Because...

I love Kristen, Robert and their true fans FAR MORE than my own resentments against this amateur author. We can all see why/how Steph wrote this pretty fairytale. NO ONE should have to pay a price for such a supposedly HARMLESS mistake.

I would really appreciate it if you would give me a break if you read something in here that offends you. TRY not to take any of this personally. I don't know any of you, and absolutely NONE of this has been easy or fun for me to do - you'll find out why that is if you keep reading. No judgments until you know the scoop, please.

I know it's long, It's a really complicated subject with alot of different angles, and I'm trying to cover/convince alot of different kinds of people - many of whom are clueless about this stuff and/or do NOT want to hear it. I've tried to create breaks throughout this so you can remember where you were last time and pick up from where you left off - just take it one word/line/paragraph at a time.

This stuff is better for you sipped than guzzled; AND it gives us all a REASON to FORGIVE overly-obsessing Twihards out there who just CAN'T seem to get a grip on reality. :)

This post is up here for three main reasons:

1) If *I* were still a tween or teenager with an intense obsession like MANY young Twihards have - *I* would have been SPINNING HYSTERICALLY just like Emma/Nutty Madame (the girl in the youtube crying video) when this ‘cheating’ scandal started in July 2012. I KNOW she was not an unusual case. Emma was only one of MANY overly-hurting fans out here. EXCEPT with where I was at that point in my life – I honestly don’t think *I* would have made it. Of course, I can’t say that for certain, but I really don’t think I would have if Twilight was really the ONLY cool thing I had going on in my life at the time (which, it would have been. I would have buried myself in it as completely as I could have. NOT that Emma has done this or ever did - it’s just that *I* would have).

2) If I were as obsessed as SOME older ladies are with Twilight; *I* could (and probably would) be as strung out (and either mean or heartbroken) about this as so many of them still are. It’s bad enough that I became as obsessed as I did JUST with the first two movies. It SCARES me to think where *I* would be right now if I had been more emotionally-invested in it.

3) I’m not even SORT of unusual. I have all kinds of confirmations about this in emails and responses from people who have been having a hard time dealing - thanking me (or cussing me out, ha!) for this blog. You can also see how people are still feeling about this subject in article comments. It’s STILL a huge HATE FEST – and the only people who get anything out of it are tabloids & paparazzi.

Also, this is *my* debunked-perspective of these professional actors & actresses, as well as Twilight as a pretty fairytale before these scandals came down - nothing but LOVEI may not have been a fan of Stephenie Meyer's anymore; but I also knew why she had written her story like she had - yeah, it is a COMPLETELY FORGIVABLE THING. (Sorry, you'll have to scroll down through my long intro to get to the love. :)

HELP for a Persistent Twilight and/or Robsten Obsession You are not alone, Twihards – this is how the majority of you find me, through those kinds of ‘help with a Twilight / Robsten obsession’ keywords. That isn’t unusual since the tabloids keep bashing at you like they have. It makes ANY obsession hard to get past. This is actually a soothing read for most Twilight Fans no matter where you’re at in your obsession, who you’re mad at or what your opinions are.

Btw, don't read these next few links I've got up here, yet - you'll see them again when they actually apply. This just sort of gives you an idea of what all has come out of this first post.

This article is the most recent, condensed and concise version (8/23/13) of this post, and includes information on everything I've discovered and written about this subject.

4/2014: The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in Internetland This post goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s different FanFactions developed and progressed. It is also the BEST REASON for ALL Twihard & Current Anti-Twihard Fans to UNITE.

This next link (below) is another concentrated culmination of this much longer post - simply because I didn't start to realize alot of this stuff surrounding our obsessions UNTIL we all started to go BONKERS with this PR scandal, although I did realize SOME of it earlier. I had to go through this long post (below) to be able to create these shorter ones.

What's wrong with TwilightThis is a graphic play-by-play explaining our Twilight addictions using fan-created images - both debunked and otherwise. I did NOT make any new ones, I simply collected them and put them on display. Since this is so much more graphic, it will either be easier for some of you or hurt - depends, be careful. Guard your heart and put a shield around it so your head can read this stuff because it's importantWHY did we get so NUTS, and WHY did we become OVERLY-preoccupied with the REAL LIVES of the main actor/actress who play our favorite characters?

This is the original link to this post if you want to check out the comments - as I recall, there weren't many and they were pretty mean.

Here's a couple of email splashes I received from girls who HAVE appreciated this post:

"Thank you for writing that wonderful blog..it was heaven sent. ...Please someone tell him.. everyone is doing this and its killing me. Thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)"

This is a portion of JUST ONE email from November 2012 just before the LA premiere of BDp2. (Btw, thru a few exchanges, I discovered that this email was from a grandma - not a young girl): "...So it would mean a lot to me to know the truth, are they really together, or was this all made up for PR, did they really love each other? Was the cheating thing a PR stunt too, I really need to know the answers and if you think I'm nuts I'll understand. I have followed them, read the books, seen all the movies and then when the cheating thing came about It just flattened me..."

This is a reply to a question that shoots off from the reviews of Twilight on Amazon. There are 5987 replies to this question, most of them similar to this one. Read more if you need more convincing.

For SO MANY Twihards - past & present - Twilight obsessions are NOT 'normal' obsessions.

"I feel just crazy. My poor family!! I can't even count how many times I've read the first two. And yes, what little of Midnight Sun is available, I've read twice. At first, I thought reading it from Edward's perspective would finally settle my obsession - because I realized the second (or was it third?!) time I read Twilight that I was re-reading just trying to figure out what Edward was thinking. But then of course, Midnight Sun isn't finished - so I'm still left wondering. And then of course I'm hoping she'll do the same thing for the other titles. I'm reading New Moon today - and keep wondering what's going on in Edward's mind."

Update 2/10/14 - I just came across this forum. It's called "Stephenie Meyer & The Twilight Fan Club". It was started in 5/2008 and continues all the way through December 2013 (and it may be continuing). It is a fascinating record of the history of The Twilight Saga starting just before Breaking Dawn was published. Fan comments are really funny and it goes on and on - even through the cheating scandal.

Update 1/5/14 - Btw, this is a video that I just came across of Emma "Nutty Madame" - remember her as the girl who came out with that 'crying' video at the beginning of the scandal? I am SO THRILLED that she's Okay, now - I was really worried about her and alot of other's of you just like her for awhile. Hopefully, you're all doing as well as she is.

AND, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Emma... YOU are f*cking PERFECT!! (P!NK's Video - I'm a huge P!NK fan, ha!)


This post covers TWO DIFFERENT KINDS of Twilight Obsessions. The 1st kind (no matter what our ages are) would NORMALLY be harmless IF jerks like the paparazzi and gossip rags would STOP stabbing us Twihards (AND Kristen AND Robert) in the HEART over our obsessions!

 be patient - this post WILL probably (at times) prick SOME of you in really uncomfortable places, but 
TRY to read this objectively and see if you can see yourself in here - despite my heated anger at times. I am SUCH an INSANE mix of both LOVE and HATE for this story right now, I can't imagine how I would tone it down more. I will keep trying, but it will happen slowly like the anger apparently, ha! Take your time, save this page and come back to it if/when you need to.

Not ALL Twilight Fans are represented in here, but MANY of them are, OR you may be concerned about someone. And for the record, I didn't write this to change anyone's mind about anything It's supposed to help your head and your aching hearts!! And no matter WHAT you feel at any point in this beginning or some places in between - by the time you arrive at the end, it should HELP far MORE than hurt. I've had people tell me so! :)

This is specifically WHY this post is up here
My FIRST Initial Reaction to Kristen & Robert's
Talks about WHY it is NOW important for us girls
to realize HOW our Twilight addictions developed.

But Twilight ADDICTIONS were FAR MORE POTENT for us OLDER girls - AND they were/are FAR more DANGEROUS! Especially for these older girls who were in on Twilight from BOOK ONE. It's an ALTERNATIVE WORLD for ALOT of them (AND some OTHERS of you out there) that we're talking about, and NOT necessarily one that Stephenie Meyer created.

They WERE RIGHT about you YOUNGER ONES - the obsession ISN'T the same for us all. While young girls (and probably most MOVIE fans, in general) ARE also (far less harmfully) obsessed; YOU are the ones who ALWAYS GET HIT with this Hollywood BS - and THAT is the "dangerous" part for SOME of you. 

I really do NOT think you all realize
 what just happened with many people (inside) because of this Kristen/Robert situation. Some Twihards, like our beloved Emma, reacted HOT and quick - but many OTHER people will hold it inside because they may be too embarrassed OR afraid to admit their INTENSE emotions to anyone, and possibly EVEN themselves for awhile. 

I KNOW you all think I'm just trying to be MEAN...
 But if I get NOTHING else across to any of you, THIS ONE THING is THE POINT... SOME TWIHARDS have been DEBUNKED in a completely different and FAR more REAL (and probably dangerous for some) WAY than ANY of us estranged Twilight Fans EVER WERE!

FYI - I DO have confirmation of this from people who have read this blog since I've put this post up! I'm not sharing because wounds are TENDER and they feel "too close for people to share", yet. If you are someone who "gets" ANY of this AND you can say something OUT LOUD, PLEASE leave a comment at the end of this post.

I am NOT imaging this - SOME people are DEEPLY HURTING and afraid to say anything! You can certainly see why that is with HOW MUCH FUN the WORLD always makes of us obsessed Twilight Fans - PLUS, your continued SILENCE leads people to believe that NONE of you out there EXIST. That ISN'T helping ANY of you. :)

Just keep your eyes on your friends, Twihards... If they're looking "a little blue", ASSUME they are "a lot blue" for awhile. I know you all keep insisting that you're fine in your Twilight obsessions. That is kind of the thing that can be dangerous with them - for MOST people they ARE Okay, so it's EASY to miss people who are not.

*I* WAS one of "those kinds" of people... If you have ANY DOUBTS at ALL about JUST how susceptible SOME people are about falling into addictions like this TOO DEEPLY in their minds... Just GLANCE down the side of my blog. It's an OVERLY long-winded, desperate SCREAM from someone who was spinning in emotional CHAOS for AT LEAST a YEAR for entirely different reasons. AND the REALLY SCARY THING IS, TWIHARDS...

*I* WAS NOT nearly as obsessed as SOME of you out there are... BECAUSE I didn't read the books like SO MANY of you have - SEVERAL times over. I've been all-kinds of different levels of obsessed with things throughout my life - I KNOW what I'm talking about. While I may not be spinning "like you" - I KNOW what SOME of you MUST BE going through right now.

PLEASE believe me when I say, obsessions are NOT easy for everyone to control, THAT'S why they can be harmful. And SOMETIMES intense, internal reactions sneak up on us AFTER we're sure we've got a grip - sometimes long after (I certainly did NOT expect to be spinning about this for a year, but I was also doing things to KEEP my obsession going for SOME (and several) strange reasons - YOU don't have to flail that long, ha!). They can really become emotionally overwhelming for some of us if we aren't prepared for them.

Yeah, *I* worry about your HEARTS, especially you young girls... But not just them. :)

If you are someone who is NOT very familiar with Vampires, you can assume that the first part of this post does not apply to you. But for some of us - ESPECIALLY OLDER TWIHARDS WHO WERE ALREADY FAMILIAR WITH VAMPIRES - our obsessions are kind of a double-wammy.

I'm going to be talking mostly about Buffy/Angel fans because THOSE are the kind of fans I'm familiar with. AND I realize that NOT EVERY Buffy/Angel/Twilight Fan is going to fit into some of my explanations. ALOT of you previous Vampire fans brushed this story off because YOU could SEE (just like *I* can) that YOUNG GIRLS LOVE THIS STORY JUST THE WAY IT IS because The Twilight Saga IS beautiful if you're not familiar with Vampires - and we KNOW that so many people out there are not very aware or interested in them (like Stephenie).

The HOT stuff in here is for people who were familiar with Vampire Lore in general, AND who "get all this". "These kind" of obsessed Twihards will know who they are as they read this. Most of them will probably reject it - but not all of them have. (example: the ONE Lady I managed to help/convince who signed the petition. She could SEE HERSELF in here and realized she had become a "little over the top" in her obsession. BUT even SHE wasn't someone who was out here spouting anger towards Kristen - she was just heartbroken and a little flailing like most of us are. She was/is also "just a movie fan" like me.)

Not EVERYONE who is "over the top" in their obsession is like that BECAUSE of this Vampire stuff. It is just my STRONG suspicion (you'll see why later when I get to this point, better) that the majority of EXTRA-hot obsessions are coming from their camp - and yeah, they probably ARE the MINORITY of Twihards, but they also seem to be the LOUDEST, ha!

If you are NOT "getting" any of this Vampire stuff - it isn't for YOU, whether you are/were familiar with Vampires or not. It's just that MANY of us older girls (I KNOW because I DID THIS for AWHILE before I was DEBUNKED - see image I collected below, ha!) have taken things beyond where Twilight was meant to go. ;)

I'm also going to be pretty hard on "these kind" of overly-obsessed Twihards in here - frankly, SINCE they are GROWN-UPS *I* think they can handle it. But JUST SO you're not all TOO ANGRY with them by the time you get done with this; here's an explanation for Edward's DAMN COOL SPARKLES that someone who is VERY FAMILIAR with Vampires could ALSO have come up with - INSTEAD of clutching to their silly sexual fantasies with SUCH a DESPERATE grip! ALL of us ARE CAPABLE of coming up with stuff this NEAT - INCLUDING Stephenie Meyer. :)

Also, I know how the beginning of this looks... And yeah, you can expect some heat in here (but also a little fun). Sorry, I know you "older ladies" would prefer for me to tone this down some; but I have NO INTENTION of smoothing ANY of this over JUST SO YOU can feel less embarrassed!

When I first began to fall in love with Twilight (with the help of my friend, Steve - a couple months before Eclipse came out as a movie), it was AFTER all you Twihards were so obsessed. But *I* didn't realize that at the time... You were all SO CONVINCING that this was such a beautiful fairytale that I BELIEVED YOU for awhile... Maybe 4-5 months altogether. During this time, I would swim around to all those Twilight Fan sites. I really do NOT remember which fan site this came from - either Robsessed or TwilightMoms - maybe a different one, even.

This image that you see was the WINNER of some sort of "Twilight porn contest" - and of course, being JUST as degrading an ANY OTHER girl in the room (WHATEVER our ages); I thought it was pretty hysterical at the time, so I grabbed it. In fact, I remember thinking at the time, "Wow, this story MUST GET GOOD" LoL!

Gotta say... It isn't nearly as hysterical to me, now. This other image is just ONE example of the many ways the Twilight Franchise, itself - PROPAGATED these obsessions - EVERY WAY they could SUPPOSEDLY for YOUNG GIRLS.

You OLDER Twihards just couldn't push this pretty fantasy away as with any obsession when it was first published - right thing to do, or not - because, CHECK OUT Stephenie Meyer's MINDBOGGLING SEXUAL FANTASY GLARING THROUGH IT! (NO, not EVERYONE sees it and I WILL elaborate, ha!) While I'm sure YOUR'S is MUCH MORE explicit - GOD! Have you NO SHAME AT ALL?!! 

And DON'T TELL ME that "YOU aren't/weren't obsessed". It is AMAZING how Twihards conveniently both embrace and reject that word when it is used in reference to them - depending on the context.

If you are among fellow Twihards - YEAH, you are MORE than HAPPY to acknowledge your Twilight addiction. It's a bonding thing! But, let someone point out how bad and/or damaging Twilight is... THEN, it's "NO WAY, Twilight is HARMLESS, it's JUST a STORY that doesn't hurt ANYBODY!" (Kristen, Robert and their MILLIONS of FANS are NOT people?!)

I'm "one of you" and I know better - and so do you. Your excuses DO NOT FLY by me, Ladies. As far as *I* am concerned, this story was debunked AND declared harmful by MANY a long time ago. I'm just another person who got hurt (and NOW how MANY MORE people are there?!) and am digging up the not-buried-NEARLY deep-enough clues AFTER the fact - thanks, btw! (Yeah, that's sarcasm.)


I'm starting with a little humor cuz we could all sure use some - but at the same time, I'm going to show you what a semi-HEALTHY obsession looks like. I ORIGINALLY posted this YouTube video on my Buffy the Vampire pagewhich I put up as a diversion for us as all this was coming down. It's had quite a few hits, I hope it's helped. :) Now that I think about it - this ENTIRE PAGE is a GREAT EXAMPLE of a GOOD escape/obsession for young adults EN MASSE. But THIS video I specifically posted in here FOR ROBERT - yeah, even though he'll probably never read any of this stuff, ha! Here's why:

It MIGHT make you feel better to know that you WEREN'T the first Actor we girls went NUTS over who played a Vampire. This is JAMES MARSTERS AKA Spike. He's pretty much being worshiped and exploited by this one fan. Have you ever had a fan write AND sing a song for you? (Ok, YOU probably have, ha!) And even HE wasn't the first, THAT would be David Boreanaz (Angel). Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise I think skirted the edge of this kind of thing happening. We can probably thank/cuss out the Internet for that. But every once in awhile, we fans can get it right - video below in point. :)

Keep reading/watching - none of this may seem to connect at first, but I will connect the dots for you, later. I'm trying to introduce Spike and his 'appeal' on us fans in these top two videos - you'll see another one further down. :)

This is Spike telling Buffy WHY he loves her. HOWEVER, he could just as well be telling her WHY ALL of us fans love her! :) THANKS for being SUCH a lovable Buffy for ALL those years (and beyond), Sarah Michelle Gellar!

*I*, for one - am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer FAN who doesn't have ONE PROBLEM seeing Kristen Stewart in this video... Buffy was "EVERY GIRL" just like BELLA, and SO IS Kristen! Spike is literally SAVING an INCREDIBLY DEPRESSED Buffy in this scene after the WHOLE WIDE WORLD just rejected her...

I mean, REALLY... What did Kristen Stewart DO that was SO BAD that BELLA didn't do to Edward with Jacob?!

WHO is going to save OUR GIRL, now? :)

THIS is what Stephenie's pretty story was ABOUT! You've been embracing it, loving it and SOME of you have even been LIVING it for YEARS (Oh yeah, I'm familiar with ALL the different levels of obsessions). You die-hard Twilight Fans KNOW how to love like this! While Bella may be a perfect Vampire now, Kristen isn't - and we WOULDN'T (or at least, we SHOULDN'T) want her to be! (I, for one, am VERY MUCH looking forward to watching "On The Road", ha!)

It seems to me, after watching these Buffy/Angel Actors at Comic-Con this year... None of them really seem to be angry with us fans or hold any grudges (not that Robert would) - LEAST of all James Marsters. He seems NOTHING but PROUD of his place in the Buffyverse.

...And, as someone who was around during that time we fans WERE HARD on them, ha!

They couldn't go anywhere for awhile without fans and/or paparazzi hunting them down - because THAT'S who we were all interested in at the time. In fact, Joss Whedon and gang went to GREAT (and often silly) LENGTHS to keep both Buffy and Angel's series finale's a secret from fans before they were aired, LoL!

And as someone who has been around through BOTH Buffy AND Twilight's golden days - I can tell you without even SORT of a sliver of a DOUBT - that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had to deal with MORE SHIT than ANY OTHER CELEBRITY so CONSTANTLY or with such ARROGANT PERSISTENCE for such an EXTENDED period of time as these gossip rags and papsmears do now.

Paparazzi haven't changed through the decades, anyone will tell you that... They got to "teach Kristen a lesson" by abusing their beloved "freedom" to STALK and FOLLOW her in order to take those cheating pictures so they could make money off the tears, confusion and fury of YOUNG (and young at heart) Twilight Fans.

They DO NOT LIKE Kristen Stewart because she won't pose like a little princess for them "just to get them off her back" like alot of other celebrities do. She treats them with the same disrespect they treat her - so they HATE HER and ANY wedge they can THINK UP, much less actually FIND (like those photos) to RAM between her and her FANS - they use at every opportunity.

If this was TRULY a "story that needed to be told"; it COULD have come out AFTER BDp2 - these professional Hollywood marketing jerks KNEW what they hell they were doing AND they DAMN WELL KNEW how Kristen's OVER-OBSESSED FANS would react.

And what incredible luck, this time they got to include ROBERT and a few other people who probably didn't deserve it, either - again.

I bet they held a HUGE party that strung out over a couple of days in celebration... STOP reading their crap, it REALLY IS just that - CRAP!!

I HOPE we overly-obsessed Twihards haven't left EITHER of you with a permanent bad aftertaste, Robert and Kristen. Hopefully it will wear away SOON like our BAD obsessions. :)

Yes, I'm a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan but *I* still wasn't NEARLY as obsessed as SOME FANS were, LoL - probably because I didn't come in from the beginning. It was toward the end of Season Two - EXCITING STUFF was going on, someone introduced me to it, THEN BOOM - I fell FLAT on my face HEAD-over-HEELS in LOVE with it!

With ALL of it - NOT just Angel or Spike or Buffy... In fact, the Buffyverse eventually had its own Vampire-Human hybrid baby that we all fell in love with. And SINCE I'm using Buffy (in this beginning) to help show you a few things; this is a really good fan video someone put together of Connor & Angel. (Notice at the beginning of this, Darla - his Vampire mother is literally staking herself so that he can be born. This video is good but the song is PERFECT, it's a lullaby! Listen to the words all the way to the end (here's the lyrics!) if you're not familiar with it. I'll be making a point about them ahead.

YES, if it SEEMS like I'm TRYING to TUG on the HEARTSTRINGS of ALL YOU Buffy/Angel/VAMPIRE fans, (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, anyone?) I AM! *I* think you all just need a few reminders... AND you ARE JUST AS FORGIVABLE as ANYONE ELSE (including Stephenie Meyer) in this ENTIRE, WONKY Hollywood reality MOVIE of the YEAR PR STUNT - yes, despite ALL my ANGER that you see in here. I KNOW, being able to see both sides like this seems REALLY weird to you all - What can I say... It's part of being semi-crazy, LoL! :)

The video above is really how *I* feel about this ENTIRE situation... SO MANY of you out there LOVE this story JUST like it is written and can't even think about it any other way. And you know, if things would have STAYED OKAY - if OBSESSIONS wouldn't have gotten to the point where Kristen Stewart's LIFE seems to be in danger - DOESN'T that change things?

 This issue CONCERNS ME NOW even if it didn't before because NOBODY WAS (supposedly) GETTING HURT BEFORE (except for Kristen & Robert ALL THIS TIME; but THEY are getting paid PLENTY to pretty much FORFEIT their ENTIRE LIVES to us FANS who supposedly LOVE THEM so much, right?!)

For people like me who are FAMILIAR with Vampires AND who can ALSO SEE the BEAUTY in Twilight (with the help of things like the Connor/Demonslayer video above) - it's so sad.

But the MADDENING thing IS... THE WORLD (Hollywood and their various gossip/propaganda machines; people like Stephen King and SO MANY other celebrities, AND just "people you know" who like to POINT OUT how BAD Twilight is (not necessarily because of the baby) but DO NOTHING about ANYTHING!..

And ESPECIALLY OLDER Twilight ladies - PROBABLY the ones who were obsessed about these characters BEFORE they were made into movies BECAUSE they had spent SO MUCH TIME romping and playing with them and doing GOD knows WHAT ALL with them IN THEIR MINDS all that TIME (we'll get more into this shortly, I think I've managed to clarify things about this for you, better ahead)...

THESE people ARE "some of the people you'll meet" that the song "Demonslayer" talks about at the end in the video above. And WHO BETTER than CONNOR - Buffy's hybrid baby - to make that point for us? Renesmee IS COOL - and P*SS ON YOU ALL for POINTING OUT OTHERWISE!

EXCEPT for these "older obsessed Ladies", of course - they're just plain 'ol MEAN (and OFTEN to Kristen!) - THEY WANT this baby in here DESPITE what they KNOW about Vampires because THAT is PART of THEIR sexual fantasy surrounding this story - BUT it's EXTRA-POTENT because it's ALSO a VAMPIRE story - yeah, there is STILL more about this ahead, ha!

You all have NO IDEA how RELIEVED *I* am PERSONALLY to have NOT read The Twilight Saga when it first came out - KNOWING what I know about it, now. Because I AM SOMEONE who is JUST LIKE all these older Ladies that I'm talking about. And IF I HAD NOT come into Twilight through the MOVIES instead of reading it YEARS ahead of time; *I* could be as STRUNG OUT and BURIED in this obsession as SOME (far too many, it seems) of them are.

You think I'm exaggerating... You've seen/read some of the things they've had to say (after a year and a half, now!!) and how HOT some of them are - even sending out death threats! YES, I KNOW what I'm TALKING ABOUT... *I* "used" Star Trek: The Next Generation AND Deep Space Nine for 2-3 YEARS as an alternative world when I was going through a really tough time in my personal life. It CAN and DOES happen!!

Obsessions DEEP in the MIND like this ARE ALTERNATIVE LIVES, they are NO LONGER "ESCAPES"! (And again... it ISN'T just people "into Vampires" who are doing THIS - we'll get to "everyone else", later. :)

And you know... EVEN being THIS obsessed would be Ok IF they were keeping it to themselves and NOT being SO DAMN SCARY right now! It's been a MONTH and there are still some pretty HOT comments out there that I'm seeing from "these kind" of Twihards - YES, I RECOGNIZE YOU BIOTCHES!!! (Damn, do any of you have ANY idea what it's like to be THE ONLY PERSON who SEEMS (I know I'm NOT - see side links) to be able to SEE ANY OF THIS STUFF, LoL!)

Admittedly, *I* didn't really get into Twilight's hybrid baby until I did the rewrite - UNTIL I made her believable, and THAT'S when I fell in love with her, ha! I never got to the point of fleshing her character out, though - THAT little character has TONS of potential!! BUT SINCE the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has ALREADY EXCUSED this story the way it is, now - WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO PICK ON IT?!!

It's ONE thing if you're someone who has been debunked like me... But for THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NO INVESTMENT in this story, WHY do you CONTINUE to poke at it like you do?! OH YEAH... It's because THAT'S HOW YOU MAKE MONEY and/or YOU DON'T CARE about anyone or anything beyond your own selfish, lame obsessions WHATEVER those are for YOU!

I'm REALLY starting to get p*ssed about ALL these CELEBRITIES that have SO DAMN MUCH TO SAY, NOW!! Some of them have been MY FAVORITES at some point - ANGELINA and BRUCE!! KNOCK it OFF!! Sorry Will Ferrell... While I LOVED the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" you've never been "my type"; and I'm only ALL TO HAPPY to be pointing that out, now. :)

And Angelina... COME ON... *I* won't go into all the JUDGEMENTAL remarks that are FLYING AT YOU now from us Twihards regarding the DOMESTIC BLISS situation that you somehow meandered into via YOUR OWN Naughty Hollywood scandal - because *I* actually still liked you for awhile after that AND could have cared LESS about ANY of it - YOU'RE WELCOME!

Who the hell are YOU Angelina Jolie (and WHERE the HELL are our FAVORITE VAMPIRES BRAT PITT and TOM CRUISE during all of this - SURELY you had to RESEARCH those ROLES?!) AND Bruce "Diehard" Willis?! You've ALL got KIDS that you ALL SEEM to ADORE - NONE of this HAD EVER concerned ANY you before this Hollywood BULLSH*T, AT ALL?!

I mean, as long as REAL BLOOD isn't gushing out of a FLESH WOUND they are ALL FINE, right?!!

Sorry, dammit... I've talked about a few of my various "Kristen Stewarts" throughout my life in this blog, and Angelina is/ was JUST ANOTHER one of them!! WHERE are the JODIE FOSTERS and the PRINCESS DIANAS of the WORLD?!!

Yeah, I'm an ARIES (you DIEHARD Twihards know what that means) and I JUST don't give a FLYING FIG what ANY of you think about either me OR my observations about ANY of this - I don't care who the hell you are. ;)

Enough with the side tangent... BACK to BUFFY!

We BUFFY FANS were JUST AS INSANE as all you Twihards were... These videos are JUST a COUPLE of KAZILLIONS, ha! But we never stopped there... We fans explored the relationships of these characters EVERY POSSIBLE WAY that you could. We crossed Buffy with GILES (shame on you!), Buffy with Xander, Buffy with EVERY GUY on the show, ha! We crossed Angel with Faith and Willow with Spike and OZ with TARA... We did SO MANY CRAZY THINGS because SOME of us WERE OBSESSED (moreso than others) and DIDN'T we HAVE FUN?! Yeah, we were ALL (including ALL GENDERS) COMPLETELY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH ALL of Buffy/Angel's characters. 

If YOU are doing any of this kind of thing with Twilight (I've seen some really cute stuff out there) - EVEN IF "Edward & Bella" ARE your MAIN FAVORITES - if THIS is how you "think of" Kristen and Robert THROUGH their CHARACTERS (like the lady in the song above is singing about SPIKE and pretty much worshiping the actor James Marsters OVER SPIKE) - you are in the SEMI-HEALTHYISH kind of obsession (even if IT IS more intense than it SHOULD BE) with Twilight BECAUSE you are seeing these characters AS STEPHENIE ORIGINALLY MEANT FOR THEM TO BE SEEN! :)

Twilight Fan obsessions surrounding Robert & Kristen may have STARTED with the character of Edward Cullen... But there are REASONS WHY *WE ALL* went beyond that... (You NEED to keep reading, Twihards - we CERTAINLY didn't MEAN to become TOO obsessed with "just Robert and/or Kristen"). 

YES, we older girls get into fairytales, too - MANY of us are RIGHT IN HERE with you girls, ha! DAMN, if there is ONE thing that WILL REMAIN a CONSTANT throughout your lives; it's that you will NEVER STOP BELIEVING in them, ha!
 (Although DO be CAREFUL - apparently, it is PERFECTLY OKAY for writers to DEBUNK you from them, nowadays! ;)

In FACT, the SIMILARITY between *me*, the rest of us "older girls who get this story" (like you younger fans do), AND EVERY SINGLE debunked and/or estranged Twilight Fan that came before me - is that WE ALL (YES, ESPECIALLY ESTRANGED TWIHARDS) "GET" this story!

When you LOVE something you FIGHT for it!!

HOWEVER... MANY older Twihards who KNEW about all this stuff I have written in here AND VAMPIRES before this fairytale EVER sparkled in Stephenie Meyer's dream SEE THESE CHARACTERS DIFFERENTLY than the rest of us do... SIMPLY BECAUSE the author of this saga was too damn much IN LOVE with her OWN sparkly dream/obsession; and she JUST WASN'T CURIOUS enough about VAMPIRES to DEFINE them for her WORLD AUDIENCE BEFORE she published Breaking Dawn.

And ALL THESE OLDER LADIES were no doubt thinking about these characters ALOT more like this ALL THAT TIME...

This is a really good video of BUFFY fighting HER INTENSE OBSESSION over Spike. YEAH we FANS were obsessed with him, too - with SPIKE! It was the FUN kind of an obsession where we were FAR MORE FASCINATED with the CHARACTERS and the STORYLINES - very MUCH like the MAJORITY of reviews/rants/blogs of estranged Twilight Fans - they ALWAYS talk about EVERYTHING and EVERY character. *I* don't even KNOW who some of these characters are, and they speak PASSIONATELY about them. YES, these people LOVED this story at one point in time - maybe some of them still do.

AFTER watching Buffy's Obsession video above AND IF "50 Shades of Grey" was really inspired by Twilight - Maybe NOW the connections about how that is possible are a little more obvious. NOT that I'm picking on that book, now - but I would think it would help for those of you who CAN'T SEE the sexual fantasy floating around in Twilight to SEE IT better.

I am EVEN willing to concede that it is POSSIBLE that some of you "older Ladies" who were familiar with Vampires (ESPECIALLY Movie Fans) MIGHT NOT BE REALIZING this connection. But you can be SURE that the REST of us "GET IT" - and SOME of you out there have "GOTTEN IT" for YEARS far more directly through the books!

No, I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey and I have no desire to. But all *I* need to know is "what it's ABOUT" in order to KNOW HOW it could have been inspired by Twilight. THAT should tell you what people with PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE of Vampires SEE IN Twilight that Stephenie Meyer probably wasn't able to see herself - BECAUSE she didn't know much about them. BINGO - I REALLY do NOT think she would have written it this way if she had known. Stephenie has probably been flabbergasted by the success of her saga. It's because SO MANY people CAN SEE what she probably DIDN'T MEAN to write.

Basically, THESE OBSESSED TWIHARDS have made BOTH Edward AND Bella out to be MUCH MORE than they were originally MEANT TO BE - an ODD couple in a sweet, MAGICALLY-ROMANTIC fairytale for YOUNG GIRLS!

LADIES... Do you have ANY idea how MADDENING it is to have had one of your FAVORITEmythical creatures kidnapped and then molested at will by MILLIONS of desperate, incredibly-wanting, GROWN WOMEN?! I would imagine it was even more infuriating for the young adults (who this "saga" was supposedly written FOR) who were debunked by this story in 2008, already. I mean, WHO the HELL do you people think you are?! ESPECIALLY when WE KNOW this story COULD have been written BOTH beautifully AND right!

Can you IMAGINE what Twilight COULD HAVE BEEN if Stephenie had done JUST a little bit of research - just BASED on KNOWING how obsessed some of these "older Ladies" have gotten. YES! They have REASONS for seeing Twilight like this, ha!

And yeah... THAT'S pretty much the reason WHY we can all forgive Stephenie for all this. She was just being a GOOFBALL, ha! That is REALLY one of the MADDENING things about this situation - all this seems like a great big HUGE ACCIDENT! That's WHY I'm SO DAMN MAD at Stephenie's PUBLISHERS!!!

YES! The WHOLE WIDE WORLD KNOWS about ALL of this... THAT'S WHY they MAKE FUN of Twilight like they ALWAYS HAVE! Because all any of THEM can see is the silly sexual fantasy they ASSUME we're ALL into! NONE of them can see THE BEAUTY in TWILIGHT like the REST of us can!! (Of course, these older, desperate housewives are NOT helping with OUR REPUTATION!)

Do you EVEN REMEMBER WHAT a VAMPIRE IS, Buffy & Angel FANS?! (Give me a break here, I've been DYING to tell "these ladies" OFF for awhile now, ha!) I've seen you all around the web condoning this story over and over again. "I was a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for YEARS, and Twilight is JUST FINE the way it is!"

Like, JUST because YOU SAY SO, because YOU supposedly know SO MUCH MORE about Vampires than anyone else who condoned these books/movies; MAKES this incredibly dysfunctional story Ok and we should ALL be able to pass it off. Apparently, we're supposed to see you as PROFESSIONALS regarding this subject.

We've all already seen what "professionals" consider to be presentable within Twilight. All you Buffy fans are pretty much traitors in my opinion - yeah, I'm hard on everybody in here because YOU ALL DID THIS. You were just... desperate for another Vampire "fix" and Twilight was "good enough".

You KNOW what is WRONG with Twilight... And you brush it off DESPITE all this (again, see side links)...

Those of you who knew better AND pass this crap off, KNOWING... You are RIGHT up there with Stephenie Meyer in my disrespect and disgust. SHE should have SEEN all this stuff and been paying attention BEFORE she made Breaking Dawn into a movie; and YOU ALL should have been encouraging her to make the changes that needed to be changed instead of helping her force it on us all like this.

ALL KINDS of people have gotten HURT over this silly saga - FIRST it was the ORIGINAL book FANS that the ENTIRE TWILIGHT FRANCHISE - and most especially Stephenie Meyer, herself - ABANDONED after ALL HER OBVIOUS AMATEUR MISTAKES WERE EXPOSED at THAT POINT!!

And NOW... While the REST of us obsessed Twihards are sad/upset/crying... You're ALL out there with your JUDGMENTAL SELVES - SMUG as STEPHENIE MEYER in your supposedly INNOCENT little fairytale content as can be NOW that THE REAL BELLA has APPARENTLY been rejected by YOUR delusion of Prince Charming/Edward Cullen/Christian Grey- dang, I CAN'T believe I know that name off the top of my head without reading it, ha!

GOSH, doesn't that just make your ALTERNATIVE FANTASY WORLD that much EASIER to ENJOY, now, LADIES?!! I mean, it MUST be EASIER to just slip YOURSELVES back into KRISTEN'S ROLE, now! You HOPE she stays away - you're just HOPING...

I came into this argument late (obviously, VERY late)... YOU ladies SHOULD have already taken care of all this by now. But, what you did instead was... Throw an even BIGGER, incredibly selfish, LOUD FIT anytime anyone said anything bad (or logical) about your Twilight Penthouse fantasy. I know you could care less about my opinion and you won't be losing any sleep over it. That's why I don't have a problem saying it - the feeling is mutual. ;)


The video above sort of condenses alot of this information for you and it tells alot about "my story" and how I got hung up on Twilight. (Ignore the petition in here, it is old and irrelevant now.) Be prepared to hit the pause button (and turn the volume down a bit around 2:20 - you can punch it back up again after that, ha!). And DANG this is a POIGNANT video now that I'm rewatching it! These videos were ORIGINALLY made months ago for estranged Twilight Fans who had been DEBUNKED by Breaking Dawn in 2008 because I thought THAT was who I was sticking up for at the time, ha! Seems like alot of it still - and almost more so now - APPLIES. We'll see if any other Twihards think so...

There are a few different reasons for EXTREME Twilight obsessions - I've split my clues into 3 parts below. Hopefully, one or all of them will make sense to you. It's pretty AMAZING that NONE of this was ever caught OR questioned by OTHER professional literary organizations. But, books that make money are obviously forgiven - even if they CAUSE destructive personal behavior AND emotional turmoil among the public consciousness.

The rest of this post has been cut off due to articles being written, and repetitive content being eliminated in here as a result - HOWEVER, the conclusion is below. It was too important to this post to leave it off. I'm pretty sure it inspired the majority of the emails I received, ha!

This article is the most recent, concise and condensed version (8/23/13) of the rest of this post, and includes information on everything I've discovered and written about this subject.

4/2014: The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in Internetland This post goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s different FanFactions developed and progressed. It is also the BEST REASON for ALL Twihard & Current Anti-Twihard Fans to UNITE.

This next link (below) is another concentrated culmination of this much longer post above - simply because I didn't start to realize alot of this stuff surrounding our obsessions UNTIL we all started to go BONKERS with this PR scandal, although I did realize SOME of it earlier. I had to go through this long post (above) to be able to create these shorter ones.

What's wrong with TwilightThis is a graphic play-by-play explaining our Twilight addictions using fan-created images - both debunked and otherwise. I did NOT make any new ones, I simply collected them and put them on display. Since this is so much more graphic, it will either be easier for some of you or hurt - depends, be careful. Guard your heart and put a shield around it so your head can read this stuff because it's important. WHY did we get so NUTS, and WHY did we become OVERLY-preoccupied with the REAL LIVES of the main actor/actress who play our favorite characters?

What's Wrong with Twilight Chapter One: First Sight?



The Twilight Saga COULD have been an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL FAIRYTALE. But because the AMATEUR AUTHOR apparently didn't care much about her beloved heroine to flesh her out into an ACTUAL CHARACTER for us to fall in love with; AND because she didn't CARE A RATS BUTT about EDWARD BEING an ACTUAL VAMPIRE despite her ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME "Vampire Loverboy" DREAM - all this "saga" is NOW (especially since SUMMIT obviously REFUSED to correct any of this dysfunction through the movies) is one great big HUGE (preventable) ACCIDENT! 

As far as *I* can see... There isn't MUCH to be proud of with Twilight anymore. And TWO of the FEW reasons to be REALLY PROUD of this saga right now have been UNDER SERIOUS ATTACK from SOME of us Twihards for FAR TOO LONG - because of OUR INTENSE  - and again, preventable - OBSESSIONS.

These ridiculous, amateurish REASONS we became obsessed is probably WHY KRISTEN Stewart has been SO TORMENTED about "Being Bella" for YEARS. SOME girls/women LOVE her, some HATE her... Because we ARE BELLA/Kristen - to varying degrees - in our HEADS". And EVERY TIME she does something "We wouldn't do", Twihards come down on her HARD simply for NOT being like US - because HER relationship with Robert/Edward FEELS LIKE OUR RELATIONSHIP, TOO!

KRISTEN couldn't do ANYTHING RIGHT for ALOT of Twilight Fans BEFORE this EVER happened; and NOW all this is just a REALLY HANDY EXCUSE to CRUCIFY HER (and WOOT, maybe you'll get LUCKY and she'll GO AWAY) for NOT BEING YOU and/or NOT doing things the way YOU would do FROM DAY ONE.

She couldn't play the part of Bella right for MANY of you, and she DAMN WELL wasn't a good enough girlfriend for your PRECIOUS Edward/Robert. Those of you who were HOOKED on these two as A COUPLE and are NOW seeing RED need to go take SEVERAL LONG COLD SHOWERS - AND MAYBE EVEN SIT in a BATHTUB FULL of ICE for AWHILE!!!

I've come across LOTS of BULLSH*T online about Kristen Stewart from MANY girls (I don't CARE WHAT your ages are!) over the past couple of years. You were WAY out of line then, and you're WAY out of line, NOW!

Kristen MAY express how ANNOYED she is from time to time in interviews about you "f*cking crazy" people (it's Okay Kristen - you were SPOT ON, girl!); BUT *I* have seen and read NOTHING but LOVE and SUPPORT and DEFENSE for the character of BELLA from her from DAY ONE (and she's had to do ALOT of that)! She OBVIOUSLY loves this character AS MUCH - IF NOT MORESO - than ANY OF YOU DO!

And THIS is a girl who actually dressed up as DRACULA for Halloween when she was younger - not a "girly one" - but COMPLETE with WIDOWS PEAK and MAYBE EVEN SCARY FANGS, ha! Don't TELL ME that she isn't the PERFECT DAMN BELLA!

Those of you who need to talk to someone, you are WELCOME to send me an email. I'm pretty sure there is NOTHING you can say to me that will surprise me about what you're going through, and sometimes saying things "out loud" like this in an online forum feels "too close".

And, many girls are mentioning some variation of this in their emails, and they're RIGHT - trying to explain what's going on with your hearts and minds right now DOES make it sound like you're CRAZY to this cold, cruel world - and they're being SO damn insensitive and MEAN about all this right now.

I "get" feeling semi-crazy and living in alternative fantasy worlds - both temporary AND for extended periods of time (mine was Star Trek for a long time way back when, ha!). You're NOT crazy, girls - and you DO NOT sound crazy to me.

While I may not be a professional therapist, I'm pretty good at listening and being supportive with NO judgements. And yeah, you are ALSO WELCOME to rip me a new one with your words if THAT is the kind of vent you need, Twihards. Lay it on me, I've been doing this for awhile and I can 1) take it; and 2) understand where it's coming from, too.

If you don't feel like doing anything, but you feel crappy and feel like you need to do SOMETHING to feel better... Write someone a letter and/or an apology (you'll find info on Kristen/Robert addresses here as well as a couple good tools to help you deal with your maybe still somewhat spinning emotions.) You don't have to actually send any letters to anyone unless you really feel like you need to, however. They'll see the change in our attitudes and ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS - We Twihards LOVE ALL of our Twilight ACTORS and ACTRESSES, no matter WHAT!! :)

But, if you are someone who CAN say something out loud - please do by leaving a comment at the end of this post. I am NOT imagining ANY of this... SOME people ARE still having a hard time dealing, and knowing that other people are going through it too, would HELP! The girls who are contacting me are feeling semi-silly on TOP of hurt and alone because NO ONE is saying ANYTHING.

Except for me... But, I'm pretty sure people KNOW you're out there, girls... Not saying anything isn't convincing any of us that you don't exist. You're all leaving behind way too much evidence. :)

Here's what HEARTBROKEN Twihards are STILL Saying

Here's what Twihard Kristen/Robert Resenters are STILL SAYING

HELP for a Persistent Twilight and/or Robsten Obsession You are not alone, Twihards – this is how the majority of you find me, through those kinds of ‘help with a Twilight / Robsten obsession’ keywords. That isn’t unusual since the tabloids keep bashing at you like they have. It makes ANY obsession hard to get past. This is actually a soothing read for most Twilight Fans no matter where you’re at in your obsession, who you’re mad at or what your opinions are.

- Catherine

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