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Defining Twilight's Various Fanbases - What is the Difference Between a Twilight Fan, a Twihard, an Anti-Twilight Fan, Robsessed, Krisbian and Robsten...

Yeah, I actually stick up for Steph in here; but you have to wade through to the end. ;)

The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in InternetlandThis post is a summary of this link - it goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s different FanFactions developed and progressed. You can consider this post (below) to be a beginner's overview.

Both of these posts are also the BEST REASONS for ALL Twilight & Current Anti-Twilight Fans to UNITE.

This is how I know so much about what’s going on with ‘robsten’It was sort of a side-effect of doing all this research on Twilight from a movie fan’s perspective long before these dumb scandals started.

Not ONE TIME have *I* ever wished for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to break up; nor have I ever thought that they were perfect for each other.

I’ve been Switzerland. ;)

Current Twilight Fan Type Definitions

Twilight Fan - Consists of the majority of Twilight's various fanbases (because they often bleed into each other). This type of fan is a generic fan of the series, and appreciates it for what it is - 'just a story'. Most of these fans do not 'get' why so many other fans are so incensed, still.

Twihard - An overly-obsessed fan who was probably around since the Twilight books were popular, before the movies came out - but not necessarily. Many Twihards developed at the beginning of the movie series (they have continued to develop); and have been defending it, since - along with Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson (and/or their characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen).

Anti-Twilight, Anti-Twihard, and the newest term, just 'anti-fan' - These terms have evolved since Breaking Dawn was published and the movies started coming out. They USED to mean 'an ex-fan of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer' who didn't appreciate the way she finished her books.

NOW it refers to generic 'anti-fans' of Twilight - many of whom have become anti-fans (or superfans) of either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson for various reasons surrounding Twilight and/or tabloid manipulation, in general.

This is often someone who became a fan of Twilight and/or became a fan of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson THROUGH Twilight; but who eventually rejected whatever part of it was unappealing to them - similar to the way many Twilight book fans 'divorced' the book, Breaking Dawn, from the series when they rejected it in 2008.

Anti-fan opinions vary GREATLY, but most of them agree on one thing - there is definitely something very wrong with The Twilight Saga.

Robsessed - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Robert Pattinson... These fans are a mix of Twilight and Anti-Twilight fans; but ANTI-fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation, and they are usually (of course not always) OLDER fans.

Since Rob seems to have been dating FKA Twigs and I've had a chance to watch fan-reactions; it really seems like robsessed fans who are heartbroken about it were also Twilight Fans - while those who are happy about it seem to be mostly anti-twilight fans. That actually kind of makes sense...

I mean, FKA Twigs cannot be mistaken for Bella Swan. Dammit, Edward - I mean, Robert - what the heck are you thinking!!! ;)

It also seems like there is an age difference - younger heartbroken fans seem to be mostly 'robsten' fans (probably because most of them see Twilight - and Bella Swan & Edward Cullen - the way Steph wrote it). I'm still watching the situation. ;)

Krisbian - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

Robsten - A fan who is overly-obsessed about Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson as a couple... These fans also are a mix of Twilight and Anti-fans; but the majority of these fans are OFTEN younger than 'robsessed' fans; and TRUE Twilight Fans seem to make up the majority of this fanbase variation.

And since krisbian and robsten YOUNG fans COMBINED don't begin to add up to 'robsessed' fans - that is why I continued this subject on my original blog. Someone needs to. I'm sorry, I just don't think it's a ridiculous thing to be sticking up for the hearts and minds of emotionally-invested young (and young-at-heart) girls.

I used to be one, once - we all were. And we all know how important these obsessions are in both expressing ourselves and growing into adults. Not to mention, the escapes we need during that time....

We girls of the 70's 80's  & 90s ever had to go through anything like the obsession-bashing that gossip tabloids have been intentionally instigating on Twilight & Anti-Twilight fangirlz for profits.

Why are so many more 'robsessed' people older and/or anti-fans?

Simply because of the professionally-negligent and harmful way the publisher, Little, Brown and Company, published all four Twilight Saga books.

The Twilight Movie Franchise failed as miserably as Little, Brown and Company when they could have 'set things right' instead of ignoring roughly half of their impassioned & embattled fanbase.

Twilight has created many divisions including:

1) Age (Younger and older girls perceive this story differently, depending - especially if they had pre-established views about make-believe vampires before Twilight's vamps.)

2) Gender (Why are the majority of Twilight Fans women? Yes, it's a chick-flick - but Buffy never had a problem with offending the opposite - or even the same - gender; and she had at least THREE 'vamp' boyfriends, ha!)

OMG! Am I really sticking up for Stephenie Meyer?

So many people would like to blame Stephenie Meyer for the bad publishing that Twilight received; and it is TRUE that she dug her heels in against the advice of her editors. But, most ANY amateur author would have done that - although probably not with as much misplaced pride and ignorance.

I have no idea what the publisher said to Stephenie Meyer about not wanting to publish the last book, Breaking Dawn - but based on the insurmountable evidence, we can guess.

But in the end, I find it difficult to believe that the lack of professional editing was all her fault - and this, along with the shallow characters & storyline that ANY professional editor would have corrected before publishing it - is what directly caused all the over-obsessions surrounding it.

I've read that she insisted on editing the books (mostly) herself - especially the last one that they didn't want to publish. I can be mad at her for essentially 'forcing' her last book on Humanity like this - but not blame her for trying and even winning, as an amateur author.

Her PUBLISHER should not have published Twilight like that; and/or should have insisted on the changes, corrections and EDITING that needed to be done. 

That is the sole reason why The Twilight Saga is so 'special'. Because no other publisher would have published a book like that - especially for naturally-impressionable young adults.

This article is actually about self-publishing; but the jist of what he is talking about IS WHAT (somehow) happened to Stephenie Meyer's saga:

Author John Green "We must strike down the insidious lie that a book is the creation of an individual soul labouring in isolation. We must strike it down because it threatens the overall quality and breadth of American literature," he said. "They hold me up as an example but I am not an example of publishers or bookstores extracting value because without an editor my first novel, Looking for Alaska, would have been unreadably self-indulgent…(I know The Twilight Saga is not that unreadable for alot of you - but, it is for others of us.)

The entire Twilight series was never given the treatment nor professional editing that a book that is going to be 'professionally published' usually receives - that isn't Steph's fault. And if she got pushy with her editors and supposedly 'forced' them to publish these books this way - then again, SHAME on Little, Brown, & Company for doing such a professionally-negligent job.

- And double-shame on Summit Entertainment AND Stephenie Meyer for not listening to the VALID complaints from Twilight's divided book fanbase; and not taking responsibility for the accidental over-obsessions that were caused as a result of all this negligent book publishing and movie producing.

And QUADRUPLE-SHAME on Hollywood's tabloids and paparazzi for being such incredible JERKS in taking advantage of the OBVIOUS and INFAMOUS 'accidental' over-obsessions of diehard fangirlz for SO DAMN LONG!!!

FAMEFLYNET, et ALL... You made young girls CRY and you didn't write ONE DAMN GOOD SONG LYRIC to do it - I was not impressed at the beginning; and I'm even less so, now. When I picked up this trail on the day AFTER it started on July 25, 2012 - I KNEW you were being manipulative, MISOGYNISTIC *sses; but I could not possibly have dreamed that you would all collectively take things as far as you have.

Not one fan or anti-fan has a
good reason to not unite.
(Sorry, I wrote this shortly after Robert's Rover Smear;
so I was really ramped up and mad, still, ha!)

SIGN THE PETITION for Hollywood Tabloids & Paparazzi to Reform Their
Own Well-Protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment or
BRAINSTORM to figure out something else that WILL WORK

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