Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Truth About Robsten Comments & What About the Petition for Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform?

Actual Post Date: 7/30/13

Okay, this is the place to debate the summary you just read. Let's discuss this subject, poke holes in my theories and see if we can't reach a consensus.

It would be really nice to be able to sock it to the paps & gossip rags in a united TwiFront. We ALL - including Kristen & Robert - deserve to be set free from these chaotic PR assaults.

If you don't like the idea of a petition... Anyone have any other ideas?

Does anyone even give a flying fig anymore? ;)

This is a comment post, but I am still trying to get people to talk to me in here aside from using my email (many of you obviously prefer email). This intro is meant to promote a conversation - but you can just scroll down a little to speak your mind. This beginning is not necessarily imperative to read.

Update 5/29/14 - This is an interesting blog stat: I receive three types of emails - 1) Haters of Kristen but who also hate me now, too. In two years, I have NEVER heard from a ‘robsessed’ fan other than to be hateful. 2) Heartbroken Twilight, ‘Robsten’ and/or Kristen fans of all ages – but most of them DO SEEM to be OLDER fans who are still incredibly hung up on ‘robsten’. Make no mistake, however – many young girls are just as heartbroken, they don’t visit this blog as often. You’ll find THEIR comments on Twitter and in fansites. (Believe it or not, I generally respect fansites and don't pound them like I do the tabloids - those places are sacred with few exceptions. ;)

But the fans I hear from the most are the most unusual and I haven’t really thought about it until now: 3) other amateur writers and/or English teachers (yeah, a couple) who also ‘get’ the overly-obsessive writing aspects of Stephenie’s writing that I talk about in here; acknowledging it, while often (not always) sticking up for Steph’s writing at the same time (and at least half the time they also thank me for these blogs because they KNOW some fans need it).

This is actually a really good example of one of these emails in an old post – check it out if you’re having problems believing me. You’ll find comments from amateur authors in here, too. It is amazing how many of them are into The Twilight Saga – probably because Stephenie started out as one, maybe? It’s not a bad reason to admire her.

Another interesting thing about these last type of emails: EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has AGREED with me about ‘what happened to Kristen that day’; the details of the smear campaign; and that the tabloids & papz are relentless to Rob & Kris. And yet – very few of them sign the petition because they BELIEVE that tabloids have an invincible right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and/or ‘Freedom of the Press’. They DON’T.

Update 2/21/14 - Okay, I know it's hard to get a conversation going in here - maybe the conversation needs to be different. Comment on either one of these issues below - this can be a vent or an opinion-place - but please no more hate. There is plenty of that 'out there'.

Let's talk about what would be on our dream list of 'reforms' we would all like to see on the petition. There have been a few good suggestions within petition comments... But I have been thinking about re-writing the petition (if anyone 'more Twi-appropriate' wants to host it, let me know. I have no problem with not being the front person on this - and in fact, would be HAPPY to pass this Twi-torch on to a Twi-leader).

This is what the petition looks like now. I've been thinking about re-writing it because I'm wondering if the reason why so many of you are not signing it is because it's not very 'formal'. If we took the time to list our demands and make it sound 'official' - perhaps that will turn the tide? I would be happy to run drafts by you for revisions before posting it again.

Unfortunately (I hate to say this), we seem to have lots of time to perfect both our stance on this subject and what we want to do about it in order to fight back in a united front. These PR assaults are not stopping, nor have they slowed down - they simply ebb & flow as tabloids discover new crap to highlight upon.

I think they were starting to, but the New Year's Eve hoax dust-up has probably re-invigorated the Twilight Fanbase to make tabloid 'robsten rumors' profitable again.

Yeah, we really should do something, peeps - no matter what side you're on. This is just wrong.

12/25/13 - Email exchange from August as mentioned in the comment, below.


Btw, if you need someone to talk to in private about your Twilight obsession, you are WELCOME to contact me in email. I AM keeping things private - and no, you would not be the only one to have reached out like that - MANY fans are seriously flailing and 'feeling like they're drowning'. If you need help or support with ANY of this stuff, send me an email: Catherine -


  1. This is just an FYI because as nice as it is, this is starting to become frustrating for me:

    I'm starting to receive a semi-steady trickle of EMAILS from some really nice TwiLadies who are thanking me 'for doing this'; but those ladies aren't saying anything 'out loud' on these blogs, nor are they signing the petitions. (I'll probably lose those emails now, Oh well.)

    I am so perplexed by you all... Honestly, if I was doing this for you, I probably would just give up.

  2. I know, it's it funny... After all this time, no one still has a thing to say. :)

  3. Honestly, I really do not understand why no one is saying anything in here, yet. You're definitely coming in here to see if a conversation is going. Come on, I'm not an unreasonable monster - we can talk about this subject and iron things out together.