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Early Comments on the Paparazzi Reform Petition

I'm starting this out with a couple of comments not on the petition, because they are recent. This first one is an article comment exchange regarding someone's opinion about trying to reform Hollywood's tabloids & paparazzi through a petition:

Catherine, listen Posted at 3:02 PM on April 13, 2014
Cath, you’re petition is a joke. If you were really serious, you would organize an economic boycott of HL and places like that. That’s what Twitter is for, duh. Target the advertisers on this site. That kind of campaign, where it actually hits them in the pocketbook would be much more effective than your lame worthless petition.

My response: What are the ADVERTISERS doing wrong? It is the TABLOIDS & PAPZ who do this in order to get attention FOR them. I’m sure the majority of them aren’t even paying attention. And if the Twilight Fanbase were to start coming down on THEM – THEY would just come back on US and make fun of us (as the WORLD does). Twilight Fans would be the ones who would get HURT the most – again.

THIS is WHY the petition is for ALL celebrities - ALL of them (and their fans) need these changes.
A BOYCOTT attempt is exactly what HL and every other tabloid would LOVE for us to try. (And don’t think I don’t promote that on my blog - every damn ONE of them should be SHUNNED until they can figure out how to insert more INTEGRITY & TRUTH into their INTENTIONALLY-mean ‘rumors’!!!)

The reason why they want that is because a BOYCOTT WILL NEVER WORK!! There are too many people, and too many of them WILL ‘sneak a peak’.

But, a UNIFIED SCREAM in the form of a petition HAS been the start of MANY changes in this wonky world (because no one likes to deal with it. It's just, 'let's SHUT them UP' - ha! But ONLY if it is LOUD and angry enough. Are we there yet, fans? ;)

This comment is not on the petition, it's in the comments below that post - AND it is the most recent one to come through here about this subject, so I thought I'd share:

January 18, 2014 at 6:12 AM

freedom of speech/press. sure you can ask for reform... but its not the media thats the problem, its the public buying into trash thats the problem. the media is a buisness. they sell what is statically proven to sell. if the public begins to boycott offensive trash headlines/articles statistics will change and then thr media will reform. why? because thats where thr next dollar will be. Very little is governed by moral responsibility. its all cash kids (Btw, *I* have already SAID ALL THIS in here, DUH!! Also, prostitution and child trafficking are 'businesses about cash' and we don't allow them to be legal, do we?)
FIRST: I am VERY suspicious of this person because the message that is left is THE SAME ONE Twilighter from the silly "Justice for Kristen" blog kept trying to shove down my throat. *I* honestly think that at least SOME of these 'Robsten fake photos/staged stunt' websites are backed by Hollywood's tabloids. These sites have done MORE HARM than the tabloids, themselves. They know DAMN WELL that we will NEVER be able to succeed in a boycott against them because too many people will 'sneak a peak' - that's probably why they keep pushing it.
SECOND: Hollywood's tabloids & paparazzi CAN REFORM to make their content more responsible by doing things like NAMING THEIR SOURCES (that is NOT a violation of Freedom of Speech to require them to name the source of every damn one of their 'rumors'.)
THIRD: Don't let people like this kill the mission... Remember 'back in the day' when daytime talk shows used to be so nasty and everyone started SCREAMING about it? Those kinds of shows became niches at night and Oprah changed the entire format of her show... Oprah's 'Angel Network' NOR her Book Club might not EXIST if it wasn't for OUR SHRILL SCREAMS.

These early comments on the petitions are starting to get buried, and I thought they might be helpful. Not everyone leaves a comment, so I will try to keep them updated in here. But, these are from the beginning until January 2014. (Btw, there is only one petition now - but you can sign it via Twitter or Email, your choice.)


We just want them to be treated like Humans, please...

stop picking on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!!

I'm not up for creating any new laws, and this never works - but it would be ideal if you would all regulate yourselves and start treating celebs better.

I agree with Larry. Self regulate and clean up your industry. Its not the sort of thing people should be dying over. Really.

These changes are definitely needed. It isn't even fun watching gossip programming anymore. It's just frustrating.

Stop paparazzi/tabloid abuse. Join the fight to reform the paparazzi/tabloid press. It's our business how far we let them go.

Paparazzi: You killed Princess Diana with your car chasing; how many more people will you kill with you GREED? Gossip Mags - there are no words for them. They're lying, insinuating rumor mongers who defame & maim people with their rumors started just so their headline will draw buyers of their trash. Seriously, you all are damaging a LOT more than celebrities with your trashy articles for "unknown sources" and "friends". You seem to enjoy, especially, writing about women celebs/stars in such a cruel way, that I wonder often "Who's going to commit suicide next?" Mindy McCready, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole, Britney Spears, Princess Diana, I could go on with how many have attempted suicide over the years. Your bullying, character defaming articles served as part of the catalysts to drive these women to that choice. Take responsibility in your actions, or one day, your rags will be out of business! I hope you're sued repeatedly for your printed words until you're bankrupt! if you choose not to REFORM.

As a mother and wife, I am outraged by the treatment of the media, the actress Kristen Stewart. I think it is a total violation several basic human rights.

Celebrities should be able to live their lives without being constantly harassed and stalked.

to end harrassment and to protect celebs physically it is necessary to end this horrible way they treat celebs now.

The paps treatment of celebrities is just so wrong. especially what they have done to Kristen. What if this was you? What if it was your child, brother sister etc... would it be ok for paps to do this to them? No, it's not ok!!! This behavior should be outlawed!!! Take pics of red carpet events, premiers etc... but leave their private lives private!!!

I hope this helps in your endeavor to stop all of this inhumane harassment.

please stop hurting our celebrities whoever they ...

Please tell the truth in articles and stay at least 15 feet away from celebrities when photographing them and don't yell out rude comments or ANY comments to get a rise out of them. Just take your pics and move on and quit trying to insight a riot all the time.

Harassing comments on blogs seem like libel to me and I don't understand why they are not challenged under the law.

You KNOW we're going to need VOLUMES
of voices from all kinds of fandoms to pull this off.

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