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Email Exchange with a Concerned Robsten Twilight Fan

Actual Post Date: 12/25/13

Email Exchange with a Twilight Fan - August 16th, 2013:

Hello Catherine,

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I appreciate what you are trying to do. Even though I like the story of Twilight and the movie, I have never been obsessed. I was a fan of Kristen's before the huge Twilight movies came out and even though the movie looked interesting in the preview I went to see it because I respected her as an actress. I don't think a movie has touched me in quite the same way as her movie Speak did. I couldn't believe that she had done it at the ripe old age of 13! Such talent at such a young age. And even though I only knew Rob from the Twilight movies, I still thought he bore the pressure of instantaneous fame very well. I really did like Water for Elephants just because I thought it was a good movie with a good storyline.

If you haven't noticed from my email I am an aspiring author, trying to get my book sold to publishers. I didn't realize how hard it was to break into the publishing industry. And even though Stephenie Meyer's books had a good plot and storyline I was more than a little surprised that she was in English or an English teacher or something. Just because there were so many mistakes, so many passive verbs and so on and so forth. I am sure you get what I mean. I can respect the story, because to me it was a story, but to some, as you have pointed out, it has become an obsession. Also I heard that she may have not ever gotten published if it wasn't for an assistant mistakenly sending her manuscript into the agent even though her MS didn't match their guidelines for submission. This kind of business is about luck most of the time.

Now to get to the point of why I emailed. I was glad to hear that Robert and Kristen may be a couple way back when the rumors started because they seem like such down to earth people, someone that you could be friends with and that would be easy going. I had actually been waiting to hear that they announced they were together but never did. And when I saw how violent some fans got, how they attacked each other over the whole thing, I just had to shake my head. I mean really, who cares? I don't know why people don't ask them if they would still obsess over a couple from high school like that. These two actors are still people and should be treated as such.

I didn't completely believe the whole Rupert scandal. From the pictures it looked to me like Kristen was overly uncomfortable and not very happy with the whole situation. I didn't really believe what the gossip rags said, but instead drew the conclusion you did. That Rupert was an overly friendly boss. I have had that happen to me before at work with a boss and even though I never ever did anything with my boss (He was older, a lot older and I was so not attracted) it still puts you in an awkward position. When you are confronted with it, you  don't know how to react and you instinctively do the first thing that comes to mind. I think that may have been what happened. And could explain why they got back together so fast after it happened. I am sure Robert would understand an overly friendly boss more than he would understand that she went there and tried to have sex with her married director.

I don't know what will happen to the two of them. Although some would say they would want to be in their shoes, they really don't understand never having privacy, having your every move dissected. I don't personally but I can imagine. I check in every once in a while to see if they are together or if they have any new movies coming out I may want to see, but I hope they work out everything to suit themselves no matter what the fans think. I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to the young fans and older fans out there that may have become obsessed with this whole scandal. But since paparazzi have been around since movies became popular I don't see Hollywood changing much. They didn't change when Princess Di died because of them and if anything they have just gotten worse.

I don't know that Stephenie has intentionally fueled the fire. As a writer I understand the need to write, to constantly have something in you pushing you to record a story. And all writers want their work to be successful. I just think there is different sides to every story. Keep reaching out to fans who are struggling. I think that being there for them to vent may be just what they need and if you save someone then that is good, right?



Catherine Aug 17 (

Hi Krista,

Thanks so much for the support. Those 'sad' emails really are quite heartbreaking, sometimes.

Just fyi - while I did have issues with Stephenie's writing before the cheating scandal happened - I ALSO could see the pretty story she wrote and why everyone was so in love with it; and I WAS 'brushing it off' like everyone else was.

It wasn't until these robsten scandals become so extended and so many peeps got so mean that I have punched this aspect of things, up. At the moment, I'm simply using it to get people's attention - although I may (and probably will) write more about this subject if we can't get Hollywood under control.

As far as Stephenie Meyer goes, I just think she could have said something to fans at some point throughout all of this (and yes, I did suggest it to her NICELY through her website guard dog brother, Seth, shortly after this 'cheating' scandal started)... You know, to help relieve some pressure since it was hard for either Kristen or Robert to do that. She could have been a little more caring about them in this situation. I mean, we all knew/know what was happening to these fans.

But, rest assured - I AM as capable of appreciating the creative process of both writing these books and getting them published - no matter how 'lucky' she got. ;)

Thanks again for the support. It is MUCH appreciated. :)


Aug 18

Hello again, Catherine,

I appreciate you explaining and hope that you do make your goal on changing Hollywood. It is crazy how they follow these poor people around and ruin their lives. And people wonder why Kristen gets so mean about it all. Wouldn't they?

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