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Twilight Mom Comment About Kristen's 'Cheating' Photo that Showed Her Carrying Papers - that is NOW MYSTERIOUSLY GONE

I'm also adding this link to an email conversation with another Twilight Mom
on 3/10/15 for those of you who keep sending me emails
that accuse me of 'not really receiving any emails' from anyone.
Do you realize what a contradiction that accusation is?
I have scattered a few emails throughout these blogs;
but sorry, I don't feel a need to share them all with you.
In my opinion, the cruel comments that are left behind
out in Internetland should be enough evidence for anyone.

Kristen Stewart carrying papers.
We found one on 10/9/15; but there is at
least one other one out there.
Find it, Twihards! This image was
found in an early fan-made 'cheating'
scandal defense of Kristen YouTube video.
This was a comment (below) left on my blog in early March, 2013. I'm posting this on 1/9/14 because I am SO TIRED of being accused of imaging things. Kristen went to meet Rupert for a DIFFERENT REASON and HE pushed it into something more - something he had a reputation for doing, which is WHY Liberty finally divorced his sorry *ss.

This is what you call a MOMENTARY INDISCRETION and it is a pretty good reason to reunite with someone so soon after it happened. Do you think that YOUR hot Hollywood romance would have been able to withstand the heavy pressure of the papz & tabloids all this time?

What happened to Kristen with Rupert that day is something that happens to girls and women across this globe, every day - and the tabloids misogynistically ramped the issue up far more than it should have been just to milk money out of the tears of young girls.


Have you also seen this photo that could PROVE Kristen's innocence for alot of TwiLadies? Please show everyone by voting in the poll in this robsten cheating scandal article that DEFENDS both her and Robert if you have.

FYI - there has been one more person who has voted yes in the poll. And now there are MORE of us.

As of 11/9/14

The image was similar to this, but Kristen was carrying
papers - and I think there might have been a couple of them.

I'm kind of new to the "Twilight fandom" (would say more of the Rob and Kristen fandom) - and I'm a mom in my 40's! A few thoughts, though . . .

Regarding the 'affair' - something about that whole thing (pictures included!) just struck me as being "off." The more I see/hear about it, and the more I hear interviews from both of them from just prior to the incident, it feels like Sanders was really obsessed with Kristen - to a level that she didn't appear to comprehend. I seem to remember hearing her talk about how she was interested in writing at least a part of a screenplay, and that how she might have a chance to do so with the SWATH sequel. Especially given that the "original" set of pics had her showing up to meet him with a stack of papers in her hand (YES, *I* remember seeing this image - does anyone else? Isn't it WEIRD that it's gone now?) it makes sense that he could have used that as a reason to meet with her. If she was feeling uneasy about meeting with him, though, SHE may have wanted to meet in at least a semi-public place, rather than in a conference room somewhere (haven't we as women ALL used that tactic: meet with someone in public to discourage anything untoward going on?). It would afford her some protection any physical advances (I really don't think she saw it coming), yet not (necessarily) publicize her meeting with him (at least, that looks like what she was TRYING to do!) She really appears to be trying to get away from him in most of those pictures - maybe he was finally able to pressure her into a kiss, but she looks very nervous and uneasy about the whole thing. If that was the case, then the pictures could have been a blessing in (deep!) disguise for her - it was enough to get him to leave her alone. It also explains how she and Rob were able to get back together so quickly - that she really didn't have any intention of getting involved with Sanders in the first place...

Posted by TM to Misfit Chick - The "Cool", Crazy Aunt Out in Internetland at March 5, 2013 at 3:07 PM

If anyone else agrees with this and you can see how that papz & rags have been so damn mean to absolutely EVERYONE surrounding this issue, PLEASE Sign the Petition for Hollywood to Initiate it's OWN REFORMS. It's a good idea, it does not require any changes in our laws nor does it mess with 'Freedom of Speech'... Just give it a chance, that all I ask. :)

Truth About ‘Robsten’
This is the NON-nutshell version from the beginning of the ‘cheating’
scandal in July 2012 with links to links to links for research hounds.
There are also nutshells within this so you can basically pick
which topics you want to read more in-depth about.
(Sorry, you'll have to scroll down thru the blog intro to
read this after the click - there is alot to talk about.)

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  1. I do totally agree with you, I have said from the start that is was a sent up, I believe she was dragged into something she had no control over, and if you look at all the pictures from this you can clearly se Kristen look uneasy and Rupert is all smiles and looks directly into the camera,,, not right and not fair on the girl xxx he is an ar*s