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Vikings on The History Channel is BETTER than 'Game of Thrones'

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I've done so many depressing reviews about Hollywood lately. I figured it was time for a good review.

I've watched/am watching both 'Vikings' & 'Game of Thrones', of course... The nice thing about being a fan of movies and shows nowadays is that you don't have to choose between them, anymore. You can record one and watch the other; or record them both and watch them at your convenience. (And gosh, isn't 'on demand' neat?!)

TV & movies weren't always so easily accessible - you either caught shows 'as they came on' or 'as they came out in theaters' - or you missed them. Sometimes it really sucked to have to choose between them.

So, in the end - I am happy to say, both 'Vikings' and 'Game of Thrones' reign. (There are many semi-cliffhangers that I am looking forward to watching play out in both series.)

But, Vikings holds my attention better. I can delay watching the next episode of Game of Thrones; but I can get a little impatient & cranky if something is keeping me away from my Viking warriors, ha!

Vikings Theme Song w/ Lyrics

Vikings is done by The History Channel. Basically, they have taken 'real' Viking history as we know it; along with information from archaeological excavations - and turned it into a 'historical fiction' that ties all of this information together into the people of the day - turning them into characters with storylines that are so fun to watch unfold.

The way these legendary (and sometimes mystical) characters are meshed often makes this show seem like a cross between a mystical fairytale and the cold, hard realities of life - an ingenious combination, in my opinion.

The real, hard lives of the Vikings are played out in one romantically-violent escapade after another. I am never bored with it and always fascinated with what is going to be happening to the individual characters, next.

The main characters are the infamous Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok; and his not-to-be-messed-with shieldmaiden wife, Lagertha - along with their family and community during Ragnar's rise to King in the 8th Century.

You're hooked in the first episode just by the lead character who is about as hypnotic as he can possibly be as Ragnar, Travis Fimmel from Australia. He's got killer looks, a sexy ponytail that makes you want to pull on it, and an almost soft-spoken demeanor that can get ramped up into something quite ferocious during battle.

There are several characters that stick out in this show. You'll find your favorites - Floki, the eccentric genius, played by Gustaf SkarsgĂ„rd is another favorite of mine.

Ragnar loves his family, his community and band of war brothers - even if they are all supposedly 'savages'. Basically, the first few episodes cover his desire to sail West instead of East like these Viking warriors usually do - after he has discovered a way to navigate their boats on the open sea.

On their first excursion, Ragnar captures an English monk and takes him as a slave. He learns alot from him - including how to speak their language. The story of this master and slave learning from each other about their different cultures is fascinating enough if you are a history buff.

Everything gets better from there... How Viking women were treated, and what their rights were compared to some of the countries they were conquering (Lagertha - played by a very capable & beautiful Katheryn Winnick, FIGHTS with her husband & ex-husband); what their early democratic society was like - they had some really strange laws; how they raised their children; and how much they were into their Gods & Goddesses; what their religion was like, etc.

A show that is both fascinating and historically-relevant, if not quite accurate - NICE, well-done and HIGHLY recommended by this Vikings fan! I'm very much looking forward to Season Three.

Hail Oh Ragnar!

A really good, long Vikings trailor thru the first three seasons.

Vikings Season 3 Trailor

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