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Abortion - Why Do Religious Conservatives Feel Such a NEED to Change Roe vs Wade? Maybe it's because THEY use the sinful service THE MOST!

Wendy Davis - Warrior & Hero - Talks
for over 10 hours straight on Texas Senate
floor in a filibuster that stopped
stupidity from happening, just yet.
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An Update on The Birds and The Bees - Let's REALLY Talk About Sex


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Update 7/15/13 - Wendy Davis: Why I Stood Up for Texas Women. It's easy to rejoice in this change when your mind is subverted in righteous ignorance that is easily manipulated by irresponsible men in power.

6/26/13 - I woke up this morning to one of the neatest pieces of news I've heard, lately. Senator Wendy Davis of Texas stood up for hours and hours - and took on a marathon filibuster that in protest, along with an angry lot of protestors outside - STOPPED a maddening abortion bill being pushed by GOP conservatives from happening.

According to this article, she "spent 11 hours on the floor... in an actual, old-fashioned, talk-’til-you-stop drama, in which Davis had to hold the floor—without bathroom breaks, rest, or even leaning on anything. (She wore a back brace to support her standing.)"

I bet she was exhausted today, and I hope she gets to wind down with a nice long pampering at a spa, later. She deserves it!

This woman is a WARRIOR and an inspiration - and so are all those protestors who stayed to support her and express their displeasure about these conservative Texas lawmakers IGNORING current laws based on SOUND LEGAL JUDGEMENTS and the CURRENT WILL of the PEOPLE!

When Republicans want to get this law changed - they take it OUT of voters hands, WHY?!!

So many of these conservative states are making their abortion laws more strict. I currently live in Seattle, but I'm somewhat ashamed at the moment to have grown up in North Dakota - a state that succeeded earlier this year in doing what Texas was trying to do.

North Dakota Lawmaker: Banning Abortion Will Help Women ‘Realize’ They Don’t Want One After All

What an IGNORANT, narrow-minded perspective. I've got NEWS for you - absolutely nobody WANTS an abortion! But, all across America, a woman's freedom to choose is under SERIOUS attack.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home and attended sermons that decry abortion. God, of course, has all kinds of things to say in 'his word' about this subject - according to them.

But really, when you think about it... WHY do these religious extremists feel such PRESSURE to alter these laws after all this time?

It's simple - THEY are the ones who USE abortion services THE MOST - against the grain of their own conscience.

What proportion of U.S. women obtaining abortions are religious?
More than seven in 10 U.S. women obtaining an abortion report a religious affiliation (37% protestant, 28% Catholic and 7% other), and 25% attend religious services at least once a month.[38] The abortion rate for protestant women is 15 per 1,000 women, while Catholic women have a slightly higher rate, 22 per 1,000.[32]

Did you know... MOST women who choose to get abortions do so BELIEVING that the child inside of them IS BEING CREATED by God Most High, and that they WILL be killing an innocent Human being?

They BELIEVE that God is 'weaving' this child together by his own hand, atom by atom, hair by hair, blessing by blessing... And yet, they go through with the abortion.


Often, THESE are the 'women who get abortions' who sometimes suffer literally TORTUROUS internal conflicts and guilt over 'what they've done'. And of course, this is one of the 'points' pro-lifers like to make - the harmful effects abortion can have on the woman's psyche, later.

I've had Christian friends & family both who have had to make this hard decision (and chosen abortion) - so yeah, I know what I'm talking about even if I've never had one, myself.

One of my girlfriend's was absolutely certain that her father - a Deacon at one of the local Baptist Churches in town - would literally KILL her (and knowing what I knew about him, she was probably right). THIS is why so many girls and women of faith HAVE abortions, and it's HEARTBREAKING.

THIS is the question these conservative lawmakers should be asking themselves... WHY can't your girls (no matter what their ages are) resist the temptation to kill their own babies based on your own moral standards that you taught them? Why can't they just follow their 'beliefs'? Why do you think they NEED a law to prevent them from participating in such an atrocious act of sin?

We don't have a law that says you can't eat meat on Friday - and yet many of you Catholics manage NOT to do just that on your own.

Why AND how do so many of your unmarried and/or underage girls END UP PREGNANT in the FIRST PLACE? What are you not successfully teaching your girls AND BOYS?!

Why are they more afraid of your rebuke than they are of God's judgement? (Of course, if you're Catholic and/or Christian, all you have to do is ask God for forgiveness and even the most shameful sins are conveniently GONE.)

Maybe if you start working on THAT ISSUE and the integrity of your religious beliefs within your dwindling congregations, abortions will significantly decrease.

You don't need to be such jerks about shoving your beliefs down the throats of decent people who are infuriated by your harmful 'democratic' abortion changes.

And OMG, I'm just learning about THIS... You 'lawmakers' tried to LIE and altered the TIMESTAMP to try and pass this, anyway?!!

But thanks to HONEST people and Twitter, that didn't happen.

If THIS is how God accomplishes his WILL - it's NO WONDER WHY your congregations are dwindling!

Check out this post if you want a REAL conversation about sex today, young pups. You Moms and Dads might learn a thing or two, also. :)


CONGRATULATIONS to the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered folks who WON in the Supreme Court this morning, also!



  1. God loves us all but hates the sins.In the bible there is no verse that tells gay cannot go to heaven.there are verses that having sex with the same sex is a sin to God.

    1. Yes, I am well-aware of what the bible has to say about it. If it were actually THE WORD OF GOD, that would be one thing. But, it's not. You're be smart to research who wrote that book and why - dig. Seek and ye shall find. The bible contains all kinds of 'truths' mixed in with the lies. Use the things that are obvious truths to find your spiritual path. :)