Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking for HELP from a TRUE, Dedicated Twihard Fan (or a few of them)

Original Post Date 1/16/14

I've suggested something on this blog that is almost impossible for Twilight Fans who are also fans of Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson to do - stop supporting the paparazzi & tabloids by not reading them, visiting their websites or watching the 'entertainment' shows.

RUDE papz-captured
images like this along
with ALL intrusive
papz photos need
to be boycotted.
We all know how dang hard that is to do. However, if only a few people are coming through those articles (as opposed to hundreds and/or thousands); that significantly cuts back on how much money they make, how much hype they stir up - and theoretically, they will eventually stop trying to bait us on. (It also keeps the money where it should be - with the original source who probably paid a whole heck of alot of money to bring us these treasures.)

If anyone already does this, let me know...  I know some of the fansites TRY to do this, but it also looks like they SUPPORT papz photos; especially since so many of them also host ads - how profitable is it for THEM to host these RUDE image captures?

But, something like this really belongs on a fansite or a blog, and I am only all too happy to post a link to it. I'm willing to bet alot of Twilight fansites would:

The person who heads this up would need to be discerning enough to be able to tell tabloid trash from real entertainment news while collect the 'real sources' for the interviews, events and photoshoots, (and fan pics!) etc. that both Kris & Rob do as they become available - while BOYCOTTING papz-captured photos.

It would be nice if we could get a team that included a couple fans from the countries they frequent to provide information from those countries that we can all share. Make them available for ALL Twilight Fans who would really like to kick these Hollywood tabloids in the moneypockets.

Someone who is really ambitious would eventually expand this to include other celebrities. For someone who does a site like this RIGHT, fans wouldn't MIND seeing and possibly interacting with a FEW ads - when we know someone has gone out of their way to make the site WORTH it.

Have you ever noticed that Kris and Rob's interviews often seem different (maybe more relaxed) with foreign interviewers than American ones? I have not been able to determine if this is true or not. (I mean, HOW in the world did that Vogue (France, I think?) interviewer in 2012 get Kristen to say what she said about 'her lover'? I laughed so hard, really!!)

Also, it would be a good idea to include some of the juicier tabloid stories about them that fans find hard to resist. (You know what I mean, ha!) A 'summary' could be written on the blog about the write-up and a link could be provided in case anyone wants to hear more. Alot of peeps might not need to actually use the link.

This way, at least we can cut down on how much they make, even if some of us have a hard time completely cutting them off.

If everyone only has one place where they really need to go to get SAFE information on Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson - that would help so much.

If anyone knows of any 'good' online sources, post them in the comments - we'll see if we can create a list until we can figure out one safe source for all of it to be gathered.

Thanks! :)

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