Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Advice for Young Girls - EVER!! (Well, close. ;) Take Care of Your Feet!

My feet are killing me... I used to wear high heels alot when I was younger; and I would wear them to the point where I could barely walk and my feet would hurt so bad.

But dang, the guys liked them and they made me feel SEXY, ha!

I'm here to tell you now, that it's not worth it, LoL!

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia
Delta Goodrem Uploaded by russavia
We watch all these little Hollywood Celebrity girls on the Red Carpet in these HIGH heels - they are practically walking on their tiptoes!

But, trust me...

They would look just as sexy in those heels if they were a good two or even three inches shorter.

Heels that high in public are truly misogynistic - they are being worn mostly for MEN to go gaga over them. In the bedroom, they aren't nearly as insulting. ;)

And some celebrities DANCE and those heels... ask around, every 'older' dancer you come across. They will tell you how much their feet hurt, now.

If you want to get to the age of forty and still be able to walk with relative ease (even in Sneakers)... Be nice to your feet. :)

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