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Original Robsten Cheating Scandal Post - The Beginning of the Unraveling of Many Twilight Obsessions

This post (below) is the beginning of the ORIGINAL long post about this dumb Kristen/Rupert cheating scandal on my other blog - just to give you an idea of where all this started from the beginning until now. (There has been much editing on this blog in order to remove duplicate content, so this post is hardly recognizable as my original post, anymore - it is a good timeline, however.)

Realizing WHY everyone was in PAIN over this situation at first was the EASY part - for everyone, ha! Translating it into something explainable for everyone to (maybe) semi-grasp took ALOT longer.  I actually did ANOTHER looooooong post after this one JUST on the development of Twilight obsessions to help explain to young TwiPups why so many of us OLDER girls are so obsessed with this saga - and too often MEAN about it.

But, THIS is where I started from...

Original Post 7/25/12

Ok Twihards... THIS IS a hard one...

NOW is the time for you to do something almost IMPOSSIBLE...


Some of you young girls especially, who have never gone through something like this before are deeply hurting and upset... HOW can something like this happen to your favorite people?! WHAT was Kristen thinking?! HOW could she DO THIS to our beloved Robert/Edward?!

*MY* question is for RUPERT... WHAT the HELL were YOU doing SEDUCING this young girl, for - You PISS ANT! I don't care that Kristen IS TECHNICALLY an adult now - YOUR actions are nothing but PATHETIC! There are no words... That's all I have to say to you.

And DAMN, could the paparazzi be ANYMORE IRRITATING with their incessant STALKING of these two people?! Although honestly, Kristen - WHY the public apology? It just seems to FEED into their machine PLUS it doesn't seem "like you" at all.

Maybe it's because you're an impatient Aries (I can relate, ha!) or maybe you were advised to do it in order to create some sort of public affect - I think it was a little inappropriate and distasteful, especially considering you've kept things so private up until now. It almost seems like you were TRYING to put a bullet through this thing. For goodness sake, GO BACK UNDERGROUND, GIRL! Since you decided to keep things so private all this time, THIS phase of your relationship doesn't belong out here, either.  You have NOTHING to prove to any of US out here...

Twihards... Being faithful to a romantic partner is always the ideal thing... But unfortunately (and contrary to the ideal popular opinion), it OFTEN happens for ALOT of reasons. JUST because this happened DOESN'T mean that these two kids don't love each other. I would imagine that Hollywood is the HARDEST place to be faithful - especially with JERKS like RUPERT wandering around in it. (Here's another even BETTER article about that more recently (12/4) regarding comments made by yet ANOTHER one of *my* "Kristen Stewart's" STEVIE NICKS - love, love love her!!)

TRY not to be too judgmental... We ALL take a bad fall sometimes, and I would imagine that they are BOTH in alot of pain right now.

Robert and Kristen are both people we treasure. What they NEED from the Twilight Family now is our STRONG, SILENT SUPPORT.

WHY do YOU feel this intense pain like this?! You were all HOPELESSLY SMITTEN with the idea of these two people being eternally together because you CAN'T separate them from their Twilight CHARACTER'S eternal bond. And ALL those Hollywood gossip rag magazines have done ALOT to simmer AND sway your feelings surrounding Kristen/Bella and Robert/Edward.

Your heart break is Stephenie Meyer & Little, Brown and Company's fault for CAUSING YOU this INTENSE, irresponsible obsession. And while I am well-aware that this is NOT the time to be pointing that out - you NEED to KNOW WHY you feel SUCH INTENSE (and misplaced) PAIN about this subject.

I'm really worried about some of you - you're seriously HEARTBROKEN and I'm SO SORRY about that. You DON'T deserve to feel like this; and I KNOW some of you ARE feeling this pain as INTENSELY as the two people who are actually going through it - maybe you won't feel it for as long, but those first few moments/days were INTENSE and are no-doubt lingering for some of you.

BUT, whatever she has done, it IS NOT Kristen Stewart's FAULT that you feel this way...

Edward & Bella's characters were written to be so shallow in the books, that you had NO CHOICE but to transfer your intense obsessions onto Rob & Kristen (and people who came in through the movies and THEN read the books AFTER they had Rob & Kristen in their heads as Edward & Bella were even MORE susceptible to this INTENSE obsession). You WOULD have done that EVEN IF they HAD NOT been in a romantic relationship (the fact that they were is what is making this so hard for you now - it FEELS LIKE this was also YOUR relationship. Yeah, it HURTS)!

That's how obsessions like this work - it's an all-encompassing and almost AUTOMATIC thing that happens. THUS the ANGER toward these companies for publishing Twilight LIKE this. (And DAMN, you can pretty much QUADRUPLE that anger, now!)

ALOT of this emotional angst so many Twihards - and we're crossing some serious age barriers - are feeling was PREVENTABLE by Little, Brown and Company BEFORE Twilight was EVER published. Many of us DID NOT WANT to become obsessed, but we had NO CHOICE when it came down it it - and NOW look!

I've been screaming about young girls hearts getting broken because of the way Twilight was written in here for an entirely different reason - but now, it truly is heartbreaking.

I feel so bad for you and I don't know how to help you, but I want to. I wish I could just give you all a great big hug! NO ONE should EVER be forced into tears over their beloved fairytale for ANY REASON.

But please listen to me for a moment, Twihard Family...

KRISTEN didn't DO ANYTHING to ANY of you... She was just living out her own REAL life.

I've told you that it isn't fun being debunked by Twilight Breaking Dawn, and I've referred to it as feeling like a REAL broken heart. But what I've felt is nothing compared to what some of you are going through, right now.

SHAKE IT OFF, Twihards... NOW is NOT the TIME for YOU to express YOUR incredible disappointment OUT HERE for the WORLD to see YOUR pain - because it isn't REAL.

Kristen and Robert's IS REAL... Do you GET that?


TRY to keep in mind that this is NONE of your business - and DO NOT take offense to that. DON'T personalize this... This isn't ABOUT you. MANY of you have cheated on your significant others and/or been cheated on (and if you haven't yet you WILL be tempted and maybe even FALL yourself in the future) - it's a pretty standard Human thing to do. It is NOT something we flay people over anymore and IT IS FORGIVABLE!

Just take a deep breath and let it go... Kristen & Robert will deal with this issue between themselves. All YOUR selfish, judgmental rants will only make things harder and worse for both of them! 

It's during times like these that Hollywood REALLY makes their money!
IN FACT, Hollywood makes HUGE POTS of money off of their various gossip/marketing/propaganda machines - THAT'S WHY they never TONE DOWN the LAWS surrounding paparazzi stalking celebrities in Los Angeles - it IS THEIR BREAD & BUTTER, especially in a downward economy like this! (AND we all know how POOR California IS!)

I have no idea how much those pictures sold for, but I bet they were worth whatever high price was paid - they are COUNTING on ALL YOU TWILHARDS to heat this news to a rapid BOIL.

If you LOVE the actors who play your favorite Twilight characters - BOYCOTT ALL THOSE GOSSIP SITES AND MAGAZINES that SPECIALIZE in feeding you propaganda that tugs on your heartstrings!

In FACT, we're going to START with the rag that originally WON the bidding war on THESE incriminating pictures, US Weekly. There are MANY out there not on this list - you'll need to pay attention.

DON'T watch, buy OR read ANYTHING that isn't specifically a "Kristen or Rob Interview" done by THEM - online or otherwise.

DON'T let these trash sites and mags STIR YOU UP like this... Remember the recent Tom/Katie breakup with DAILY updates on both of their whereabouts including what they were wearing, doing, and all the wild speculation, etc...

DON'T give these Hollywood Paparazzi VULTURES anymore satisfaction OR money!

Just leave them be to work this issue and their lives out for themselves... I know it's HARD... But for Kristen AND Robert's sake, it's the right thing to do for both of them right now. (This petition is old, here's where the new ones are if you're sick of these PR assaults and want to do something about it.)

BTW - There is a trash piece floating around out there that claims to be an official response from Robert Pattinson via a Press Release or something. Ignore it - it's just people being mean and it will make you feel worse.

I would imagine they will both be pretty quiet now for awhile... Just breathe and relax - find a diversion. Life goes on and this too shall pass. :)

Here's a Worthy Diversion
if you need one
BUFFY the Vampire Slayer
Saves the Day - AGAIN!

Here's Another REALLY GOOD Way to Release & Vent Emotional Steam - it's called the "Silent Scream". It is both a Psychological Technique AND something Actors/Actresses use to help them regulate their emotions before/after a scene. I've used it as an emotional release for YEARS whenever I was in need of a good, FAST vent (works really well in retail, ha!). Btw, you can scream "out loud" - but you really do NOT need to. You can hurt your vocal cords - be careful.

Here's another good tool if you like to write, and even if you don't... You'll find Bella using this technique in my 1st Chapter rewrite of Twilight, ha! It's simple, really... Just start writing whatever you are thinking AND feeling on a blank piece of paper - a PENCIL works best for this because of the way it glides on the paper, but anything works.

Sometimes it's kind of hard to start, and sometimes you have all kinds of stuff to say - during the "blank" times when your emotions are not coming out through words, CONTINUE your progress by SCRIBBLING your emotions onto the page. KEEP scribbling until more words come, and GO until you feel like you're done - you'll eventually feel a release like you've vented steam. You might need to start out scribbling. You are basically pouring your emotions out through the pencil.

And ALSO for those of you who just
CAN'T let go of Twilight right now because
you're PULLING for it - here's the entire storyline of
"The Twilight Saga: ReVAMPED & ReWOLFED"
up on without most of the hot critique.

If nothing else, this will give you a FRESH view of Bella
beyond the one that is clouding your brain right now. Bella &
Edward are both VERY close to "the real thing" in this rewrite.
It MAY actually HELP you separate Kristen & Bella in
your mind; and even Robert from Edward a little... Although
that is more unlikely. Since he is the person we are all in deep
sympathy with, you're probably sinking deeper into him.
And with your heads where they are right now, it is
PROBABLY NOT a good idea for you to let him go, yet.
But it IS a good idea to start thinking about releasing him,
Ladies... It will probably make all the films he has coming
out after Twilight more enjoyable for you if you can dislodge
your ideal of him from your ideal of Edward, just a bit.

KEEP in MIND, however... If you LOVED Kristen/Bella before you STILL love her. Anger is just a part of that - you wouldn't BE so mad if you didn't CARE.

We estranged Twihards get that. :)
Okay, I wrote that last sentence a long time ago - it's 2014, now. I've learned alot more about the DEEP divisions of Twilight Fans throughout the years since then. I'm sorry to report that the above sentence is apparently largely untrue. Estranged 'Anti-Twilight' Fans simply evolved and remain among The Twilight Saga's worst enemies.

I'm NOT usually the sane one... You know what?


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