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Why Do Christian Girls Have Abortions; and Why Are Christian Adults Out of Touch?

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I asked a silly question about abortion in response to a fanatical and extremely judgemental post that I came across that flayed non-Christian believers for 'being so heartless to murder babies'. The responses were as divided as you would guess.

This question needs to be viewed differently by Christians because I am NOT heartless nor soul-less; and I resent the ignorant accusation as most non-Christians do.

I am not originally from Seattle. I grew up in the bible-believing, rural Heartland of the MidwestI also used to be a Christian. A couple of decades ago when I was going through these hard decisions with my college / career age Christian friends - the Christians they had to turn to at the time were as out of touch then as they STILL seem to be.

Out of my five Christian friends who chose to have an abortion, only one would have been considered too promiscuous. The others just got caught up in a moment with the opposite sex - defenseless, and really not knowing how to respond. (This also happens to LOTS of girls who happen to NOT get pregnant during sexual encounters - yeah, many of them still feel guilt and shame, too.) Sure, these girls were educated on the 'fact' that both pre-marital sex and abortion were wrong and life begins at conception - but, NO ONE taught them about LIFE or how to be anything other than a good Christian girl - and when they failed, WOW!
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IMAGINE: You were the daughter of a Deacon at the biggest church in town; and your religiously devoted father also had a history of violent physical abuse against his children? TRUE STORY!! This Christian girl was SURE that her father would kill her; and it broke her heart to have an abortion. It still bothers her.
In fact, it still bothers all five of my friends - THREE of them ended up not having anymore kids, afterwards - since they were so wrecked with guilt over ending the life of one baby; they didn't think they deserved to have any more.
I guess you could say, in their case: having an abortion became really good birth control for them. These are smart, beautiful girls ALL of whom would have made wonderful mothers; and it is a crying shame that they didn't - 1) because of fear of Christian judgements; and 2) because of overwhelming guilt, afterwards.
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Another girl was a DEVOUT Christian - had attended missionary camps during summer vacations and had every intention of becoming a missionary. She came home from one of these 'camps' preggers... There is only one way to hide that kind of shame - abortion.
This girl and two of the others chose abortion so that they would not hurt their FAMILY. They could have cared less about themselves - and would have taken the 'hit'. But they didn't want to put their parents through that kind of community judgement and embarrassment.
I really would have thought women especially would be able to SEE what has been happening to each other within their religions. I do NOT mean to exclude men. I just think that if WOMEN are this disconnected from their own surviving offspring; men probably don't have much of a chance to 'get it'.
Women of religions - not just Christianity - are often bigger contributors and condoners of misogyny than men are without realizing it. We get shrill about our kids, and for good reason. Many of us are simply built to care so deeply; that we CAN'T see the forest for all the trees...

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