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Four Main 'Anti-Twilight' Complaints that Stephenie Meyer Should be Apologizing for... Because of the 'accidental' over-obsessions she caused ADULT women who HIDE behind the obsessions of Young Girls

*I* didn't create this photo; and it came long
before my blasphemy hit the TwiScene.
(along with many others like it)
It doesn't look like a grown woman
made it, does it?
Who does Twilight belong to, TwiLadies?!!
The reason why these anti-twilight blogs are still here and relevant, is because of Hollywood’s emotionally-harsh, misogynistic and apparently never-ending campaign against Twilight & Anti-fans of all ages. The controversy of Fifty Shades of Grey has more to do with the affect Stephenie Meyer’s amateur writing had on older women like Erika. So yeah, these blogs have four main complaints:

1) I abhor how Twilight’s young (and young-at-heart) fans have been treated by Hollywood since long before Kristen Stewart’s super-hyped ‘cheating’ scandal with Rupert Sanders - especially the ‘clueless’ fans who are/were probably the most embedded in their obsessions; and who have had the hardest time dealing with tabloid rumor-lies: one misogynistic stunt after another; and anything to stir up more imaginary hate for money.

Hollywood, you made young girls CRY and you didn't write ONE DAMN GOOD SONG LYRIC to do it! I am not impressed…

2) I have a serious problem with all the anti-twilight haters who have somehow turned into the WORST anti-fans or superfans of Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson. Did you know that these are the majority of know-it-alls who are so mean in online comments; and did you also know that the majority of these ‘fans’ are older ‘robsessed’ women? (Keep reading, I’ve got all kinds of stuff to back that up – or you can go do the research yourself. It’s fun! ;)

3) Fifty Shades of Grey originally being Twilight-inspired fanfiction; and then being published with as much professional negligence – and even more harmful on society in dynamic, hardcore ways. (Oh yeah, I will talk about how Twilight inspired 50 Shades; along with what’s wrong with it, and how – specifically – is it harmful.)

4) Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ publishers and production franchise caused all this chaos in so many ridiculous and preventable ways. The Twilight Saga was an accident/mistake from page one. No other professional book publisher would ever have published a book with that much dysfunction intact for young adult audiences, especially.

No other author has ever accidentally-caused so much deep-seeded hate, division and misogyny around the world or among their own fanbase. The list of Stephenie Meyer’s offenses is sickening; and much moreso now ‘after the fact’ since she has always refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for them.

This blog has been active since November 2011 with thousands of Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fan visits (scroll down for side counter); along with, no-doubt - Stephenie Meyer's 'professional' cronies and Hollywood journalists who are researching Twilight for this year’s anniversary. (Searches on the ‘pros and cons of twilight over twelve years’ are probably journalist-type searches. No, I’m not stupid.)

But, this isn’t really a newsworthy blog for any of you ‘journalists’ to reference, is it? I mean, it’s not like any of you are about to admit that you have done anything wrong. Ever. You were/are all well within your ‘rights’ to mistreat young girls as blatantly and misogynistically as you have. EVERY Hollywood ‘journalist’ is responsible for NOT PUTTING A STOP TO IT!!! (Yeah, bold, all-caps like this is a rude shout, you JERKS!!!)

Even if Kristen Stewart ‘really’ cheated on Robert Pattinson… The misogynistic bullying by paparazzi & tabloids should have been long over by now. Just like Tiger Woods & Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s real & multiple adulterous offenses combined have been. The basic Human Rights of ‘Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness’ should apply as much to Kristen and Robert as to any other person on this planet.

Also, Kristen Stewart didn't create the insulting 'placeholder' character of Bella Swan that she has defended over and over again. And, Robert Pattinson didn’t create the offensive sparkling vampire of Edward Cullen… The world should really get over that and give them both credit for putting up with so much hate from so many Anti-Twilight fans for so long because of it; as well as for putting up with overly-possessive & obsessive semi-crazy fangirlz of all ages who have overly-imagined loving Kristen and/or Robert for so long. How many people out there would have survived that without coming out the other side unjaded? Some can hardly handle one significant other for very long, ha! ;)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both deserve a huge break by their fans and the world.
All celebrities need these reforms and have for a long time – this isn’t a new debate.
It is time for adults to start caring about the constant assaults on the hearts and
minds of people beyond the physical condition of their bodies. Suicide has been
an increasing and concerning factor; and the job of the entertainment industry
is to ENTERTAIN. Free Speech was never meant to protect lies for profits.

The 'Cheating' Scandal: was it real or a staged

showmance to promote Breaking Dawn?

What did tabloid gossip rumors accomplish
with this
'anti-twilight' smear campaign against
Robert Pattinson?

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